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15 Amazing Hockey Romance Books That Don’t Puck!

Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Louisa

Hockey romance books always prove to be an exciting read for me. What isn’t there to love? You get to read about love unfolding for heroes or heroines who are sports stars, in the world of sports, or just college players. 

Even though I don’t play hockey myself, I love being given a front-row ticket to any hockey game. The game is exciting, packed with action, and hunky players – which is exactly what you get in these romance books. 

Hockey romance books explore the drama and intricacies behind the game of hockey but also the love lives of those who are athletes and generally found on the field. 

If you want to get stuck into a romance tale about hockey, then keep reading my list of the best hockey romance books to leave you wanting more…

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What To Expect From Hockey Romance Books?

Hockey romances are a unique and exciting trope that typically feature rugged, athletic, and determined characters with tons of ambition.

The plots can range from fast-paced and action-packed, with sizzling romances to slow-burn, heart-warming stories of love.

Whatever the type of romance, you can expect the romance to thrive around the competitive nature of hockey.

The characters are often strong-willed professional athletes who are focused on the game more than relationships. Then in comes a feisty woman or unexpected relationship dynamics, and suddenly there is a new path ahead.

Hockey romance books are thrilling tales of unique circumstances, compelling characters, and plotlines that are sure to be an entertaining read.

The Best Hockey Romance Books

Whether you are sporty or not, picking up a hockey romance read is worth it, as it is the perfect combination of action, sport, and love. 

1. The Deal – Elle Kennedy

The Deal by Elle Kennedy is a light-hearted read about Briar University student Hannah Wells. Hannah plans to get her crush’s attention by tutoring hockey player Garrett.

Little does she know that her plan might see her begin an unexpected romance with Garrett himself. 

Part of the “Off-Campus Series”, this book explores the romance between good girl Hannah and the captain of the hockey team, Garrett. The chemistry between them is undeniable.

They are attracted to each other and also can bicker like a married couple. Will Garrett want to be more than just a deal to Hannah?

Set in college with a running sports theme, this is the perfect combination of a sports and college romance book.

Expect good banter, a blossoming friendship, chemistry like no other, and a college romance you won’t be able to put down.

Read my complete review of The Deal by Elle Kennedy here or if you’ve already read The Deal, here are some similar books.

2. Playing Hurt – Kelly Jamieson

This exciting read follows professional hockey player Chase Hartman as he navigates his career and a budding romance.

With a reputation for being a bad boy, Chase strikes up a Twitter flirtation with famous singer Jordyn Banks. 

Jordan begins to realize that Chase is more than his bad-boy reputation and is incredibly soft. She knows she wants to be with him but many challenges are ahead. 

Although their flirtatious fun is charming and may lead to love, it is not as easy as it seems. The book shows us how both Chase and Jordyn must navigate their careers as well as love. 

This is a book about choice and love amid challenging careers. Will Chase and Jordyn have what it takes to follow their hearts?

Explore the lives of famous athletes and singers in this slow burn romance book with a hockey theme and learn about love in a new way. 

3. Center Ice – Cate Cameron

Karen is a city girl that has been forced to go live in the small town of Corrigan Falls.

Corrigan Falls is a hockey town. Karen initially hates her time in the small town as she lives with a new family, but things change when she meets Tyler. 

She finds that Tyler is one of the only people who truly understand her. However, there’s a catch, Tyler is the star player of the town’s hockey team.

Center Ice explores the dynamics between Kate and Tyler as they learn to support each other with their issues.

Tyler’s life seems to be always about hockey and Karen is having a hard time with her new life.

Readers have described this book to be emotional in the best way!

Enjoy an intimate book about a sports romance that will have you interested in hockey and hockey players. 

4. The Year We Fell Down – Sarina Bowen

The Year We Fell Down is an inspiring college hockey romance about aspiring hockey player Corey as she navigates life after a severe accident.

Corey had planned to start her years at college as a varsity ice hockey player. Instead, she suffers a devastating injury leaving her in a wheelchair. 

Corey eventually strikes up a friendship with Hartley, another hockey star. Except, he already has a girlfriend.

This book will take you on an emotional journey as you read about the intimacy forming between Corey and Hartley. Corey’s insecurities are also explored. 

You will be left reading to find out if Corey and Hartley’s relationship can be more than just a mere friendship!

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5. In the Penalty Box – Lynn Rush

This is a book about love on the ice. It follows Willow who is an aspiring figure skater who sustains an injury that leaves her having to do rehab.

To get back on the ice, she finds a spot on the boy’s hockey team as their new goalie. This eventually catches the attention of the team’s captain, Brodie.

Brodie’s whole life is hockey, and who is this woman who’s shown up trying to play the game he loves so much?

Their chemistry starts to explode as Brodie warms up to Willow and helps her with her journey. 

This book is set both on and off the ice rink and will give you a good insight into figure skating and ice hockey.

A perfect mix of action on the ice and off the ice, this read will have you invested in both Willow and Brodie.

6. Off The Ice – Julie Cross

Off the Ice takes the reader to a small town, Juniper Falls, where heroine Claire is trying to juggle looking after her father and her family’s business.

She is intent on leaving the small town until she meets Tate! 

Tate eventually becomes the town’s hockey team’s goalie. The reader is taken on Claire’s journey as tries to work out if dating a potential hockey jock is worth it. 

