18 EPIC Age Gap Romance Novels

When it comes to love, age is just a number. When it comes to love in books, age differences aren’t commonly written about.

Typically, age-gap romance novels follow the love story of a young, adult couple who fall in love while their age difference is significant… duh.

But what you will also find is that these novels can be empowering to young adults who may feel shy or uncomfortable expressing their love for someone significantly older. They can also offer a more realistic depiction of relationships than what is typically seen in popular media.

You’ll find that there are a few authors who dominate this genre, and there’s a reason for it, their novels about age differences are epic!

So, if you’re in a loving relationship but there is a significant age gap, then these romance novels with an age difference may help you feel more secure about your love.

Best Age Gap Books with Older Women

If you’re looking for an age gap romance book with an older woman, then these are the best ones!

1. On the Island – Tracey Garvis Graves

On the Island is a romantic and emotional novel that will really play on your heartstrings.

This incredible story about an age gap romance follows the story of thirty-year-old English Teacher, Anna Emerson, who is offered a job tutoring TJ Callahan over the summer at his family’s holiday home in the Maldives. Of course, if you’re offered the chance to live and work on a tropical island, you go, right?

Only disaster strikes when the pilot of their plane has a heart attack, crashing into the Pacific Ocean and leaving Anna and TJ marooned on a deserted island.

TJ is nearly seventeen-years-old and in remission from cancer. When they crash, he is just a boy, but after surviving on an island for weeks, months, and then years, Anna can start to see a boy turn into a man.

On the Island is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon.com bestselling novel, with film rights for this epic older woman love story already underway. Read the book before it becomes a film hit!

2. Lessons in Corruption – Giana Darling

Giana Darling is a New York Times bestselling author who is famed for her work in the age difference romance novel genre.

Lessons in Corruption is another forbidden romance, Teacher/Student age gap love story about an off-the-wall, notorious, and slightly reckless eighteen-year-old King Kyle Garro and his prim and proper Teacher Cressida.

Cressida was married from a young age to a boring lawyer. Now, at 26, she is looking for more excitement. When she meets King, there is an instant attraction. And it’s mutual.

The only problem is, that there’s an eight-year age gap. They know their unrequited love is taboo, but can they help it? Do they give in to it?

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3. All Grown Up – Vi Keeland

This standalone romance novel by Vi Keeland is a true testament to why Keeland is a bestselling author.

The tale follows Valentina, a thirty-eight year-old woman looking for a second chance at love after she divorces her high school sweetheart for cheating on her with a younger woman.

The irony is, that she meets Ford Donovan on a dating site, and she knows he is too young for her, by eighteen years in fact, but the trouble is she can’t stay away.

Ford Donovan is twenty-five years old and wise beyond his years. He’s sweet, charming, and irresistible. Not to mention wealthy and handsome. He’s completely smitten by Valentina and is not bothered by the age difference.

While Valentina struggles to comprehend her divorce and her new feelings for Ford, can they work it out and just be happy together?

4. Happiness for Beginners – Katherine Center

Newly divorced Helen Carpenter is struggling to get her life back on track, so he younger brother Duncan decides to enroll her in a wilderness survival course in Wyoming.

Hoping it will be the adventure she needs, what it turns into is a disaster. There are blisters, blizzards, and annoying sorority girls, and not to mention her brother’s best friend Jake who comes to distract her and…kiss her.

This sweet romance novel is not just about age gaps. It highlights that even in the most difficult times, disaster can teach you more than you’ll ever know. This novel talks about bravery, being hopeful, and learning to let go.

If you’re looking for a novel to read after a break up, then you might enjoy this book.

5. Never Again Lilliana Anderson

Within a year of marrying the love of her life, Cora Knowles is filing for divorce. Her husband enjoyed philandering with another woman, and Cora has had enough.

Broken-hearted and insecure, her best friend, Olivia makes a plan to help Cora get over her husband by getting under someone else.

It was only meant to be a one-night stand, but it turns out that someone else, BrandonSharp, was the son of the Director of Prosecution—her new boss. And also, her new intern.

He’s also much younger than Cora’s comfortable with. However, the attraction is undeniable, and Cora struggles to not only come to terms with the age difference but the desire to open her heart again and fall in love. One slip and it could mean her heart and her job.

This incredible CEO romance book is one you won’t be able to put down.

6. Boy Toy Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby

Boy Toy is a hilarious contemporary romance novel by comedy duo Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby.

Sadie is a 36-year-old single mother to twins and recently divorced after her husband cheated on her with the nanny. She meets Liam, a 29-year-old child development carer working at the daycare center her twins attend.

Coincidentally, he also remembers Sadie from when she used to babysit him and he had a huge crush on her.

