11 BEST CEO Romance Books

Have you ever fantasized about your boss? Ever thought about a contemporary romance love story about your dream job and…dream man? Well, it might be seen as taboo, but doesn’t that make for a truly sultry romance story?

The idea of being caught up in a love tangle with the steamy CEO is well — steamy. There, I said it.

And you know what’s hot besides office romance novels? CEO romance novels, where a little bit of dominance from the Big Boss doesn’t hurt.

So, for all those readers out there looking for a CEO romance book to get stuck into, read on for 11 of the best ones.

The Best CEO Romance Books

If you’re looking for a sultry or even sweet and endearing SEO romance novel, you’ll find one that suits your taste on this list.

1. A Billionaire Affair – Niobia Bryant

If you love billionaire romance books, then you’ll love A Billionaire Affair!

Alessandra Dalmount is a billionaire’s daughter who has been trained from a young age to take over her father’s empire. Now that day has arrived, she is forced to work closely with the last person she wanted to work with – co-CEO and her former childhood nemesis, Alek Ansah.

As they battle for control of the billion-dollar company, Alessandra must also fight her attraction to the man who could sabotage her career.

Then a shocking revelation breaks their trust…and a huge scandal could mean only one man, or woman, is left standing.

Can they turn their rivalry into a blueprint for success? This exciting CEO romance book is full of suspense and anticipation.

2. The CEO Buys In – Nancy Herkness

The CEO Buys In is one of the most relatable billionaire romance books I’ve read. It was written by a two-time nominee for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award, Nancy Herkness.

It tells the story of self-made billionaire Nathan Trainor who is struggling to find a woman who sees him for more than his big bank accounts.

After meeting two other billionaire bachelors at an ultra-exclusive club, the three of them make a wager: they must find women who love them for them and not their money.

Chloe Russell is an office temp, trying to make enough money to support her grandmother. So when she’s promoted to Nathan Trainor’s assistant, she jumps at the opportunity.

But then Nathan falls ill, and Chloe must work from his penthouse while he recuperates. It’s clear there’s a genuine attraction between them, and it’s clear it’s more than just a fever spike. But will Nathan win the bet? Is Chloe his only saving grace?

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3. Devil’s Deal (Tarnished Billionaires, Book 1) – Michele Arris

CEO Lucas Marx is used to getting what he wants, so when waitress Bailey Walters coldly turns him down, he becomes obsessed with winning her heart.

Bailey knows Lucas is dangerous. As it transpires, he’s not just any guy, but her boss’s ex, and she is determined to win him back.

Bailey is trying to build her career in interior design, and if her boss finds out that Lucas is into her, she’ll lose everything.

Soon their attraction becomes too hot to handle…and all walls start to come crashing down. This hot billionaire romance book brings CEO romance novels to a whole new level.

4. Love On My Mind – Tracey Livesay

When successful PR executive Chelsea Grant is on the cusp of making partners at her firm, she is on the top of her game. Nothing can stop her from making her big break. Not even a reclusive computer genius who was once dubbed the hottest geek alive.

The only problem is, that he has no patience for the press and his company doesn’t want him to find out they hired Chelsea as his PR agent.

Tech CEO Adam Bennett is still recovering from a PR disaster two years ago, he hires Chelsea to fix his public image. Soon their attraction becomes undeniable, and it becomes tougher to keep matters strictly business.

When Adam learns that Chelsea was hired under false pretenses, she must choose between the career of a lifetime and her feelings.

5. Unbuttoning The CEO – Mia Sosa

Ethan Hill is the CEO of a large tech company who is used to being the boss. But this bad boy was sentenced to work 200 hours of community service for dangerous driving, so now he needs to keep his identity under wraps.

This gets harder and harder when he can’t stop thinking about his temporary replacement, a steamy Graciela Ramirez.

Graciela can’t afford to get emotionally attached, but after a steamy encounter, a no-strings-attached fling starts to surface.

The plan was simple; Ethan protects his secret and Graciela protects her heart. Or so it may seem…

6. Dirty Ugly Toy – K. Webster

Dirty Ugly Toy is a new standalone dark CEO romance novel from USA Today bestselling author K Webster.

