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13 Books About Weaning for Toddlers

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Louisa

That time when you’re little one comes off milk and onto solid food is an emotional journey for all involved.

Breastfeeding is a way in which a child grows an attachment to their mothers and is a bonding experience for both mother and child.

This is why the process of weaning can be so emotional for toddlers and for some mothers, it can be difficult also.

One of the best ways to help your child through this emotional journey is by reading them a book about weaning for toddlers.

These books are designed to educate your child as to why mommy’s milk is no longer an option for them, as well as comfort them during the process.

If you’re about to start this journey, take a look at these best books about weaning for toddlers.

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Books About Weaning for Toddlers

1. My Milk Will Go, Our Love Will Grow – Jessica Elder and Sheila Fein

With its use of rhyme, illustrations, and short sentences, this heartwarming book will help your child learn to understand the process of weaning in a simple and effective way.

It tells a story of a toddler asking questions and exchanging in a conversation about weaning with his mother.

Sometimes, children often find it difficult to verbalize how they are feeling, so following this type of book that shows a conversation might help them understand their own emotions and how to communicate them with you.

This book also comes with a free weaning guidebook and a night weaning plan.

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2. Sally Weans from Night Nursing – Lesli Mitchell

Lesli Mitchell has written a fantastic book about weaning for toddlers that aims to validate how toddlers are feeling during the night weaning process.

Instead of talking about when a child should wean, this children’s book focuses on when a child “should” wean.

As a former mental health therapist, Mitchell believes that when a child feels validated and acknowledged, they are less likely to feel emotionally distressed.

This book is the ideal book for a mother to read to their child in preparation for night weaning.

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3. Loving Comfort – Julie Dillemuth

If your toddlers are getting ready to start weaning, or you are already in the process of weaning, then this book is for you. 

It talks about how mommy’s milk has been an important part of Jack’s life, but he’s finding the change difficult.

When it comes to the end of breastfeeding, a child feels like a major source of comfort is going away, and it’s also a big part of being a mother.

This book has been written to address the psychological turmoil of weaning, with emphasis on the mother-child relationship and the ways a mother provides comfort.

The illustrations by Vicky Pratt are stunning and detailed.

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4. Nursies When The Sun Shines – Katherine C Havener

If you’re a parent who is exhausted from the process of nursing your toddler late at night, then Nursies When The Sun Shines is the book for you.

With gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Fine Artist, Sara Burrier, and a sweet lullaby story to help young children understand the concept of night and day, this book is perfect for toddlers trying to sleep.

It follows the story of a toddler who wakes up at night for “nursies” but mom shows her it’s dark outside and nurses are only for daytime. When the sun casts through the window, the toddler knows it’s time for nurses.

The aim of this book is to facilitate communication between parents and toddlers and make the process of night weaning as easy as possible.

5. Bye-Bye Nah-Nahs: A Weaning Book – Rosamond Rice

This gorgeously illustrated book about weaning for toddlers focuses on children across the globe as they learn to say “Bye-Bye” to nursing.

Bye-Bye Nah-Nahs has been written to tenderly support mothers and their toddlers through the emotional experience of weaning with simple multi-language text.

It was created by a nursing mother for nursing mothers. Though it is primarily written in English, the characters represent diverse backgrounds.

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6. Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me? – Melissa Panter

Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me? is a colorful book about weaning for toddlers that offers an informative and applicable approach for mothers and children, whether they are new to weaning or are already on their breastfeeding journey. 

It introduces the idea of ​​weaning in a gentle way, focusing on how it relates to the developmental stages and how it is something that comes when a child is ready, not by a societal timetable. 

It follows nine mummy and baby mammal pairs and their weaning journeys.

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7. Milkies in the Morning – Jennifer Saleem 

Milkies In The Morning is a gentle story of a toddler’s night weaning experience. 

It’s written to help ease the transition of night weaning for toddlers and their mothers.

