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30 Best Books With A Green Cover: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi + More!

Last Updated on November 27, 2023 by Louisa

If your bookshelf is looking a little sparse with rainbow colors, then green is the vibrant color that makes it pop!

Green is not the most popular color for book covers, but that’s not to say there aren’t any great books with a green cover out there.

To prove our point, I’ve picked my favorite books with green covers, from highly-acclaimed novels to tantalizing non-fiction books.

I’ve even selected from sizzling romance, young adult, fantasy and sci-fi books that have a green cover. And of course, for the little ones, some green children’s books.

It’s time to brighten up our bookshelves! Let’s get to it.

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Acclaimed Books with A Green Cover

Let’s begin our list with the best highly acclaimed books with green covers. These are some of the world’s best sellers and award-winning authors.

1. The Seven Husband’s of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

A story of a woman’s ambitious journey to stardom, filled with love and tragedy—Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Monique is the writer chosen by the legendary star to write the long-anticipated biography of her tumultuous life.

Though she goes into the job confused, Monique finds that there is much more to Evelyn’s life than what meets the eye, and as the two go deeper into the story, the writer finds herself connecting to it in completely unexpected ways. 

This novel is a journey through the dazzling world of old Hollywood and the harsh realities that hide behind its splendor, and above all, the struggles that come with having to face the bitter truth.

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2. The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson can’t seem to concentrate on his studies or manage his temper. And being away at boarding school is only getting worse. When Percy’s mother finds out, she decides it is time to tell him the truth about where he came from.

She sends Percy to Camp Half-Blood, a demigod summer camp, where he discovers that his father is Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Soon after, a mystery develops, and Percy embarks on a quest across the United States with two friends—one a satyr and the other the demigod daughter of Athena—to reach the gates of the Underworld and avoid a terrible battle between the gods.

3. The Hobbit: Illustrated Version – J.R.R. Tolkein

The Hobbit is a well-known tale and beloved children’s book by J.R.R. Tolkein. It’s the prequel to the iconic Lord of The Rings books and follows Bilbo Baggins.

He attempts to reclaim the Lonely Mountain which was taken by the fierce dragon, Smaug.

Hired as a burglar by Gangdal the Gray and a gang of thirteen quirky dwarves, Bilbo sets out on his first incredible adventure.

Along the way, he encounters trolls, goblins, and mischievous elves who imprison his friends and leave Bilbo scrambling to free them.

He also meets Gollum and is where we get our first meeting with the infamous ring to rule them all.

The illustrated version by Jemima Catlin is such a delight. I was given this illustrated book as a gift and I still cherish it. The fabric green cover is a welcoming, colorful addition to my bookshelf.

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4. The Maze Runner – James Dashner

Set in the far away future, a group of teenagers finds themselves landed in a giant, stone maze. Their memories have been wiped, and they have no idea where they are or how they got there.

They only know they have to escape the maze.

But it’s not that simple. The maze is only open for a short period each day, so the group has only a short amount of time to find the maze exit before the door is sealed and they are stuck in the maze forever.

Written through the eyes of Thomas, a boy who finds himself in the maze, we learn that every time they enter the maze, a new danger poses threats.

Will Thomas and his friends escape? Will they learn the truth about the maze and how they came to be there?

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5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K. Rowling

The fourth book in the Harry Potter series is when Harry and his friends start to transform from children to teenagers and form love interests.

It’s also when the other wizarding schools, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute come to Hogwarts to take part in the Triwizard Tournament.

A magical game where one champion from each school competes in a series of games to win the Triwizard Cup, and a cash prize.

When only those over the age of 17 are allowed to enter, Harry is confused when his name is picked from the cup and he is declared a champion.

As Harry starts to lose the trust of his friends, he too is struggling to know who he can trust and who is his enemy. Whoever put his name in the cup, is no friend indeed.

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Non-Fiction Books with A Green Cover

If non-fiction is more your vibe, don’t worry. These are the best non-fiction books with green covers.