Braxton Kennedy is a wealthy CEO and he’s not about to settle down. Women are toys to him, and he’s had his fair share of them. He finds a prostitute, has her sign a contract to be his toy for six months, and then they leave. They are paid handsomely for their service.

Jessica ‘Rabbit’ is the 20th toy to come along. She has just been robbed of her money and heroin and needs a job to get a fix. A black car pulls up and she is offered a position as Braxton’s new toy.

The pair hit it off. There is banter, there is angst and passion. She cleans up from the drugs and is made into a shiny new ‘toy’. It’s hard to believe this is the same woman.

But Braxton knows nothing about Jessica and her past. Their troubled history ends up connecting them on a deeper level, and soon the six month contract will be up…but, will either of them want it to end?

7. InappropriateVi Keeland

Grant Lexington is a powerful CEO who seems to be in control. You would never guess that he is carrying a weight of guilt on his shoulders from a long time ago. 

For seven years, he had deemed himself unable to love. Until chance came, in the form of an email…

Ireland Saint James grew up without a family and is used to being alone. She worked hard for everything in life, including a job she was fired from because of some innocent fun. After returning home from holiday, she received a letter of termination because of a video that surfaced while she was away.

After a drunken night out, she decides to send her boss an email telling him exactly what she thought of him. Only, she didn’t expect a response…

Written by Audie Award winner for Romance, Vi Keeland. If you like contemporary romance novels, this is one author to keep looking out for.

8. The Stopover – T L Swan

After Emily Foster was upgraded to first class on a flight from London to New York, she meets billionaire Jamison Miles, and they instantly click.

After the plane was grounded, and they are faced with an unexpected stopover for the night, the pair share a crazy night of passion that neither will forget.

After 12 months of no word from him, she finally meets him again.

After starting a new job, she finally meets the CEO. None other than Jamison Miles. He invites her into his office for a meeting. What does he have in mind?

9. Stealing Her – Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyke is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who is known for her dark romance novels. In her standalone novel, Stealing Her, she unveils a story of family, dark secrets, and deception.

Bridge has a twin brother, Julian, who was groomed at a young age to become CEO of their father’s corporation. Bridge was left with his mother, and the family fell apart.

Years later, his father asks Bridge to pretend to be Julian while he fights to survive after getting into a tragic accident. No one will ever know, and the company will be saved.

Bridge agrees to this double life, but when he meets his brother’s beautiful fiancée, Isobel, things suddenly become complicated. Soon, Bridge develops feelings for Isobel, which further complicates things. Can Bridge keep a lid on his forbidden romance?

As lies continue, boundaries are crossed, and deception entangles. How will Bridge get out of this one?

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10. Tempt The Boss – Natasha Madison

Lauren is a no-nonsense, independent woman, and not even her new arrogant and cocky boss was going to ruin her life.

When Austin hires Lauren as his new assistant, he was expecting her to be professional, not call him an asshat.

He should fire her for her rudeness, but instead, all he can think about is bending her over his desk and breaking every rule in the book.

The banter between them, the heat and the passion, make this comedy CEO romance book a pleasing page-turner.

11. The Fine Print – Lauren Asher

Zahra worked for a theme park called Dreamland for many years in the beauty department.

When Mr. Brady Kane, the CEO and a good friend of Zahra, passed away, his three grandsons are given letters with certain expectations and guidelines in order to get their share of the company.

Rowan is tasked with working at Dreamland for six months. In that time, he must find a way to improve it and keep the business running smoothly.

Zahra saw an opportunity to present herself to the creative department to help come up with improvements for the company.

When Rowan sees her presentation, he loves her ideas but sees she needs help with her drawings.

There’s something about her that he’s drawn to. He wants to help her improve her project, so he adopts a different persona to try and help her.

The chemistry is right there, the connection undeniable. This steamy CEO romance book is not only full of hot moments, but it has a sweet and romantic storyline too.

This is a heart warming story of how friends become lovers.

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Final Word on CEO Romance Books

So there you have it, our top 11 CEO romance books for any book lover fantasizing about an office romance.

Whether you’re looking for something steamy and exciting, or romantic and sweet, there’s a book on our list for everyone.

And if you like CEO romance novels, then you might also like these steamy doctor romance novels, too!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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