It helps mothers to educate their children that milk is only for the morning and to move off from night feeds.

It’s a simple story with some eye-catching illustrations that will soothe your child at night time.

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8. A Time to Wean – Marlene Susan

A Time to Wean is a picture book about weaning for toddlers that follows animals as they grow and discover new things, and nurse less.

It’s a comforting book with reassurances and hugs from mama, and will help you to educate your child that you won’t love them any less.

By following the story of animals, children learn that even our favorite animals need to wean.

Complete with beautiful illustrations, this is a welcome book for moms who want to start the process of weaning their little ones.

If you think this sounds like an exciting book, then you’ll love these giraffe books for kids.

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9. Bye-Bye Mommy’s Milk! A Step-by-Step Weaning Guide for Mom and Child – Melody De Visscher and Dr Aslıhan Tokgöz Onaran

Bye-Bye Mommy’s Milk is the story of a boy named Jazz and his mom. When Jazz’s mom decided to nurse less, at first he didn’t understand and got emotional.

Then, they decided to find fun ways to replace breastfeeding, and one day, Jazz decided he was ok with giving up breastfeeding.

Written in a way that you can paste your own pictures into the illustrations, your child can identify themselves as Jazz in this book.

As well as being a delightful story, it’s also a guide for moms, to help understand the different reasons a child asks for breasts and to help find ways of replacing them without breaking the emotional bond between toddler and mom.

If you’re really trying to say goodbye to breastfeeding, then this book will be the shining beacon your child needs.

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10. Everything Changes Including Me – Brett Hillary Aronowitz

Everything Changes Including Me is a delightful poem, about weaning that has been accompanied by watercolor illustrations.

It aims to introduce the idea of nursing and weaning concepts to your toddler and applies it to the change applied to various activities such as different seasons and weather conditions.

It explains how change happens everywhere, including when mommy’s milk is all gone.

11. Booby Moon: A Weaning Book for Toddlers – Yvette Reid and Camilo Zepeda

Booby Moon is a stunning rhyming storybook about weaning that is designed to emotionally support both mother and child through this journey.

Accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, this book teaches us that change can be exciting and that each milestone in your life should be a cause for celebration.

It also gives your child a ritual to help them say goodbye to this chapter in their lives and look forward to the next one, in the same way, that the Tooth Fairy helps children come to terms with losing their baby teeth.

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12. A Big Kid Bed is Coming! (How to Transition and Keep Your Toddler in Their Bed) – Brave Kids Press

A Big Kid Bed is Coming is an endearing story designed to help kids who love sleeping stay in their new Big Kid Bed.

If your child is ready to move from a cot to a big kid’s bed, the transition, like weaning, can be difficult. Kids need to find the inner courage to overcome these new changes, and new things often come with nerves.

Louie is the sweetest and most brave elephant you’ll ever know. With this new buddy, your child will gain some newfound confidence. Louie helps to show them that a ‘Big Kid Bed’ can be exciting, adventurous, and fun!

Though it is not strictly a book about weaning for toddlers, it has an important message of overcoming challenges that your child will understand.

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13. The Sheep Who Wouldn’t Sleep – Susan Rich Brooke

Everyone goes to sleep, except sheep, because no matter what sheep cannot sleep. The story follows sheep as she goes through all sorts of reasons not to fall asleep, some of which toddlers can resonate with.

As the sheep tries to fall asleep, she learns about mindfulness and calmness and tries some self-soothing techniques to fall asleep.

Though this is not directly targeted at toddlers who are weaning, the story has some thought-provoking ideas that will help your child during night weaning.

This would also be an excellent book to read your child on a rainy day if you want to get them down for nap time.

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books about weaning for toddlers

Final Word on Books About Weaning for Toddlers

So there you have it, those are my top books about weaning for toddlers.

Whether your child is currently struggling to come to terms with the process or you’re looking ahead for something to smooth the transition, these books will be sure to help you and your child in this journey.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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