6. Into The Forest: The Secret Language of Trees – Susan Hitchcock

We all know how important trees are to the planet. They provide the oxygen we breathe and provide food and shelter to Earths inhabitants.

They have also provided humans with renewal and inspiration, from spiritual sanctuaries to the materials to build our homes.

This National Geographic novel combines their legendary photography with illuminating science to examine how trees influence the planet―from how it affects us as individuals to the weather.

Complete with illustrated essays, you’ll learn about the history of the world’s most iconic trees, from the ancient Maori “lord of the forest,” to a single aspen tree that spreads over 100 acres.

For those fascinated by science and nature, this should certainly be on your reading list.

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7. A Walk In The Woods – Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is a bestselling travel author with a ton of incredible titles under his belt. My personal favourite though, is A Walk in the Woods.

Bryson tells the story of his journey hiking across The Appalachian Trail, which spans from Georgia to Maine and is said to be one of the most scenic and breathtaking hikes in America.

Travelling across majestic mountains, whispering forests, and sprawling lakes, if you’re ever to tackle this hike, Bill Bryson would be the most epic guide.

Not only does he paint an incredible picture of his journey, but he introduces us to the history and ecology of the hike, as well as the entertaining characters he meets along the way.

For those who love the great outdoors, this book about travel and self discovery is for you.

8. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption – Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson is best known for founding the Equal Justice Initiative, a legal practice dedicated to defending the poor, wrongly convicted, and women and children.

As a young lawyer, one of his earliest cases was defending Walter McMillian, a man sentenced to death for a notorious murder he insisted he didn’t commit.

As Bryan untangled the case, he opened up a web of conspiracy and political scheming. The journey opened his eyes to how justice is really served and the act of mercy.

In this coming-of-age memoir, Just Mercy is about how Stevenson grew as a lawyer, through uncovering cases of those he defended.

Just Mercy won the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction, the NAACP Image Award for Nonfiction, and a Books for a Better Life Award.

9. Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions – Gayle Laakmann McDowell

For software engineers looking to land a job in coding, this book is for you.

Cracking the Coding Interview is a book designed to help young coders through their job interview, from what you need to know in order to land the job to some tips to help you perform at your best.

Inside, there are 189 interview practice questions, from the basics to the most advanced, plus a walkthrough of how to answer each question and come up with solutions.

As well as this, there are 5 proven strategies to help tackle algorithm-based questions, as well as using examples from big tech companies like Google and Facebook.

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10. The Trespasser’s Companion – Nick Hayes

The Trespasser’s Companion is a short novel about how the greater public need access to nature and how they can get it – by Trespassing.

In England, 92% of land is owned, but Nick Hayes, a nature writer and trespasser shows how to claim a lost connection with nature, by learning to craft and care for it.

In this book, he talks about building relationships with the countryside and how it is better for both humans and nature.

Including testimonials from farmers, landworkers, activists, and expert authors, each with personal connections to nature, this novel highlights what nature means for the human race.

Nick Hayes is a Sunday Times bestselling author who writes in an entertaining and whimsical way.

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Young Adult Books with A Green Cover

Looking for a young adult book with a green cover? Then you’re going to love these YA novels!

11. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

The life of a Fangirl is a hard one and Cath knows well just how hard it can be.

But for Cath, being a fan is her life—and she’s really good at it. She and her twin, Wren, have been following the Simon Snow series since they were just kids.

But now that they are starting college is changing everything. And Starting college without her twin sister whom she has always shared a room is an even bigger change. To top that, Cath’s roommate doesn’t seem all that friendly.

Cath just misses how things used to be. But can she do this? Can she make it without Wren holding her hand? Is she ready to start living her own life? And does she even want to move on if it means leaving Simon Snow behind?

12. City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is most well known for her fantasy series, The Mortal Instruments – a tale of two shadowhunter lovers as they fight to destroy the evil from demons and rogue shadowhunters.

