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The 5 Best Book Nook Miniature Kits for 2024

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Louisa

Creating a book nook in your home is an excellent way to make use of unused space on your bookshelf.

I’m not particularly good at crafts, so I often need a bit of help in the form of a craft kit or template to follow.

Book nook kits are a fun and easy way to make a book nook without the hassle of sourcing and building each component from scratch.

They have often been carefully designed to look like worlds from your favorite books, and have all the branding, color schemes, and finer details mapped out for you.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you my favorite book nook kits on the market and how you can select the right one for you.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through any of these links. 

Why Use A Book Nook Miniature Kit

If you’re not sure what a book nook is, it’s essentially a small decorative item that fits between two books on a bookshelf. You can either buy one complete (boring!) or you can make one.

Creating a book nook can be a fiddly process and require a lot of small components.

Book nook kits often have all those small components ready-made, or in a simply self-assembly design, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing all the small details to make up your book nook.

Of course, there is no stopping you from doing it yourself. You can find the outer shell of the book nook only, and you can source or create all the small details yourself.

But this takes a lot of time and effort. It will also involve some trial and error, as you need to ensure every small detail and component is to the right size.

If you want a quick and easy craft that requires less effort, then a book nook kit is better for you.

What to Look for in a Miniature Kit

Before I go into the best book nook kits, let’s quickly take a look at what specifications determine what makes a good book nook kit.

Size and Design

book nook
Photo Credit: Megan of MeganFlynnMarketing.com

Consider the size of the kit in relation to the space you want to place it.

Remember that you will also be adding to your bookshelf over time, so you want to factor in the possible purchase of extra books in the long run when deciding on how big you want the book nook.

Most book nooks are designed to look like a scene or setting from a famous novel. This can make it easier to narrow down your choices in terms of design, as you can select one based on a book you love.

However, you should also consider the design of the rest of the room.

The beauty of a book nook is that they are supposed to be somewhat hidden, and be a delightful surprise when you stumble on them.

If you have a minimalist room, then a bright pink book nook with flashing neon lights is going to spoil that surprise element.

Likewise, if you have a bright room and your book nook is too dark, it can have a similar effect.


When choosing a book nook, look for high-quality materials that are durable and will last a long time.

Of course, this is a craft, and so its longevity of it will be somewhat determined by how well it’s made, but ones made of paper or thin plywood will be less durable and may break sooner than expected.

You should also consider the books you want to place next to the book nook. If you have thick, heavy hardbacks or antique leatherbound books, then you will probably want to ensure the materials in the kit are very sturdy.


Choose a kit that allows for customization, so you can make it unique to your style.

Of course, the whole point of a book nook kit is to take the stress of planning and designing away from you, but you want to add your own flare to it as well.

There needs to be a fine balance between a cookie-cutter book nook and one that offers a space for you to add your personality to it as well.

Ease of Assembly

This goes without saying, but try to look for a kit that’s easy to assemble, with clear instructions and minimal tools required.

If you’re not a big crafter, then you might not have things like glue guns or soldering kits at home, so try to pick one that has easy-to-acquire equipment or things that you have already in your home.

Best Book Nook Miniature Kits

Now you know what to look for in a book nook kit, it’s time to show you the best ones on the market.

1. Harry Potter Book Nook Kit


  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 7.4 x 10.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.31 pounds
  • Material: European wood
  • Kit includes: all wooden pieces and lighting components
  • Kit excludes: glue, batteries, paint, paintbrushes
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate
  • Average completion time: 12-24 hours

For those looking for a book nook diorama of an iconic Harry Potter scene, HP fans will love this book nook Diagon Alley miniature by Seruim.

It’s hyper-realistic and has many small components that really up the detail. It’s ideal for those who are looking for a long project that they can take out on a rainy day and complete over time.

Because of the level of detail, it’s recommended for adults, or you could complete it with your child if they’re a little older.

It’s not a project for the faint-hearted though, as it’s recommended it will take no less than 12 hours to complete. Some people have spent up to 40 hours completing this book nook.

Those who have the determination to complete this epic book nook miniature will sure to be rewarded at the end.

It’s not a challenging build, it just takes time, care, and patience.

What’s good about it

  • It has customizability so you can add your own style to it.
  • It’s easy to assemble and has detailed instructions.
  • The design has a lot of texture, from the cobbled floor to the tiles on the walls.
  • It lights up in both day and night settings, making it look magical no matter the time of day.
  • It has frosted glass components for the windows which look quite realistic.
  • Decent instructions with picture references.

What could be improved

  • Does not include the paint or batteries.
  • The wood has been designed so that it’s slightly see-through so the light shines through, which also reduces its durability.
  • Some of the smaller pieces are also quite fragile.
  • It’s quite tall and would be much larger than most books.
  • It’s heavy compared to the other book nook kits on this list.

2. Miniature Library Book Nook Kit

Photo Credit: CuteBee Designs


  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 2.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Material: Premium wood
  • Kit includes: all wooden pieces, wallpapers, components, LED light pack, small screwdriver, a small file
  • Kit excludes: glue and batteries
  • Difficulty level: beginner
  • Average completion time: 6-20 hours

If you’re not looking for a themed book nook then this elegant, classical library design by Cutebee Designs is the ideal choice.

It has lots of detailed components, such as wallpapers, a staircase, and two floors.

The finished product looks incredible on a bookshelf, and its size means it blends in between two books effortlessly.

Although no painting is required to make this model, it does require a lot of time and patience, as there are some fiddly elements to creating this product.

