15 Best Marriage Of Convenience Books

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I was intrigued by the concept of finding love after saying “I do.” So I started reading more marriage of convenience books to learn about how love can be a choice, rather than an instant attraction.

One of the aspects I love about the marriage of convenience books is how the relationship between two characters blossoms in an unlikely way. 

Typically in the marriage of convenience books, the two lead characters aren’t attracted to each other, or even like each other, and strike up the marriage deal because they think “this is the person whose feelings won’t get in the way.” 

But romance readers know that a fake relationship never stay stays that way.

So if you’re in the mood to read about a romance developing between two opposite characters, you might be wondering what the best marriage of convenience novels are out there.

Below I have listed what I think should be top contenders for the best, and were certainly the novels I enjoyed the most in this troupe.

What To Expect From Marriage Of Convenience Books?

Marriage of convenience romance books is about arranged or strategic marriages by two couples who consent to be wed for one reason or another.

In these books, love and marriage often come second in the characters list of priorities, and usually care more about things such as fortune or societal expectations.

Typically, the two protagonists are strangers or those who don’t know each other well, who come together in marriage for practical reasons, such as inheritance, security, or to achieve social status or acceptance.

Most marriage of convenience books are slow-burning romances where the development of trust and respect develop first, and then the eventual realization and expression of true love comes second.

They often explore themes of family, duty, and the search for independence and autonomy within the confines of society’s expectations.

Best Marriage Of Convenience Books 

Whether you’re looking for something slow burning and playful, or sizzling and packed with chemistry burning, then you’ll find something for everyone on my list.

1. Roomies – Christina Lauren

One of the top convenience marriage books I’ve read that had me laughing as well as making my heart ache, is Roomies by Christina Lauren. Which was also turned into a movie back in 2017.

Most people hope to go on a date to get to know their crush, but Holland Bakker jumps right into marriage with hers.

Holland always sought an excuse to take the subway from a particular station. This was all because of the cute Irish musician Calvin that played there.

One day at the station, Holland gets mugged and Calvin comes to her rescue. As a thank you, she sets him up with an audition for her uncle’s broadway show.

Things seemed like they were off to a good start, but Holland discovers that Calvin’s visa is expired and he’s at risk of being deported.

Holland offers to pretend to be his wife so Calvin can stay and perform. However, they soon realize their feelings towards each other aren’t a performance.

2. Marriage Of Inconvenience – Penny Reid

Marriage of Inconvenience is part of Penny Reid’s Knitting In The City collection. If you love the convenience marriage trope, this is one book you must read if you haven’t already.

The story follows Kat Tanner who loves her quiet life. She changed her last name years ago to escape her family’s legacy. Kat’s really an heir to the Tyson family.

When her past starts to catch up to her, Kat knows she needs to find a way to protect herself from her family.

That’s when she realizes she needs to get married. Although, this marriage won’t be for love and will come with a contract.

Dan, the security man, has always caught her eye. She may have the slightest crush on him, but she thinks she can ignore that if he’s willing to help her.

After all, he’s the only man she can trust for her marriage contract. 

The slow burn of the central romance is both satisfying and addictive, making the ultimate payoff all the more gratifying.

3. The Favor – Suzanne Wright

One of the best marriage of convenience books where the marriage is a front to gain an inheritance is The Favor by Suzanne Wright.

Vienna owes her boss a favor, and he’s ready to collect. Vienna is a personal assistant to Dane, who she thinks of as the devil.

Yet, she can’t quit because he helped her out of a severe situation. She feels as though she still owes him a favor for what he did for her. 

Now, Dane needs Vienna to follow through in her favor. His uncle has left him an inheritance, but he can’t collect it until he’s settled down and married.

What he needs is for Vienna to be his wife for 12 months so he can collect his fortune. This simple arrangement gets complicated quickly.

The marriage of convenience aspect adds intrigue and complexity to the relationship, as the characters struggle to balance their practical goals with their emotional desires.

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4. In A Jam – Kate Canterbary

Marriage is often a condition for accepting an inheritance, and In A Jam is a story that follows a woman who lost her grandmother, but cannot get her inheritance until she is wed.

