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25 EXCITING Books About Giraffes for Kids!

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Giraffes are the cutest, most unique, and quirky animal in the African savannah. Their long necks and size make them one of the most unusual animals in the world, and it’s one of the reasons why children absolutely love them!

If you love giraffes, or perhaps your little ones love them, then you’ll enjoy reading these exciting books about giraffes.

Whether you’re looking for fun facts, character-building stories, or books that inspire learning and development. Then these are the best giraffe books for children of all time!

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The Best Children’s Giraffe Books

If you’re looking for stories about giraffes in children’s books, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the best children’s books with giraffes!

1. Giraffes Can’t Dance – Giles Andreae

Have you ever heard of a dancing giraffe? No, me neither. Though Gerald is a giraffe who always looks at other animals while they dance and is full of envy. No matter how hard he tries, his spindly legs won’t follow the rhythm.

With the Great Jungle Dance fast approaching, Gerald is nervous about the other jungle animals and their taunts and laughter at his dancing.

But instead of feeling down, with the help of the other animals, he learns to find a new beat to his boogie.

Perhaps giraffes can dance after all.

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2. The Giraffe That Walked to Paris – Nancy Milton

The Giraffe That Walked to Paris is an exciting giraffe book about the first giraffe to ever live in Europe. And to make it even more special, it’s a true story.

Way back in 1826, the great pasha of Egypt wanted to give a gift to the king of France. What he gave was his giraffe, who traveled by boat to Marseilles and then walked on foot through the small towns and villages of France, all the way to Paris.

When she arrived in Paris her arrival was greeted in a splendid royal fashion, with a parade and music. Everywhere the giraffe went, she caused cheers and waves.

The book was first published in 1992 and features some gorgeous and colourful illustrations to accompany this fantastic story.

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3. The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me – Roald Dahl

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me is a hilarious giraffe novel by acclaimed children’s author, Roald Dahl and stunningly illustrated by Quentin Blake.

It tells the story of the unusual ‘Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company’ who instead of using ladders and buckets have a giraffe and a pelican. 

With the help of Monkeys and the manager, Billy, the business is striving for success. And with a new job offer on the horizon to clean all 677 windows of Hampshire House, this is the chance for the company to soar to new heights.

But as one could imagine with a window cleaning company full of animal employees, there are a few surprises, disasters, and adventures in between.

4. Abigail – Catherine Rayner

Another highly acclaimed book about giraffes for kids is Abigail.

Abigail is a giraffe that loves counting. She tries so hard to count the spots on her ladybug friend, the stripes on a zebra, and the dots on a cheetah, but none of the animals will stand still long enough to help her.

After months of trying with no success, she begins to wonder if there’s anything on this Earth she can count…

Until she has an idea!

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5. Zarafa Michael Allin

Zarafa is the same story as The Giraffe that Walked to Paris but aimed at a slightly older audience.

If you have a child who loves history, then Zarafa is the giraffe book for them.

It goes into further detail of how Zarafa the giraffe was gifted to the King of France by Muhammad Ali, Ottoman Viceroy of Egypt.

This is the journey of the animal’s amazing journey of 550 miles from Marseille to Paris whilst offering delight to thousands of onlookers.

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6. How Do Giraffes Take Naps? – Diane Muldrow

It’s nap time, and all the animals are settling down to get some rest. The story follows several animals and teaches children how other animals sleep.

If you’ve got a cranky toddler who doesn’t want to take a nap, then this is the perfect calming animal book for them.

Accompanying the simple story are gorgeous pictures created by highly-acclaimed illustrator David Walker.

7. The Lonely Giraffe – Peter Blight

Poor Giraffe is feeling lonely and left out. Because his long neck is so long, he is far away from the other animals and they can barely hear his voice when he tries to talk to them.

When the animals are up in the trees, Giraffe gives them a fright with his large head.

When one day the river bursts its banks, and the ground begins to flood. Only the birds and the monkeys can climb or fly to safety, but many of the other animals are in danger.

Giraffe must put his prejudices aside and work with the other animals to make sure they are all safe. This is a cute book about giraffes that teaches children the importance of working as a team and being kind to others.

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8. Oh Dear Geoffrey – Gemma O’Neil

Geoffrey is a very silly giraffe. He tries very hard to make friends, but every time he tries to talk to the animals on the ground, he trips and slips and falls down.

Poor Geoffrey tries to fit in, but his height makes it difficult.

Until one day he realized that his height can be an advantage. When he stretches his long neck into the trees, he discovers new animal friends.

