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Book Review: Devil’s Day Party By C.M. Stunich

Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Louisa

I love a good reverse harem novel, which is why I was intrigued by Devil’s Day Party by C.M. Stunich, who has written a high school romance on a Groundhog Day, time loop premise.

Call me intrigued.

It’s not often you see time travel used in romance, especially paired with a reverse harem, so when I saw this novel on Kindle Unlimited I had to sit down and read it.

Here’s my honest Devil’s Day Party by C.M. Stunich book review…

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Devil’s Day Party by C.M. Stunich Book Review

Devils’ Day Party, written by C.M. Stunich, is a dark, mature high school reverse harem tale that follows a girl, Karma, who is stuck in a time loop.

One day she is attending an annual festival called Devils’ Day, where the students of Crescent Reform School celebrate with debauchery, it’s known to be extremely wild and dangerous.

Our protagonist, Karma, is bullied at the prep school. During the party, she accidentally drives into Calix’s Aston Martin, and ever since then, she has been waking up at the moment of the crash.

Review By Louisa Smith

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Writing style
Character development
Likelihood of reading the sequel


Devil’s Day Party by C.M. Stunich is a unique take on the reverse harem genre with a unique Groundhog Day writing style. It’s full of vivid descriptions, gritty language, and explicit scenes that pack the novel with tension. An enjoyable read, but not for every reader.


What I liked…

Stunich’s writing style is gripping and intense, using elements of time travel to create a sort of “Groundhog Day” storyline.

I personally found it worked quite well, keeping me engaged and invested throughout the story.

The story follows Karma, who is a strong and determined protagonist who is being bullied at high school but doesn’t let that define her.

Each character in the book has been described in vivid detail, each with their own unique personality and quirks that make them stand out.

One of the unique aspects of Devils’ Day Party is the reverse harem romance. This is not a trope for every reader, but it has been done in a way that doesn’t seem too far-fetched or overtly sexual.

That being said, there are some explicit sex scenes, which C.M. Stunich has written very well.

Devils’ Day Party explores a variety of themes and messages, including the power struggles, alpha male angst, the search for identity, and the dangers of blind obedience.

The book also explores the theme of moral ambiguity, with characters making difficult choices and facing the consequences of their actions throughout the story.

What could have been better…

This is a long book of over 500 pages, which is longer than your average. As much of the story is repeated, the pacing of the book can feel a bit slow at times.

The characters in Devils’ Day Party are also unlikeable. This is a dark romance book, so in some ways, they are not meant to be, but where this book falls short is that the men in this book have unrealistic flaws and motivations.

In fact, some of the characters I found to be quite sociopathic. I get that this is what adds an element of darkness to the story, but I personally like to see a little vulnerability in characters.

This to me is what makes characters likable and helps the reader to empathize with them, make sense of their actions, and even though they’re a terrible person you can still like them as a character.

I didn’t get that from the men in this book. They need more depth.

Our heroine is feisty, but not enough for the amount she has gone through. I would have liked to see more revenge/hate from her.

The men continue to bully her or give her a hard time, and she keeps going back to them.

This is a common theme in romance books, but I like it when the woman goes back stronger than ever and really gives them what’s coming to them.

I wish Karma did that.

The Groundhog Day storyline gives a real opportunity for the protagonist to grow and to have a real awakening, not make the same mistakes over and over again.

But then again, this is a high school romance, and perhaps the protagonist’s naivety is a play on her age in the book. So I didn’t mind this too much.

What it’s similar to…

The Groundhog Day reverse harem theme is not common, which makes Devil’s Day Party quite unique.

The most similar book that immediately springs to mind is Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas. It’s similar in that it’s an enemies to lovers story about a young high school girl falling in love with a bully.

If you’ve read Punk 57, then this would be a great option to read next, as it’s similar but still different enough to keep you interested.

Devils’ Day Party Trigger warnings

This book contains references to:

  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Polyamorous sex


Devil’s Day Party falls into many popular romance tropes, there are:

Where to find it?

You can find Devil’s Day Party on Amazon, which you can also read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

View it on:

The Verdict: Would I Recommend This Book?

Devils’ Day Party is an intense reverse harem novel that has a great premise. The plot is great, and the attention to detail in descriptions brings the book to life.

The book’s characters may be what lets this book down. Their motivations and reasoning behind actions can be unbelievable at times, but the steamy moments make up for it!

The “Ground Hog Day” style of writing may be too repetitive for some readers and is not for everyone.

However, if you’re looking for a new and interesting take on the reverse harem genre with steamy scenes, then Devils’ Day Party is worth reading.

Have Your Say…

Now you know what I think, it’s time to let the society know what you think. Have you read Devil’s Day Party? Share your opinion in the comments.

The Details:

  • Pub Date: April 27, 2020
  • ISBN: 979-8640681918
  • Page Count: 536
  • Publisher: Independently published

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