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10 Incredible Books About Sea Turtles for Kids!

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Louisa

Are you looking for books about sea turtles? Then you’ve come to the right place.

These elusive and majestic animals of the sea are so mysterious and wonderful, it’s no wonder you’re wanting to know more about them.

Whether you’re looking for exciting non-fiction books filled with fun facts, or a fictional tale to read your kids to sleep, these sea turtle books are the absolute best out there.

Go take a look…

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Fiction Books About Sea Turtles

Let’s begin with the best fiction books about sea turtles. These are fun stories with sea turtles as the main character or a prominent role in the story.

1. Little Turtle and the Changing Sea: A story of survival in our polluted oceans – Becky Davies

Little Turtle and the Changing Sea is a heart-warming fictional story about a sea turtle trying to survive in an ever-changing environment.

It’s written in a lyrical way, which makes it fun and engaging for children, but the message is very true to what is happening today.

It teaches children in a child-friendly way about the challenges marine life face and the dangers of plastic pollution.

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2. One Tiny Turtle: Read and Wonder – Nicola Davies

Another stunningly written lyrical story about sea turtles is One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies.

It follows a loggerhead turtle who swims for thirty years across the ocean in search of food. She also journeys to the same beach to lay her eggs one night, the same one that she was born on, though it’s not quite the same…

In this lyrical story, children not only learn about the loggerhead turtle but about its home and how and why it is an endangered species.

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3. Good Night Little Turtle – David Cunliffe

Another great rhyming book about sea turtles to read to your child at bedtime is Good Night Little Turtle, which is designed to calm your child before sleep.

The story follows a little turtle who needs to say goodnight to his animal friends before bed.

As he says goodnight to each of his friends, he starts to feel more sleepy. After he brushes his teeth and hears a story, he slowly drifts off to sleep.

It’s paired with cute pictures to keep them engaged and calm them before bed. This would be the perfect book to read on a rainy day before bed.

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4. The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle – Stuart Samuel

This sea turtle book is the winner of the 2018 Reader Views Choice Award. It follows a young turtle named Thomas, who lives with his mother and sister in Placid Pond.

His father disappeared many years ago in the “forbidden region” of the pond. Thomas has been told not to go to this region, but one day he ventures too close and falls over a waterfall and downstream.

Now far from home, he is determined to get home to his family, and with the help of two children, he does.

The story covers themes of family values, curiosity, and determination.

It’s a touching story that’s aimed at ages 5-9.

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5. Follow the Moon Home – Philippe Cousteau & Deborah Hopkinson

Follow the Moon Home is a story about friendship, community, and determination.

Written by activist Philippe Cousteau and author Deborah Hopkinson, this is a powerful story about the difference young people can make to sea turtles.

The story follows Viv, who has a new home and school by the sea.

She is struggling to find her place in the community but still rallies everyone together to save the sea turtles of the South Carolina coast.

Non-Fiction Books About Sea Turtles

If you’re wanting to learn more about sea turtles, you will find plenty of fun facts in these non-fiction books about sea turtles!

6. Safari Readers: Sea Turtles – Tristan Walters

Safari Readers is a series of short non-fiction books about wildlife animals by Tristan Walters.

They are designed to teach your child all about wild animals, whilst also practicing their reading skills.

This children’s book about sea turtles is packed with facts, photography, and engaging puzzles.

If your child is curious to learn, this will be the ultimate engaging resource.

It has also been specially designed to make reading fun and enjoyable and is appropriate for a stage 2 reader.

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7. National Geographic Readers: Sea Turtles – Laura Marsh

When it comes to learning about wildlife, there can be no better teacher than National Geographic.

This sea turtle book for kids is all about learning about this lazy ocean reptile in a fun and engaging way.

Complete with Nat Geo’s iconic photography and illustrations, your child will love learning about turtles with National Geographic.

This book is suitable for ages 4-8 years old.

If your child wants to learn about turtle conservation, National Geographic’s ‘Kids Mission: Sea Turtle Rescue’ book is all about wildlife conservation.

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8. Sea Turtles – Gail Gibbons

Sea Turtles is a book following the life cycle of a sea turtle, from the time they hatch from eggs to when they live to 100 years old.

This book is filled with facts about these prehistoric creatures and gives an in-depth view of what life is like for a sea turtle.

9. Sea Turtle Scientist – Stephen R. Swinburne

Written for curious minds, Stephen R. Swinburne’s Sea Turtle Scientist is all about the sea turtles and their greatest heroes and heroines, such as Dr. Kimberly Stewart, also known as the Turtle Lady of St. Kitts.

Complete with Swinburne’s incredible photography, this factual book tells you everything about leatherback sea turtles in the Caribbean, as well as about the people who are trying to save them.

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10. Sea Turtles 101 Fun Facts – Janet Evans

If it’s facts you want, facts you’ll get! This fact book about sea turtles is exactly what it says on the cover; 101 facts about sea turtles.

The facts are presented in a child-friendly way, featuring large text so early readers can have a go at reading with parental guidance.

There are also picture captions that provoke conversation between you and your child. And of course, plenty of turtle photos to keep them engaged!

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Final Word on Sea Turtle Books

So there you have it, those are the best books about sea turtles. As you can see, each of them has something special and unique to offer.

Do you have any more sea turtle books to add? Let us know in the comments.

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