This is a heartwarming giraffe book that teaches children that you can make friends by being yourself.

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9. Giraffe Problems – Jory John

Do you think you’ve got problems? Well, you haven’t heard about giraffe problems.

Edward the giraffe is baffled why he’s the only animal with such a long neck. No other animal has such a long and bendy neck, and he thinks it’s absurd.

He tries to hide it behind trees and bushes, but hiding is exhausting.

When one day a turtle comes along and shows Edward that his neck is different for a reason. Edward realizes his differences have a purpose, and not to mention, looks great in a bowtie.

This is a heartwarming giraffe book for kids about raising self esteem.

10. The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights – David A. Ufer

The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights is a The Wizard of Oz retelling, featuring a young giraffe who has a fear of heights.

On his journey to see the doctor, he meets a monkey that’s afraid of climbing and a hippo that’s afraid of water.

The three new friends seek answers to face their fears, can the doctor help them?

This fun giraffe novel also includes some facts and games as well as the story. The aim is to help children overcome their fears and anxieties.

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11. A Giraffe and a Half – Shel Silverstein 

The author of The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein is a New York Times bestselling author known for his exciting rhyming picture books. And Giraffe and a Half is no exception!

The story follows a boy and his giraffe as they embark on a hilarious journey together.

Each page is full of stunning illustrations and accompanied by a rhythmic verse. No matter how old your little one is, A Giraffe and a Half is a giraffe book that will be loved by the whole family for generations.

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12. The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots – Adisan Books 

The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots is a warm-hearted story about a young giraffe’s journey of self-discovery.

The giraffe travels across the savannah, trying to fit in with each group, but each group casts him out for being different. Eventually, the giraffe learns that being different is normal and that you must accept yourself for who you are.

It’s an important animal book for kids that illustrates the importance of being happy with yourself and accepting others for their differences.

With cute illustrations, this is one book about giraffes for kids that your little ones will want on their bookshelf.

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13. The White Giraffe – Lauren St. John

The White Giraffe is a thrilling adventure book for children aged 9+. It follows an eleven-year-old girl, Martine Allen, who on the night of her birthday finds her whole life turned upside down.

After loosing her parents in a fire, she has to leave her home and live on an African reserve with her grandmother.

On her arrival, she hears stories of a mythical white giraffe that lives in the savannah. No one has seen the animal, only its footprints.

While her grandmother insists it’s just a legend, Martine is not convinced.

When on one stormy night, she looks out her bedroom window and stares into the eyes of a tall, white animal. It turns out, the legends are true…

14. West With Giraffes – Lynda Rutledge

Lynda Rutledge’s West With Giraffes book is an emotional true story about two giraffes who won the hearts of Americans during the Depression-era.

It’s the uncertain time between WWI and WWII where Americans are struggling to get by. But then there was a story of two giraffes who were on their way from Africa to California’s San Diego Zoo.

The story follows 105-year-old Woodrow Wilson Nickel, who learns at the end of his life that giraffes are going extinct. Only he can’t leave the world without telling the story of an unforgettable experience back in 1938.

The giraffes were caught in a hurricane crossing the Atlantic but survived. They also had a twelve-day road trip across the country, with their driver, Woodrow Wilson Nickel.

The story is a work of historical fiction, following a true story with some embellishments. This is a giraffe book for older children in their tweens who love to read chapter books.

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15. Giraffe Is Left Out – Sue Graves and Trevor Dunton

Giraffe is Left Out is another great children’s book about giraffes about being bullied and learning to accept one’s differences.

The illustrations are bold and delightful, and the story is well thought out and clearly demonstrates how some children can’t control their behaviors at times.

This is a great book for teachers to add to their class reading list as it has an important message about accepting others for their flaws.

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Non-Fiction Books About Giraffes

If your little one is obsessed with giraffes and wants to know more about them, then these non-fiction giraffe books will be the perfect resource for them!

16. Giraffes (Amazing Animals) – Valerie Bodden

If your child loves animals, they will love learning all about the amazing animals from author Valer Bodden.

The popular series brings facts to life in a fun and meaningful way, and told in a way that children can understand.

Complete with beautiful photos and STEM-appropriate text, children can learn about the giraffe’s appearance, habitat, behavior, and life cycle.

There’s also a folk story about why giraffes have long necks.

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17. Safari Readers: Giraffes (Wildlife Books for Kids) – Tristan Walters

Want to take your kid on a safari but don’t have the means to do so? No worries, you can still go with a Safari Readers book!