City of Bones is the first of the six-part series and is where we find out our lovable main characters, Clary Fray and Jace Herondale, who have formed a forbidden romance are brother and sister.

Our heart breaks for these young lovers who learn this devastating truth about their family and as the story unfolds, it is harder for the pair to stay away from each other.

But something about their parents doesn’t add up…could they really be brother and sister?

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13. Insurgent – Veronica Roth

Insurgent is the much-loved sequel to Veronica Roth’s highly-acclaimed and New York Times bestselling novel, Divergent.

For Tris it’s initiation day and it should be a day of celebration and victory, but instead‚ it ended with harrowing events.

War is starting between the factions and their ideologies and sides are beginning to form. Secrets will come out, choices will be made, and the consequences will be even more powerful than before.

Tris must face Divergence if she is to move past her grief and guilt, even if she may lose something important to her at the same time.

14. Heir of Fire – Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire is the third book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. In this novel, we follow our heroine, Celaena Sardothien, after she survives a deadly contest that leaves her heart broken and shattered.

Now, in a bid to understand her heritage, she must travel to pastures new. Meanwhile, a monstrous force is gathering in the distance with the intention of enslaving the world.

Celaena must fight not only her inner demons, but take on the evil that is on the horizon.

Throne of Glass is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling series and its predecessor, Queen of Shadows, was hailed as one of the best YA books of all time by Buzzfeed.

15. Murder, Mayhem, and Bliss – Loulou Harrington

Myrtle Grove, Oklahoma is a small and quiet town, where nothing interesting rarely happens. When prominent businessman Harry Kerr is found dead in his pool shortly after sunrise, Jesse Camden’s tearoom is buzzing.

When Jesse hears the news, she runs to Vivian Windsor, her friend, and resident oil heiress, and also the great-aunt to the dead man. She soon becomes a prime suspect in his death.

When Jesse offers her assistance to Vivian, she didn’t exactly mean finding the real murderer.

But after wrangling up an eager trope of helpers, she follows leads across the countryside, tripping over the law enforcement and their evidence as she goes.

She’s hearing secrets untold, discovering betrayals, and finding her way through the maze of deceit to capture the real killer.

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Romance Books with A Green Cover

If you love a good romance book, red is not the only color of passion. These are the best romance books with green covers…

16. Twisted Lies – Ana Huang

Twisted Lies is a contemporary romance book with explicit scenes, some scenes of violence, profanity, and sensitive topics. Despite its inviting soft green cover, it’s intended for audiences 18 and above.

It follows Christian Harper, a charming and deadly gentleman in a fine-cut suit. He has little care for morals and even less for love, but he is gravitating toward the woman on the floor below her.

Stella Alonso is a sweet, shy social media star who is a hopeless romantic, but keeps her heart locked up.

She has little time for relationships outside her two jobs, but when a threat from her past forces her into the arms of the man upstairs, her ideas of love change.

Christian may be cold in nature, but he makes her feel protected, passionate and wanted. But their relationship is full of secrets and lies. When the truth comes out, will they survive?

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17. A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Mist and Fury is the second book in the bestselling fae romance book series, A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

Feyre has just been given the powers and lifespan of the High Fae, but she is haunted by her life spent with Tamlin and his people, and the terrible acts she committed to protecting them.

Soon she will marry Tamlin, and Feyre’s nightmares start to consume her. She becomes a split personality.

One part of her wants to keep her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court, and the other to live a life with Tamlin in the Spring Court.

While Feyre is figuring out this massive web of politics and power, a greater threat emerges. Feyre may just be the one person who can stop it, but only if she can heal her soul, enhance her powers and decide how she wants to spend her future.

18. Terms and Conditions (Dreamland Billionaires) – Lauren Asher

Terms and Conditions is the second book in the billionaire romance book series, Dreamland Billionaires, featuring three billionaire brothers. Each book can be read as a stand alone novel.