The story follows Shay, who’s step-grandmother passed away and left her the family tulip farm.

Shay must be married before she can accept this farm. This puts Shay in a jam because her fiance has recently called off the wedding.

When she returns to her hometown, she runs into her old friend Noah.

He always had a crush on her but never told anyone. Could he be able to help her out with this sticky situation?

The characters are fully realized and multifaceted, with their motivations and goals driving the plot forward.

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5. With You Forever – Chloe Liese

Do you want to read an opposites attract romance book with some sizzling scenes? Then I highly recommend With You Forever by Chlore Liese.

Rooney and Axel have opposite personalities. Yet, somehow they’re drawn to each other.

Nobody is more surprised than Axel when Rooney kisses him. Since then, they have managed to avoid each other.

Axel is on the autism spectrum and he’s too shy to reach out to Rooney and tell her how he feels. Rooney has chronic IBD and has taken time off from school to recover.

When fate brings these two back together again, they realize how they could benefit from a convenient marriage. 

The slow build of trust and intimacy between the two characters is exquisitely portrayed, making the eventual romantic payoff all the more exciting.

6. Call Me Crazy – Melanie Harlow

One of the best marriage of convenience books that has an enemies to lovers theme is Call Me Crazy by Melanie Harlow. 

Enzo and Bianca both get on each other’s last nerve. Yet, they both need something from each other.

Enzo needs to get married to inherit the family business. Bianca wants to be a mother but doesn’t want to be in a relationship. 

With some rules in place, the two agree to a one-year deal of a fake relationship, a convenience marriage.

These rules won’t be easy to follow…

The emotional resonance of the novel is palpable, with each character’s journey of growth and self-discovery providing additional layers of emotional resonance.

7. Slightly Married – Mary Balogh

Slightly Married by Mary Balogh is another excellent convenience marriage trope book about a man who is looking for an arranged marriage to seek acceptance in high society.

The story follows the Bedwyn siblings who have lived a privileged life as part of high society.

Each one has fallen in love and gotten married, except for Aidan. His reputation for arrogance is known throughout the kingdom.

However, things change for Aidan when a dying soldier requests him. The soldier needs Aidan to care for his sister Eve.

This woman is unlike anyone he has ever met. When her relative threatens to take her away, Aidan offers her a convenient marriage plan. 

The result of the characters’ journey is an intensely satisfying romance that will stay with readers long after they turn the final page.

8. The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me – Mariana Zapata

One of my favorite slow-burning romance reads is The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me by Mariana Zapata, which is both witty and endearing.

Vanessa has been the assistant to a football player, Aiden, for 2 years. Now, she’s ready to move on to bigger things in her life.

However, Aiden isn’t ready to let her go just yet. That’s when he comes to her with a convenient marriage offer.  

This is a fun book to read as the relationship between the two develops. Sometimes there’s more to the deal than what’s on paper.

If you love sports romances, then give this one a read!

9. Married To My Boss – Laura Burton

If you enjoy this trope, one of the best marriage of convenience books about an office romance gone wrong is Married To My Boss by Laura Burton. 

Peyton has a purely professional relationship with her boss Mr. Rockwood.

After all, he never bothered to show any interest in her existence.

This is why she’s utterly shocked when he asks her to be his wife. But it’s only for one year and then they can get a divorce.

Until this moment, Peyton didn’t even know the man’s first name.

Now she has to pretend to know everything about Sebastion so he won’t get deported.

This is an offer that she can’t say no to. It should be easy since there’s a no-sex rule.

However, things turn out to be more complicated than expected.

The writing style is elegant and immersive, transporting readers to a different time and place.

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10. The Belle Of Belgrave Square – Mimi Matthews

The Belle Of Belgrave Square by Mimi Matthews is a fun fairy-tale-like convenience marriage story about a damaged alpha and a fragile damsel in distress.

Jasper Blunt is a military hero, but there are tales that he lives in a haunted estate.

He believes he needs a wife by his side to clean up his image. That’s when he sets his sights on Julia, a beautiful woman with social anxiety.

