15 Intriguing Political Romance Books

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Being in the public eye 24/7, political figures always try to avoid a scandal. That’s why it’s always tricky for them when new romance blossoms, especially if the two lovers are from different political parties.

Political romance books always have our vote. When things are getting intense at the polls, our favorite fictional candidates are also getting steamy behind the scenes. 

That’s why we wanted to list political romance novels that will keep our readers glued to the pages. 

The votes are in! Here are our picks for the best romance books with politics.

Best Political Romance Books

Are you ready to read about the side of politicians the public doesn’t get to see? You might be interested in these 15 titles.

1. Misconduct – Penelope Douglas

If you’re up for a steamy political romance, we suggest Misconduct by Penelope Douglas.

She is the queen of hate-to-love romances, and this book doesn’t disappoint.

Easton is trying to leave her past behind and live a new life. She’s started over as a teacher at a private school.

Tyler is a wealthy businessman eager to start his path into politics and has more power. His son is a student in Easton’s class.

After a parent-teacher meeting, Tyler leaves a wrong impression on Easton.

While the two can’t stand each other at first, there is a spark that neither one can deny.

2. Mirror Image – Sandra Brown

Mirror Image is one of our favorite political suspense romance books. This is one book we couldn’t put down until all the webs were untangled.

Avery is a TV reporter that was able to turn a tragedy into a big career move. She was a passenger on a jet that crashed.

While she was lucky enough to survive, she had to have reconstructive surgery on her face. After surgery, she looks nearly identical to the wife of senatorial candidate Tate Rutledge. 

This story gets even wilder as Avery discovers that someone has a plan to assassinate Tate. Now, she’s the only one who can save him. 

3. Mr. President – Katy Evans

One of the best political romance books to warm your heart is Mr. President. Even romance readers that hate politics will love this steamy book.

When he was young, everyone knew Matthew as the president’s son. Charlotte always had a secret crush on him. She even joked about helping him when he was older and ran for office. 

Fast forward to 10 years later, and Charlotte gets an invitation to join Matthew’s campaign.

While she plans to keep this relationship professional, it is the hardest part of the campaign.

Charlotte knows that getting involved with each other could put Matthew’s campaign at risk. But, some risks are worth taking.

4. American Queen – Sierra Simone

American Queen involves a political love triangle. This super steamy read has been met with outstanding reception from romance readers. 

Greer’s grandfather was the vice president and she knows her way around politics.

She’s always been proud of her ability to read people. At separate points in her life, she met Ash and Embry, desiring them both.

Now, Ash is president, and Embry is vice president. As Greer sets out to fulfill her desires, she realizes that her ability to read people may not be as good as she thought. 

5. The Kingmaker – Kennedy Ryan

One romance book that takes political issues seriously is The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan.

This story features two characters from opposite walks of life who want to change the world for the better.

Maxim was born into a world of wealth and power. Lennix is a Native American woman and her culture means everything to her. T

hey first meet at a protest, and Maxim is intrigued by Lennix. Several years later, fate brings them back together.

There’s something about Lennix that leaves Maxim thinking about her all time.

Yet, he feels torn because in his world, there are rules that he has to follow, and Lennix breaks all of the rules. 

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6. Prime Minister – Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller

One of the best political romance books set in Canada is Prime Minister by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller.

This fictional romance is steamy enough to keep you warm throughout a Canadian winter.  

Ellie works as an intern for the prime minister of Canada.

Every day she sees how controlling he is with his staff and how much of a perfectionist he is. Yet, she also finds herself thinking about him 24/7.

Gavin, the prime minister, knows not to cross the line with an intern.

But, whenever Ellie calls him sir, he gets in a frenzy. Making a move could be risky, especially since he has a side of him he keeps hidden from the public. 

7. A Political Affair – Mary Whitney

We enjoyed reading Mary Whitney’s novel A Political Affair. This is an excellent story about two professionals that have trouble keeping things that way.

When Stephen’s father passed away, he filled his seat in the Senate.

With a tough election coming up, this young senate will need all the help he can get. That’s why he hired an intern, Anne Norwood. 

This clever intern has a striking beauty, but it’s something Stephen must ignore if he wants to stay focused on the election.

Anne’s equally attracted to Stephen. She tries not to act on it because she doesn’t want to make a bad name for herself professionally. 

As the two continue working together, they realize that love might really be worth the risk. 

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8. Dark Paradise – Winter Renshaw

Dark Paradise is a different type of political romance book. This one is like Pretty Woman with suspense.