However, it is significantly easier to make than the Harry Potter book nook mentioned above as this is more about assembly than designing. There is a picture instruction book that guides you through the process, a bit like assembling IKEA furniture.

You do need to ensure you follow each step in the right order though, otherwise, you will have difficulty putting it together.

Watch this video to see how it’s built:

What’s good about it

  • It has a stunning design with lots of components, making it interesting to look at every time you look at it.
  • It’s easy to assemble and has detailed instructions in book form, so you can build it step-by-step with ease.
  • It lights up and creates a warming ambiance.
  • It’s suitable for teens aged 14+
  • No painting required
  • The wooden material is quite strong and sturdy.

What could be improved

  • Isn’t very customizable and you can’t add much of your own creativity to it.
  • It’s quite light, so might topple over next to heavy books.
  • Does not include glue or batteries.
  • It’s quite tall and would be much larger than most books.
  • Must be built in the order of the book otherwise, the design fails.

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3. The Secret Garden Book Nook Kit

secret garden book nook
Photo credit: DIY Crafts Collection on Etsy UK


  • Dimensions: 7.16 x 3.1 x 9.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Material: wood, fabric, paper, resin, plastic.
  • Kit includes: LED light, all the components, mini screwdriver
  • Kit excludes: glue, batteries
  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Average completion time: 6-12 hours

Those looking for something quick and simple, but also looks amazing on your bookshelf, may want to cast their eyes toward the secret garden book nook kit by DIY Crafts Collection.

This is one of the easiest book nook kits to create and can be completed in half a day or a day, depending on your determination.

What I love about this book nook kit is that the light has a little sensor so it lights up when someone walks past. Not only does it conserve battery but it looks like a little fairy house just turned its lights on.

It’s fun, and easy to make, and the finished product looks great.

What’s good about it

  • It’s easy for beginners and comes with an in-depth assembly guide.
  • It’s the same height as a book so it blends in effortlessly.
  • The design has a lot of components and is well crafted.
  • It has a body sensor so it lights up every time someone passes.
  • It can be made quickly, great for those who don’t want to spend hours on a craft.

What could be improved

  • Doesn’t have much room for customizability.
  • The overall finish looks less realistic than the other book nook kits on this list.

4. Book Nook Sailing Memory 

sailing memory book nook
Photo credit: MieWorld on Etsy UK


  • Dimensions: 3.125 x 8.625 x 6.25 inch
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Material: mdf, wood, fabric, paper, plastic, resin, metal, led
  • Kit includes: all pieces and LED lighting components
  • Kit excludes: glue, batteries, tools
  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Average completion time: 24-36 hours

This book nook shelf insert by MieWorld has a wonderful, classic sailors’ ship theme and would be a great nook for lovers of books and travel.

This DIY assembly diorama is ideal for adults or teenagers aged 12+ and can keep you busy for hours. There is so much detail to this book nook, it will enchant anyone who looks at it.

It’s also the shortest book nook on this list, so if you’re looking for a book nook that you can hide, this one is the least noticeable until you turn on the LED lights and it gives off a soft warm glow.

One thing to note is the instructions are in Chinese, so if you’re an English speaker, you will need to use the photos to guide you.

What’s good about it

  • It’s easy to assemble, even if you can’t read the instructions.
  • The design has a lot of texture and components so there’s always something to look at.
  • It includes a soft yellow LED light which adds to the ambiance.
  • It’s smaller than the other book nooks on this list so it’s easier to hide between books.

What could be improved

  • Instructions are in Chinese, but the photos are usually sufficient to show you what to do.
  • Little room for customization as all the components are included.
  • It has the longest build time of all the book nooks on this list.

5. Laser Cut Lord of the Rings Book Nook Kit

lord of the rings book nook
Photo credit: HomemadebeautiesShop


  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Material: laser-cut wood
  • Kit includes: all wooden pieces and instructions
  • Kit excludes: wood glue
  • Difficulty level: beginner
  • Average completion time: 3-8 hours

If you like the laser cut style, then this Lord of the Rings-inspired book nook kit by HomemadebeautiesShop is the ideal choice.

Despite being made out of flat pieces joined together, it has several layers to create a wonderful 3D display.

It’s possibly the simplest book nook kit on this list to make since no decoration is required and you can simply put it together. However, because it’s laser-cut wood, you can paint it to your liking if you want to.

There is also some space on the floor of the design so you can add some miniature figures or other components to your liking.

The wood makes it strong and sturdy, and its soft brown finish means it blends in well between the other books on your bookcase.

If I had one critique, is that it’s quite hard to read the writing on the swords on the side, though I do like that it includes some Lord of the Rings quotes.

What’s good about it

  • It has some areas of customizability so you can add your own style to it.
  • It’s easy to assemble and has detailed instructions.
  • It includes laser-cut quotes from the book on the front.
  • The wooden material makes it sturdy and strong.
  • It blends in well between books on your bookcase.
  • It’s handmade, and you can tell the care and attention to detail that goes into it.

What could be improved

  • It’s a quick build and can be completed in no time. Not ideal for those looking for a hobby to keep them busy for a while.
  • It’s quite simple. It lacks the wow factor that other book nook kits on this list have.
  • Doesn’t light up.
  • You need to buy wood glue as normal PVA is not strong enough.

Final Thoughts on The Best Book Nook Miniatures

Book nook miniature kits are an excellent option for those who want to create a book nook but don’t have the time or skills to build it themselves.

When choosing a miniature kit, remember to consider factors such as size, design, materials, customizability, and ease of assembly.

I hope this guide helped give you inspiration and ideas on the best book nook miniature kits.

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