When Jasper proposes the marriage arrangement to Julia, she has one condition. She gets to read and ride horses in peace whenever she wants.

That’s fine as long as she follows Jasper’s condition of never entering the tower rooms of his estate. 

Julia has always been happiest around her horses. But, will Jasper show her that there is someone she can connect with?

The characters’ initial motivations for marrying each other make for an intriguing and unique dynamic.

11. Waking Up Married – Reese Ryan

I love reading books where best friends fall in love. That’s why I recommend Waking Up Married by Reese Ryan for anyone looking for a best friends to romance book.

Zora and Dallas have been best friends since they were kids. After a wild night in Las Vegas, they both wake up without remembering what happened the night before.

This is when they discover that they got married. To make the situation worse, the word has already gotten out to everyone they know.

After a discussion, they realize they could benefit from a convenient marriage deal. They decide to keep the marriage going as a cover until everything blows over.

However, the longer they stay married, the more they realize how strong their feelings are toward each other. 

The happy ending is earned through the characters’ growth and maturity, creating a satisfying conclusion to the journey.

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12. Fake Empire – C.W. Farnsworth

Fake Empire by C.W. Farnsworth is one of the best marriage of convenience books about elite status driving a marriage deal. 

The Kensington and the Ellsworth family are known for their billion-dollar empires. In the world of the elite rich, nobody marries down.

This is how they keep their status. Neither Scarlett Ellsworth nor Crew Kensington desire marriage. But, to keep their families off their case they agree to a marriage deal.

While this started as a business, it soon leads to feelings neither of them expected to have. 

The characters are multifaceted and relatable, each with their own struggles and challenges outside of the marriage.

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13. Wife By Wednesday – Catherine Bybee

Wife By Wednesday by Catherine Bybee is a charming story that will have readers rooting for both characters.

Blake has always gotten what he wants in life. When he is in hot water, he must find a wife by Wednesday.

That’s when he proposes an offer to Samantha. If she agrees to marry him for one year, her will pay her $10 million.

Sam can’t say no to this money. It would help her family out so much, especially with medical bills.

She accepts his offer, knowing she will be accessible in a year. As their relationship develops, neither one wants to let the other go.

The concept of this book isn’t anything new, but it has been very well-written and the characters have a lot of depth, which I enjoyed reading into.

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14. Marriage For One – Ella Maise 

Marriage For One by Ella Maise is a steamy convenience marriage story that romance readers won’t be able to put down.

Rose had her dream wedding in mind, only to be dumped by her fiance.

When Jack, a handsome man she didn’t know, requested her into his office, she was shocked by what he wanted.

Jack wanted Rose to marry him. But, it wasn’t for romance. This was strictly a business deal with conditions.

However, this is one arrangement that’s anything but simple.

One minute she thinks she’s falling for him, the next, she has no idea who he really is. This is one marriage that’s anything but convenient. 

The romance is both tender and passionate, with moments of breathtakingly raw emotion that will have readers hooked until the very end.

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15. The Contract – Melanie Moreland

The Contract by Melanie Moreland is one of the best marriage of convenience books about characters that loathe each other falling in love.

Richard is a wealthy playboy with a reputation. Katherine is his assistant and the one woman who’s never fallen for his smooth talk.

When Richard needs someone with no emotional attachment to play the role of his wife, he knows Katherine will be perfect. 

Katherine accepts when Richard proposes his contract to her. But, as the two spend more time together, sparks ignite.

Neither one of them will be able to follow the contract rules.

The conclusion of the story provides a satisfying payoff for readers who have invested in the relationship between the two leads.

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Final Words Of Best Marriage Of Convenience Books

This concludes my list of the best marriange of convenience books and I hope you found some great titles to inspire your next read.

As you can see from my list, there are so many great marriages of convenience books out there and they all offer something different and unique.

From sizzling romances with your boss to slow burning relationships formed for social status, there is something for everyone on this list.

If you think I missed one of your favorite marriage of convenience books, let me know about it in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: This website uses affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through a link at no extra cost to you.

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