Camille is a sugar baby that earns her money from middle-aged senators.

Her world completely changes when she gets booked exclusively for three months straight.

This man is different from the rest, he’s younger but has requirements for Camille to follow.

The man is Ronan. His father and grandfather were both presidents, and now the same is expected of him.

While Ronan battles with choosing between what he wants and what his family demands, Camille serves as the perfect distraction.

However, this is one affair he will have to keep a secret.

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9. Meet You In The Middle – Devon Daniels

If you want a hilarious read, one of the best political romance books for you is Meet You In The Middle by Devon Daniels.

Kate is a liberal senate staffer. Ben is a gatekeeper for the most potent conservative senate.

These two couldn’t be more opposite from each other. In fact, they are so different that they completely despise each other. 

A landmark registration brings these two opposites into each others’ lives. The more they deal with each other, the more they get on their nerves.

But all that tension could mean something different. All that hate could be a mask for how they really feel about each other.

10. Red, White, & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

Are you interested in reading an LGBTQ political romance book? If so, we suggest picking up a copy of Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston.

Alex is the American president’s son. Henry is part of the British royal family. Two men that can’t stand each other.

However, these men know how important it is to avoid a public scandal for their family’s sake. That’s why the nemeses decide to fake a friendship. 

Friendship is only supposed to be for the sake of the public.

Yet, behind closed doors, Alex and Henry are realizing they really do like each other. Possibly as more than just friends. 

11. Off The Record – K.A. Linde

Off The Record by K.A. Linde is a political romance featuring two career-hungry leads. 

Liz and Brady both put their careers first. Liz is a reporter who is eager for her big break. Brady is a politician getting ready for the election.

The first big story Liz is assigned to cover is Brady’s press conference. This is when she asks him a challenging question that catches him off-guard.

Her question at the moment impressed everyone in the network. Liz finally got the career break she’s been working for.

Yet, as she’s assigned to cover more of Brady’s campaign, she falls for him.

Will starting a relationship with him ruin everything Liz has been working for?

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12. Chief – Lesli Richardson

One of the best political romance books for a steamy read is Cheif by Lesli Richardson. 

Susa, Owen, and Carter all know each other from college.

Owen has just finished his 8th year as governor while Susa struggles with her political career. Behind the politics, is a very complicated love triangle.

Carter has always been in love with Owen. When they met Susa in college, Owen fell for her.

As a way to have Owen to himself, Carter wanted to take everything he loved. That pushed him into a marriage with Susa. 

Carter has experienced a lot of pain to drive him to this point in his life. Now, he must face the demons that have been haunting him from his past.

13. Catfish – Hazel Grace

Are you ready for a steamy political romance book that will have you laughing, weeping, and in your feelings? We suggest reading Catfish by Hazel Grace.

Wade is running for president of the US. He’s sophisticated and sexy and has caught the attention of every female voter.

His new intern Reagan has a feisty side that immediately catches Wade’s attention.

Reagan isn’t like the other women, though. Wade can’t use his playboy ways to seduce her. Reagan could see right through that act.

If he wants to make a move with this woman, he’s going to have to step his game up.

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14. Serve – C.W. Farnsworth

Are you in the mood to read a romance between an unlikely pairing? You should pick up a copy of this steamy opposites attract novel, Serve by C.W. Farnsworth.

Georgette is the president’s sassy daughter. This girl is always up to mischievousness and gets bored way too easily.

In her world, rules are meant to be broken. The only rules she will follow are the ones on the tennis court.

Knowing how much mischief his daughter can get into, the president hires the serious Ethan as a bodyguard to keep her out of trouble until she starts university in the fall.

Ethan thought his biggest challenge would be to keep Georgette out of trouble. However, this is one woman that can make even the most serious man crack a smile.

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15. Yours In Scandal – Lauren Layne

Our final choice for one of the best political romance books is Yours In Scandal by Lauren Layne. 

Robert has been named NYC’s man of the year. He’s also bidding for a seat as governor.

Addie is an event planner who’s known for her rebellious ways. She’s making good on her plan to settle down and stay focused on her career.

Another thing about Addie, she’s also the daughter of Robert’s #1 opponent.

Robert’s planning a party for his campaign, so he needs to hire an event planner. That’s what leads him to Addie.

As they start professionally, their mutual attraction becomes something they can’t keep hidden.

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Final Words On Best Political Romance Books

We hope you found some great titles to read today. There are so many great political romance books to read, and we only had time to list a few.

If we missed one of your favorite books, let us know about it in the comments below.

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