Declan is destined to take over his father’s media empire as the new CEO, but his grandfather’s inheritance clause is standing in his way. His dying wish was to see him get married and without it, he cannot access his fortune.

His assistant, Iris, volunteers herself for the job. It was a marriage of convenience, the solution to a problem, but the more they pretend to be in love the more they start to feel it’s real. Caring was not part of the deal, and hearts may be broken.

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19. The Cheat Sheet – Sarah Adams

Bree Camden is head over heels for her good friend Nathan, the charismatic quarterback who seems to have it all – intelligence, humor, and athletic ability.

Bree fears, however, that Nathan doesn’t reciprocate her feelings and that they’re just too contrasting in their attitudes.

When Bree lets slip to the press how she feels about Nathan, they force her into a fake three-week relationship with Nathan, which will conclude right after the Super Bowl.

As Nathan puts on a show for the cameras, Bree struggles to hide her true feelings. Will she manage to control them or will they lead to heartbreak? Is it possible that Nathan sees her as more than a friend?

This is one of those hope-filled best friend-to-lover books full of angst and sweet anticipation.

20. The Bidgerton’s Happily Ever After – Julia Quinn

If you loved the Bridgerton series, then you’ll want to add this novella featuring Violet Bridgerton to your reading list. It also comes with a collection of “second epilogues” to the Bridgerton series.

This is the story of what happens after the Happily Ever After. It’s set in the same historical timeline as the series and features all the most beloved characters.

It does contain spoilers about the rest of the series, so it’s recommended not to read this until you have read the Bridgerton series.

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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books with A Green Cover

Looking for a story from another world? Then you’ll love these fantasy and sci-fi novels with green covers!

21. The Inheritance Games – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games follows Avery, who is just trying to make it through high school. That is until she learns that millionaire Tobias Hawthorne has died and left her nearly his entire wealth.

But there’s a catch. To receive her inheritance, Avery must move into the huge, hidden passage-filled Hawthorne House, where every room is full of puzzles, riddles, and codes.

Unfortunately for Avery, Hawthorne House is also home to the enigmatic family that Tobias Hawthorne just disinherited, including his four attractive grandchildren who grew up thinking they would one day receive billions.

Avery has no clue why she was chosen or any notion of who Tobias Hawthorne is. But she will have to play the game herself to survive in a world of money and power, with danger at every step.

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22. A Heart So Fierce and Broken – Brigid Kemmerer’s

A Heart So Fierce is the second book in the Curse So Dark series by Brigid Kemmerer. Back in the world of Emberfall, friends become foes and love shines bright in the darkness.

Now the curse is broken, but troubles still await the Prince Rhen of Emberfall. As rumors begin about him not being the true heir and that forbidden magic has been used, the future looks bleak.

Still, he has Harper, but his guardsman Grey is still missing.

Only Grey has a secret of his own. Grey is the heir, but he doesn’t want anyone to know. He’s been on the run since destroying Lilith and bids never to return.

Until Karis Luran threatens Emberfall. Now Grey must stand against Rhen for the good of Emberfall. But will he survive?

23. Doors of Sleep – Tim Pratt

When Zax Delatree falls asleep, he enters a parallel universe. He has no control over his destination and never knows what he will encounter. Sometimes he wakes up in utopias full of technology and other times the planet is a ruined shell.

Along the way, he picks up some small aides that help him in his dreams, such as technological advantages, sedatives to help him escape dangerous worlds, and stimulants to help him stay in pleasant ones.

But, Zax can take people with him, as long as they’re unconscious in his arms by the time he falls asleep.

When someone finds out about Zax ability, they want to take his power to travel between worlds. But can Zax escape?

24. The Gilded Wolves – Roshani Chokshi 

The Gilded Wolves is a New York Times bestselling novel following six outcasts as they attempt to steam a powerful artifact that can change their loves for the better, but by risking the world at the same time.