Despite the age difference, their love knows no bounds, and the sparks start flying. The only thing is, Sadie is scared he will go down the same path as her ex.

This standalone book is both comical and heartwarming, and no wonder it’s a USA Today bestseller.

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Best Age Gap Books with Older Men

Most romance books about age gaps tend to have an older man and younger woman, usually a boss or dad’s best friend. If you’re looking for a romance novel about age gaps with an older man, these are the best ones.

7. Birthday Girl – Penelope Douglas

Birthday Girl is an erotic age gap novel with Fifty Shades of Gray vibes – it will certainly get your heart rate racing!

It follows the story of two young teenage lovers, Jordan and Cole who are trying to make positive changes as a couple.

Forced to leave their home, their only choice was to move in with Cole’s slightly estranged father, Pike. Only, Jordan and Pike can’t seem to help but notice one another.

Jordan is nineteen and Pike is thirty-eight, not to mention her boyfriend’s dad.

Everything about this is taboo. But the attraction is intense, and soon, they just can’t stay away…

8. Sweet Temptation – Cora Reilly

Giulia is an 18-year-old virgin. Cassio is a 32-year-old mafia boss and widower of 2 small children. Cassio has no wife and was forced to marry Giulia.

Giulia is a sweet, innocent, and caring young girl, but she has a backbone. Cassio is over-possessive, distrustful, a loving father, and because of his job, a killer.

This is the story of an unlikely relationship,  where the two characters learn to form trust and a bond.

Yes, there are some scenes of mafia violence, but this novel is more about the romance forming between two people who are coming to terms with their arrangement.

If you like billionaire romance novels with a bit of action and lots of tender romance, then this book is for you.

9. Welcome to the Dark Side – Giana Darling

Another epic book by Giana Darling is Welcome to the Dark Side. It is a story of forbidden age gap romance, full of gritty action scenes and a profound, developing love story. 

It’s a romance book that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion, from breathlessly feeling in love to emotionally in tears. 

Zeus is a ruthless, untamed, and slightly dangerous, but loyal man who anyone would find attractive. He’s also a bit possessive and loves our heroine, Lou. Zeus is nearing 40 and Lou is just 17.

Being a bad boy novel, there are some scenes of violence, but the love story is the focal point.

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10. Kulti – Mariana Zapata

Kulti is a hot and slow-burning romance novel with an age gap that is truly captivating and makes you feel sad that this is just a standalone book.

It tells the story of a German International Footballer, Reiner Kulti, and someone that Salome (Sal) Casillas has admired from a young age. When he becomes the new assistant coach of her soccer team she is elated.

Kulti is moody and has an unlikeable bad attitude. You know he’s battling demons but only Sal is ready to put up with it. As they begin ‘getting-to-know-each-other’ in secret, the chemistry is magnetic and the sexual tension unbearable.

Sal is a strong heroine who stands up for herself and follows her passion, and Kulti supports her as she chases those dreams. Sure, they have a 12 year age gap, but the attraction is real. Kulti has a kind of protective alpha thing about him that is irresistible.

The love described between Sal and Kulti is more friendship burning into something more.

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11. Torn – Carian Cole

Torn is the ultimate taboo age gap story about an eighteen-year-old girl called Kenzi who has been in love with her best friend’s dad since the age of five (a little creepy) but he’s fifteen years older than her and struggling to come to terms with her feelings.

Toren Grace is loving and kind and takes good care of Kenzi. He has a good moral compass and only wants to do what’s right.

When Kenzi and Toren’s relationship gets found out by her father, her father is concerned about the age gap. No one wants to hurt each other, but this taboo relationship is tearing everyone apart. The angst in this romance novel is through the roof!

How can you make everyone who thinks this is wrong, understand that it is right?

Erotica Age Gap Romance Novels

Okay, let’s not beat around the bush. If you’re looking for some really sultry, sexy, and steamy age difference erotica novels then these will have you hot under the collar.

12. Hush Hush – Lucia Franco

Hush Hush is a standalone age gap novel by Lucia Franco and is about 21-year-old Aubrey, a college student who juggles multiple jobs to pay for her education.

Despite receiving a full scholarship to Manhattan University she needs money to take her of her grandmother who was her sole caregiver since the age of 7.

When her roommate sets her up with a job at Sanctuary Cove, an exclusive club where Aubrey is tasked with satisfying ‘clients’ with fetishes. She goes by the name Valentina and is where she meets sexy silver-haired James who is smitten by her.

James is in a marriage of convenience without love, only held together by their child. His wife allows him to visit Sanctuary Cove because she doesn’t enjoy his needs, but as long as he keeps his behaviour private.

When he finds his desires are met by Aubrey/Valentina, she refuses to become ‘exclusive’ with him for fear of losing her job and financial security.

