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Review: The Man or The Monster by Aamna Qureshi [Rock Star Book Tours]

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by Louisa

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on The Man or The Monster by Aamna Qureshi Blog Tour hosted by Rock Star Book Tours today. Check out our review below.

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About the Book

She made her decision. Now she has to live with it.

Durkhanai Miangul sealed her lover’s fate when she sent him through a door where either a lady or a lion awaited him. But her decision was only the beginning of her troubles. Durkhanai worries that she might not be the queen her people need or deserve when conflict threatens her kingdom.

Her presumed-dead father comes back with a vengeance and wishes she join him in his cause. But her family’s denial of his revenge forces Durkhanai to take matters into her own hands and she must decide whether to follow the traditions of her forefathers or forge a new path on her own.

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Epic Book Society’s Thoughts

The Man or The Monster by Aamna Quershi

“Truly heartfelt, and utterly devasting. A Man or The Monster is a love story that rivals Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.”

By Louisa Smith

The Man or the Monster
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Oh my word. Hand me the tissues, I am already weeping. The story kicks off with an action-packed start, where we see princess, Durkhanai, and her lover Asfandyar, in a trial. Durkhanai must pick a door for Asfandyar to open – one will show he’s guilty and the other innocent.

When Asfandyar betrays her and picks the other door, he is met with Durkhanai’s cousin and best friend Zarmina, who he must then marry, breaking Durkhanai’s heart.

The first scene is explosively graphic and violent, but it serves as a vital chapter in the book. It’s the scene that turns Asfandyar’s feelings of love to hate, and where Durkhanai’s grandparents lose their trust in her.

You can really feel for Durkhanai, because she made a choice that she thought would be the best for everyone, but the reader can see that there was no right choice for her. Either way, she will have her heart broken.

Witnessing the man she loves marry another, and losing her best friend in the process, causes Durkhanai so much pain. She deals with it by locking away her feelings and ignoring them, only it sends her into madness.

Her grandparents send her away for her health, but it only serves as a distraction. When her father who was believed to be dead enters the scene, it goes from a bad situation to something completely unexpected.

The storyline was captivating throughout and kept me hooked at every moment. No chapter felt like a filler, or out of place. Everything was key to the storyline.

What I loved the most about this book was how it made me feel. I felt all kinds of heartbreak for Durkhanai, for Zarmina, and Asfandyar. They all had love but love was taken from them by complicated politics and family intervention.

I also loved how it was a gentle love story where the moments of intimacy are sweet and endearing. It’s less about the attraction and more about the story.

If you want a book that will have you reaching for the tissues, this will be the perfect addition to your bookshelf.


About Aamna Quershi

Aamna Qureshi is a Pakistani, Muslim American who adores words. She grew up in a very loud household, surrounded by English (for school), Urdu (for conversation), and Punjabi (for emotion).

Through her writing, she wishes to inspire a love for the beautiful country and rich culture that informed much of her identity. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel to new places where she can explore different cultures or to Pakistan where she can revitalize her roots.

She also loves baking complicated desserts, drinking fancy teas and coffees, watching sappy rom-coms, and going for walks about the estate (her backyard). She currently lives in New York. Look for her on IG @aamna_qureshi and Twitter @aamnaqureshi_ and at her website aamnaqureshi.com

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub

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