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How We Pick And Review Our Books & Products

At Epic Book Society, we take our book recommendations seriously, because we know how important it is to find a book that you fall in love with.

Our team always put in their best efforts to make sure our reviews and recommendations are as authentic as possible, so we only ever recommend books that we have read ourselves or have been recommended.

We NEVER accept sponsored posts or receive payment from authors, brands, PR, and media, to review their book or book-related product.

All our recommendations and reviews come from first-hand knowledge.

What Products Does Epic Book Society Review? 

We only review products related to reading, these might be Reading Apps, technology such as Kindles, or reading gadgets.

We only review items that we have used ourselves, so you won’t find reviews for products that are not related to reading on this site.

If it’s something that you might use as a reader, we want to hear about it! Whether you’re using a cool reading light or you have a quirky idea for a home library, we are always keen to hear about what products readers are using so we can try it for ourselves.

Why Trust Our Book Recommendations?

As mentioned earlier, we only recommend books that we have read ourselves or books that have been recommended to us by friends, family, and our community of readers.

Of course, we have not read every book on the planet, this would be impossible, but as we are a team of avid readers, as a collective we have read a lot of books in a variety of genres.

We also always include our own opinion. Generally, if we don’t like a book, we prefer not to recommend it, as our opinion may be different from someone else.

Writing is an art form, and art is subjective.

That being said, as a collective, we are all professional writers ourselves and have the skills to determine what constitutes as good writing and storytelling.

We have a select list of criteria that the books we recommend meet, such as a good rating on platforms such as Goodreads, to ensure our recommendations are aligned with the general public.

That being said, we do take Goodreads and Amazon ratings with a pinch of salt. There are some world-class, award winning novels, that have poor online ratings because they are not for everyone’s cup of tea.

As a general rule of thumb, we try to only recommend books that have a rating of 3/5 or higher.

We also always try to recommend variety. We know that every reader is different, so we try to include books that have differing storylines, unique characters, and various degrees of romance, suspense and action.

Because we want you to find the best book recommendations possible, it’s crucial that our writers really have a passion for books, so we never recommend anything that we haven’t read, or wouldn’t read ourselves.  

Where necessary, we will write about areas where we feel a book has a weakness or wouldn’t suit a particular reader. We also ensure to write disclaimers should a book be too violent or sexual.

If you want to understand more about our review ratings and how we score books, here’s a comprehensive overview of how we score books.

Epic Book Society Ethics

As mentioned earlier, we always include disclaimers where necessary so readers are aware of any explicit scenes or scenes that may be disturbing.

We know that everyone has a different view of “where the line is” and has differing opinions about what is acceptable in literature, and what isn’t.

As well as this, we do not wish to “kink shame” any author or reader. Everyone is entitled to their fetishes, and we wish to be inclusive of all genres.

So how do we determine what books go past the point of ethics?

We use the general view of the public to determine what is considered too far in terms of disturbing content.

If a book has a bad rating on Goodreads or other book-tracking apps and receives a large online criticism, then the view of Epic Book Society is that this book has gone too far and crosses the line.

If a kink has not been written about on this site, it is not to shame any author or reader, it is purely because our team does not have any interest in this trope/genre.

How Do We Get The Books and Products?

We never accept paid reviews, so how do we get the products? Well, we use our own funding.

We may purchase books from bookshops, online platforms, or by borrowing books from our local library.

We may also be given free access to a book before its release by an author, but we do not receive payments for this.

This means that every product we review, and every book we recommend, has to be worthy of our own money. We put in an extensive effort to ensure the products we recommend are products we will use ourselves and will be of value to our readers.

We also scour customer reviews, follow Instagram and TikTok trends, reviews from global media, and general public opinion to see what books are worthy of our attention.

Most of our recommendations come from our team’s past experiences with books, which helps to narrow down the list of options.

Although we try to stay up-to-date on what’s new, we don’t always recommend books that are trending unless we have read them ourselves.

Thank You For Trusting Epic Book Society

There are many platforms out there that offer recommendations like ours, and we know that you are always inundated with options. We are pleased that you have stopped by Epic Book Society and browsed through our recommendations.

Epic Book Society prides itself on being a trusted provider of book recommendations and reading products, and even if we don’t manage to find your perfect book, we are pleased to be a part of your search.

We’re always still discovering new books and learning about up-and-coming authors, so of course, we are not perfect, but we are trying to be.

If you think there are any areas in which Epic Book Society can improve our recommendations, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on any of our posts, or get in touch with us on our Contact Page.