The age difference is not the only taboo here, but the relationship budding through the sex work job that Aubrey has. Not only is the story captivating and romantic, but Hush Hush is also extremely erotic.

13. His Father – A. E. Murphy

His Father is an age gap love story and single parent romance of a budding relationship between one woman and her boyfriend’s dad.

It begins when Tempest meets Maddox while volunteering in other countries. They become best friends, but there are clearly some feelings from Maddox. After volunteering, Maddox invites Tempest to stay with him at his dad’s until her visa expires.

Maddox’s dad is Sargent Wolf, a wealthy man who went through a horrible divorce from Maddox’s mom due to her drug addiction.

Now, he refuses to love or live with another woman again.

Sargent is bitter about having Tempest in his house and just wants to spend time with his son.

Sargent and Tempest become very attracted to each other and try to hide it from Maddox. Does Maddox ever find out what his father and his best friend/crush are up to?

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Paranormal and Fantasy Age Gap Romance Books

If you loveeee fantasy novels about age gaps then you’re going to love these paranormal books. Think vampires, werewolves, mystical beings galore.

14. Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night – Kresley Cole

Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night is a seductive paranormal series by Kresley Cole about a brutal werewolf named Bowen MacRieve and a young witch called Mariketa, with a fierce vendetta between them.

Bowen’s family has a long-standing history with witches, deeming them their enemies, but when a smoldering encounter with Mariketa ignites his deepest desires, he finds himself unable to resist.

After Mari is temporarily stripped of her powers, she takes refuge with Bowen and a passion starts to burn between them. They should be enemies, and so a future together is impossible.

On top of that, the pair must fight to defeat the evil around them. Can the two work together to stop evil? And can their love endure?

15. Kiss of Snow – Nalini Singh

From the New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh, Kiss Of Snow is a captivating world of shapeshifters, psychics, and werewolves.

Alpha wolf, Hawke, is used to getting exactly what he wants. Since Sienna Lauren joined the pack, she has been his one weakness. As the Alpha he is dangerous and he compels her to madness.

Hawke is used to being a lone wolf and lost the woman who would’ve been his mate many years ago. He tells himself that Sienna is too young to handle him. But Sienna says otherwise.

But while they battle with their storms of emotions with each other, they must also prepare for another fight. A deadly enemy is out to destroy their pack and everything they hold dear.

16. Lover Awakened – J.R. Ward

Lover Awakened is a novel by New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward. It tells the story of a former blood slave, Zsadist who still bears the scars from a traumatic past.

He’s known for his fury and sinister actions. He’s a savage not only feared by humans but vampires too.

He knows only anger and terror — until he rescues a beautiful woman from the evil Lessening Society.

Bella is instantly entranced by Zsadist’s power and the two become attracted to each other. As their desire for each other blossoms, so too does Zsadist’s thirst for vengeance against her abductor. 

Bella must help him overcome his tortured past and also move on to find a future with her.

17. A Hunger Like No Other – Kresley Cole

Another great romance novel with an age difference by Kresley Cole is A Hunger Like No Other.

Similar to Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night, this novel also tells a tale of an unlikely paranormal pair finding soul mates whilst defeating the evil forces that repel them.

A fierce vampire, Lachlain MacRieve, is the leader of the Kykae Clan and he’s waited for almost a millennium for his mate. When a bewitching half vampire half Valkyrie, Emmaline Troy, comes walking into his life.

Emmaline is on a journey to uncover the truth about her parent’s death, only her powerful mate forces her back to his ancestral Scottish castle.

Eventually, an ancient evil resurfaces and the pair need to work to keep their love alive, turning Lachlain’s fury into passion, while Emmaline becomes the fighter she was born to be. This is one vampire romance book you won’t be able to put down!

18. Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J. Maas

This is the first in the Cresent City series by Sarah J. Maas, which follows the story of a half-Fae and half-human woman named Bryce Quinlan as she seeks revenge and romance in a contemporary fantasy world.

Bryce had a perfect life until a demon murdered her closest friends. When the accused and put behind bars, the crimes start up again and Bryce is at the heart of the investigation.

Bound on avenging their deaths, she finds Hunt Athalar, a notorious Fallen angel who has been enslaved by the Archangels. His skills and strength are well-known, and when Bryce offers him an ultimatum – find the murderer and I’ll get you your freedom.

As Hunt and Bryce journey on this quest to find a demon, they also have to battle their blazing passion for one another.

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Final Thoughts on Age Gap Romance Books

So there you have it, the best age gap romance books for lovers of female leads, male leads, erotica, and fantasy. I hope you manage to find something of your taste on our list.

Of course, there are so many books that I haven’t included on my list. Do you have an absolute favorite? Let me know in the comments.

And if you liked these age gap romance novels, you might also enjoy these epic doctor romance books, too!

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