At the Exposition Universelle World Fair, hidden behind technological marvels, is a Babel fragment. The fragment holds the power to bend nature’s elements by anyone who wields it.

When Séverin Montagnet-Alarie’s birthright was taken from him, he must find his place among France’s elite and obtain the Babel fragment.

With his team, he prepares a heist that will require ingenuity and skill. But as the day of the heist looms.

Séverin is battling against his desire for revenge against those who wronged him and the people he’s putting in harm’s way, including the woman he loves…

25. Stolen Songbird – Danielle L. Jensen 

Stolen Songbird is a USA Today bestselling novel about a witch’s curse who has bound trolls to the city of Trollus, beneath the ruins of the Forsaken Mountain for five years, but a prophecy has spoken about the trolls being set free.

When Cécile de Troyes is taken to the city of Trollus, she learns more about the myth than she ever thought she could.

Cécile wants to escape, but to do so, she must bide her time. She must outsmart the clever and strong trolls that hold her captive.

While waiting for her opportunity, Cécile unexpectedly falls in love with the enigmatic troll prince with whom she is married. As she falls deeper in love, her perspective changes, and her heart is open to new friends.

Soon, a rebellion grows, and Cécile is the one person who has the power to change Trollus forever.

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Children’s Books with A Green Cover

Finally, here’s something for the little ones. Here are the best children’s books with green covers!

26. Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose: A Graphic Novel – Dave Pilkey

On Purpose is the third book in the Cat Kid Comic Club series by Dave Pilkey.

In this hilarious and endearing graphic novel, The Cat Kid Comic Club is going in different directions. As each of the characters tries to find their purpose, Naomi has an idea to get rich quick but is met with rejections.

To make matters worse, a surprise visitor joins their class and stirs things up. Naomi must learn what is more important – power and money or friendship.

The graphic novel touches on themes of teamwork, encouraging creativity, and finding one’s purpose. Using humor in his writing, the story is about collaboration, independence, and having empathy.

This graphic novel is fun for readers of all ages.

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27. The Twits – Roald Dahl

The Twits are horrible people. They are rude to everyone around them, including each other.

They are the smelliest, nastiest, ugliest of people in the whole world and hate everything except playing mean pranks and catching innocent birds to make Bird Pies.

They also keep caged monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, who are forced to stand on their head all day.

Well, the Muggle-Wumps have had enough of The Twists and now they want revenge!

28. The Giving Tree – Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree is an important picture book about love and acceptance that has been adored by children for over fifty years.

The story follows a little boy who would come to the tree every day to eat apples, swing from the branches and slide down the trunk. The tree was happy and loved the boy.

But as the boy grew older, he wanted more from the tree, and the tree gave him everything his heart desired.

The story is beautifully written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein himself. It covers themes of sadness and consolation. It’s about acceptance of another person’s capacity to love.

29. Bad Dad – David Walliams

David Walliams is a three-time winner of the National Book Awards for his beloved children’s books.

One of his most beloved is Bad Dad. It follows a young boy named Frank, whose dad is thrown in prison for driving a getaway car in a bank robbery.

Frank has devised a plan to break his father out of jail for a night so they can return the stolen money.

Only, there’s an evil crime boss who doesn’t want that to happen. Will they escape the evil crime boss and return the money?

30. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr. Seuss

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a timeless classic by Dr. Seuss and a beloved story for generations.

It follows the Grinch, a mean, grouchy, and isolated creature who decides to cancel Christmas by stealing all the presents and decorations from homes in the town of Whoville.

When The Grinch meets Cindy Lou Who, he changes his mind about Christmas and he realizes that it’s not a holiday about money and presents, but the people you share it with.

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Books with a green cover

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Final Word on Best Books With A Green Cover

So there you have it, my top books with a green cover! I hope that you found something on this list that looks great on your bookshelf and is enjoyable to read!

Did I miss anything from my list? Let me know in the comments!

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