The Safari Readers are absolute gems in the realm of wildlife books for kids. These books are filled with mind-blowing facts, stunning photos, and exciting puzzles that any curious child will enjoy.

Tristan Walters has masterfully crafted a captivating journey through the world of giraffes, blending fascinating facts with vibrant illustrations that truly bring these majestic creatures to life.

As a teacher, it’s always a pleasure to find a resource that’s not only educational but ignites a child’s curiosity and love for nature.

The storytelling is engaging, the information is presented in an accessible manner, and the overall reading experience is nothing short of delightful.

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18. Giraffes: 51 Fascinating Facts For Kids – Deborah Sykes

Another epic fact book about giraffes is by Deborah Skyes, who shares facts specifically for 9-12-year-olds.

In this book, Deborah has compiled a comprehensive list of 51 facts for kids, from where they lived millions of years ago to what they eat and how they behave.

Written in a clear and concise way, and paired with stunning illustrations, this is one giraffe book that will fascinate young minds for generations to come.

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19. National Geographic Readers: Giraffes

If you’re going to pick one non-fiction book about giraffes for kids, then you’ve got to pick National Geographic’s book about giraffes.

With photographs that only National Geographic can produce and packed full of facts and exciting knowledge, this is an engaging book for kids of all ages.

The book has been written to a level 1 reading ability and is great for early independent reading or a read-aloud experience.

20. Giraffes – Jennifer Dussling (Penguin Young Readers)

If your child loves giraffes, then they are going to love learning all about them in this exciting giraffe book!

What makes this book a lovable read is the photographs, which have been accompanied by simple facts written in a clear and easy-to-read way.

Children will love learning all about these majestic animals when reading this fun book!

Books About Giraffes for Toddlers

Do you have a toddler who loves giraffes? Then you’ll love these touch-and-feel books, finger puppet books and sensory development books about giraffes.

21. Sophie la Girafe: Good Night, Sophie: A Touch and Feel Book – DK Books

Sophie the giraffe has been helping kids who are teething throughout the decades, so if your little one is a fan of Sophie, then they will love this Sophie the giraffe book.

In this book, it’s Sophie’s bedtime. The story follows her nightly routine and offers stimulating touch and feel aspects.

The board book is simple, it has six colorful pages with lots of different textures. If you’re trying to help your child with their sensory development, this is a great giraffe book to use.

Even though the title alludes to the book being in Spanish, it is written in English. This would be a great book to read for weaning toddlers, too.

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22. Little Giraffe: Finger Puppet Board Book – Little Hippo Books

If your toddler is in need of a stimulating book about giraffes, then this finger puppet book is bound to instill some laughter and excitement into their day.

The story is simply, but it’s more about the interaction and enjoyment shared between parent and child.

This would be a great rainy day book to read with your toddler.

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23. Baby Giraffe: Finger Puppet Book – Chronicle Books and Yu-Hsuan Huang

Another great finger puppet book about giraffes is this exciting and interactive book by Yu-Hsuan Huang and Chronicle Books.

Children can learn about what the early years of a giraffe’s life is like. It goes from what baby giraffe likes to eat to what playtime and bedtime involve.

With a permanently attached finger puppet, this is a great book that allows parent and child to interact through play and a shared love of reading.

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24. Jungle Days with Giraffe: Sensory Board Book – Little Hippo Books

If you’re looking for touch-and-feel books about giraffes, then you’ll love the Jungle Days with Giraffe book.

Toddlers can learn all about giraffes in a fun and interactive way. This factual book tells the story through fun and rhyme. The 3D giraffe shape is also a fun element of this book.

Each page offers a different texture to stimulate their sense of touch.

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25. Little Giraffe Big Idea – Benjamin Richards and Louise Forshaw 

Gregory the little giraffe is the only giraffe on the savannah and he’s fed up that nobody will play with him.

One day, he has a big idea to change this! He decides to disguise himself as other African animals on the savannah and hopes it will help him gain acceptance from the other animals.

This is a lovable story about giraffes for toddlers aged 3 and up. The fantastic illustrations make this book exciting and stimulating, while the story has a great moral message about accepting and celebrating differences.

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Final Word on Books About Giraffes

So there you have it, those are 21 of the best books about giraffes for children. As you can see, there are a lot of choices, and if you’re kids are obsessed with giraffes then these books will be a great gift for them.

Do you think we’ve missed any giraffe books? Let us know in the comments and help the Epic Book Society grow!

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