Set in the beauty of a cozy town, with love for hockey displayed in both characters, Claire and Tate, this is one of the best hockey romances to read if you truly do love hockey. 

7. Pucked – Helena Hunting

This book shatters hockey player stereotypes by introducing Alex Waters.

He is the pretty boy, team captain of an NHL Team who is more than just brawn.

He unexpectedly shows up on the radar of Violet Hall, a woman who knows she doesn’t want to date hockey players. 

Alex seems to woo Violet and show her that he has intellect, charm, and the depth she is looking for. We read about the wrestling Violet has with Alex and his bad-boy reputation.

If you love sports romances then this book is for you! It explores the depth and personality behind sports stars and shows why it is so easy to fall in love with them. 

8. Cold Day in the Sun – Sara Biren

In this enjoyable hockey romance, the star hockey player is young Holland Delviss. She is the only girl on an all-male hockey team.

The book explores her journey as an aspiring hockey player but also with the criticism from her small town, Halcyon Lake. 

However, life is made much easier with the unexpected help and support from the team captain, Wes. 

We see a strong female lead in Holland as she deals with pressure and excels in the sport she is most passionate about.

Not just about love, this story is about a young woman’s love for hockey.

We are taken on Holland’s journey, as the story is mixed with the drama involved with hockey, the love of the sport, and how two players find solace in one another.

9. Him – Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen


If you’re looking for LGBTQ hockey player romances, then consider reading Him, a heart warming friends to lovers romance book.

Him explores the complex relationship between once-friends, Jamie and Ryan.

They had both played on the same hockey team and spent a night together at hockey camp. 

This story is an excellent exploration of the feelings and profound insights of two players as they learn about themselves and each other. 

Ryan and Jamie eventually meet again in college, where their hockey teams are set to face each other. This book really delves into the true nature of their relationship. 

This book centers around the inner lives, struggles, and desires of both Jamie and Ryan, two friends who become something more. 

10. Until It Fades – K. A. Tucker 

A more intimate hockey love story, Until it Fades by K.A. Tucker follows single mom Catherine as she stumbles upon a stranger one night.

She, unbeknownst to herself, saves the life of famous hockey player and icon, Brett Madden. 

With Catherine being a single mom, and once the talk of her small town, the reader is taken on an intimate journey as she struggles with her insecurities and blooming love with Brett. 

The relationship between them starts slow. They are friends as Catherine navigates her ability to trust, heal again, and see if she is open to love.

This is an excellent clean romance novel if you love raw, emotional, and tender storytelling, and also hockey!

11. Pipe Dreams – Sarina Bowen

Pipe Dreams is a second chance romance book that tells the story of two people with lingering feelings and potential love remaining.

Mike is a champion hockey player and single father who is forced to come face to face again with an ex-lover, Lauren. 

They are forced to be around each other, and the proximity reminds them how much they once cared for each other.

This is the story of two people trying to give love a second chance after a once-broken relationship. 

Not just about hockey and love, this book explores the complications of past loves in a way that will have you invested in the characters and their relationship. 

12. Playing for Keeps – Kendall Ryan

Playing for Keeps is a hockey romance by Kendall Ryan with the perfect mix of hockey and potential love.

The story follows Justin as he wrestles with his potential feelings for his hockey teammate’s little sister, Elise. 

Elise and Justin have known each other since they were young, and to Elise, Justin has always been her brother’s friend.

Justin is now an NHL player and could mean more to Elise than just a friend. You are taken on a journey as Elise and Justin discover how to juggle their attraction for each other.

The book has been described as light-hearted, sweet, and the perfect mix of laughter, tears, and hockey! 

13. Something So Right – Natasha Madison

Something So Right is a satisfying read about the redemptive love story of a divorced mother of two, Parker.

She is a woman who has had terrible luck with love until she meets the stunning Cooper Stone. 

Cooper is first introduced as the typical jock hockey player until Parker and the reader learn that there is more to him than meets the eye.

This is a story about Parker not only falling in love but healing from wounded love. 

An emotional and satisfying read, this hockey romance book is sure to make you invested in its characters and the story it weaves. 

14. Taking a Shot – Jaci Burton

This book is part of the Play-by-Play series and is worth reading as a part of the series or on its own.

It explores the budding chemistry between bar owner Jenna and pro hockey player Tyler Anderson.

Jenna is someone who does not want to date jocks, with most of her family already being athletes, but there is something about Tyler she can’t stay away from. 

Even though Tyler is a hockey pro and athlete, Jenna learns that he is also a passionate person who will also empower her.

The relationship between them is a good read if you love stories of romance with depth as well as attraction and sparks.

15. A Lie for a Lie – Helena Hunting

A Lie for a Lie tells the story of NHL team captain RJ as he tries to hide his identity and just be a normal guy. Before he knows it, he falls for Lainey.

They spend quality time together only to be separated without contacting each other. 

As if it were fate, they are brought back together for another chance at love. This story explores love as both characters keep secrets from each other. 

This book not only explores love and hockey but is set in beautiful Alaska and will have you wondering if the two characters can trust each other enough to tell each other the truth about themselves. 

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Final Word on Hockey Romance Books

So there you have it, those are the best hockey romance novels for any reader looking for some tantalizing hockey romance to get lost in.

I hope you can find something that interests you on this list. If you think I’ve missed anything, let me know in the comments!

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