15 AWESOME Rock Star Romance Books for Metal Heads

Are you dreaming of a rock star book boyfriend? Then you’ll love these rock star romance books.

From the long-haired, leather pants-wearing metal heads to the greased-up, tattooed guitar player with a mysterious attitude, you’ll be able to ignite your fantasies with these epic rock star romance novels.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone novel or a whole series, these are the best books about rock stars!

Quick Answer: Top 3 Picks!

Need a book but don’t have much time? Don’t worry, these are the top 3 recommendations for the best rockstar romance books.

Our Favourites!

#1 Best Highly Acclaimed Novel

Almost Famous by Mike Kozarski

  • A semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story about a budding rock journalist
  • Written as a script, also used in the motion picture movie.
  • Gripping storyline throughout

#2 Best Standalone Romance

Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen

  • Bestselling author of romance fiction
  • An enemies to lovers romance story
  • A standalone contemporary romance novel with intense scenes

#3 Best Romance Series

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

  • New York Times and USA Today bestselling author
  • An erotic romance story
  • 5 book series

Standalone Rock Star Romance Books

Let’s begin our list with the best standalone rockstar romance books, when all you need is one epic love story.

1. Almost Famous – Mike Kozarski

This first book on our list for those who enjoy rock star romance books is none other than Almost Famous by Mike Kozarski.

This novel is uniquely written in a screen-play format and is classified as a semi-autobiography!

It is a coming-of-age story following 15-year-old rock journalist William Miller, who is sent on an assignment for Rolling Stone Magazine. He follows the famous rock band, Stillwater, on their current tour where he is met with an eye-opening experience.

On top of that, there’s the groupie, Penny Lane, who captures his heart and teaches him what it means to love and care for another. This is an age-gap romance novel with a lighthearted romance story – it’s more focused on the coming of age and growth than it is about steamy passion.

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2. Stripped – Alexis Anne

Travis Brantley wants what every musician wants: their big break. And when he gets a record deal with a huge label, he thought he had it all. It was all going to perfectly align for him and his rock band Tease. This was their moment. The one that they had waited for all of their lives.

However, his bright beautiful dream became a dark nightmare for him. He and his rock band had to go on a tour with a pop princess who was all auto-tuned.

Kristen Holt had the looks of a pop star, but lacked the talent needed to make it. In Travis’s mind, she was the one who was at a dead end. 

One night, Kristen decided to be herself and she dropped the pop princess facade. She went Indie which captured the audience’s attention.

Travis then sang an acoustic song with her which skyrocketed their chemistry. It thrust them into the spotlight as a hot item for the remainder of their tour. Of course, they also had to deal with their feelings for each other and confront them. 

Stripped is part of ‘The Price of Fame Book’ trilogy, but each novel is written as a standalone novel and this is the only rock star romance story of the three.

3. Midnight Blue – L.J. Shen

Alex Winslow is a typical rock star, one who always gets himself into trouble and needs to be looked out after. At the beginning of this book, he was just getting out of rehab.

His management team decided it was in his best interest—as well as the band’s—if he had a “babysitter” to keep him from getting himself into trouble. Someone to watch over him and make sure he stayed away from the rock star life of drugs and alcohol.

This was where Indigo Bellamy came in. She was to go on tour with them and keep him out of trouble. She needed the money, he needed the help. Their personalities were total opposite; he was brash, and she was polite.

It was supposed to be the perfect combination. Indigo called it “easy money.” However, that all changed when she actually went on tour with them. He was horrible to her.

Alex’s goal was to make it as difficult as possible for her to do her job. She gave the sass right back to him, which attracted him to her. This was going to be a long tour, for the both of them.

L.J. Shen is an award winning romance author who is known for her contemporary romance stories.

4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Stories: True tales of the passion and drama behind the stage acts – Gill Paul

This book is different from the others that have been mentioned so far in this list in the sense that the stories are real stories.

It follows iconic musicians such as Sonny and Cher, Elvis and Priscilla and their relationships with each other, from how it looked to the public to how it actually was behind closed doors.

It shows you everything that happened between all of the star couples the good, the bad and the ugly! This book tells the stories of musicians from the 1950s all the way up until the 2000s. 

5. Catch Me When I Fall – A.L. Jackson

Following the country-rock band Carolina George, Emily’s world was turned upside down when she met Royce, who was a tattooed, bad boy. Starting off as strangers, they had a passionate night together that was irresistible on both ends.

Turns out that the mysterious stranger Emily encountered, was part of a record label that needed to sign her band or his family will pay the price. It’s never a good idea to mix business and pleasure, and he knows that.

However, his infatuation with Emily might end up being what brings his carefully thought-out future being thrown out the window. 

Catch Me When I Fall is part of the ‘Falling Stars’ series, but each book has its own standalone story. This is the only book in the series about rock stars.

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6. Somebody to Love: Rock Stars in Disguise – Blair Babylon 

Somebody to Love: Rock Stars in Disguise by Blair Babylon is a rock star romance novel that sports a musician and roadie love story. It’s a good old enemies to lovers story.

Tryp is a drummer for a band called Killer Valentine which is described as of course the hottest band in the world. Life is a whirlwind for this band, of constant chaos that naturally occurs when you are on tour.

All of that talk about Tryp though, now onto Elfie. She is a pyrotechnics technician that has travelled with Killer Valentine for over two years now. She left her home and went to life on the road.

Anyway, the band is under the constant stress of being the biggest band with the biggest responsibilities to their fans. They have to put on a great show every night and live up to the hype of their name. They have to be “killer.” 

To help ease the stress a little bit, they give Elfie the task of “babysitting” the drummer. To keep him out of trouble, and to make things as easy as possible for him.

After hearing about everything that he’s going through, she goes out of her way to be extra nice. She learns more about his problems that aren’t just about his rock and roll lifestyle. Naturally, they connect. Can their connection survive?

7. Oops I Married a Rock Star – Nadia Lee 

Oops I Married A Rock Star follows the story of a drunken Vegas wedding. Seems like your typical strangers meeting and making a silly, life-altering decision. However, both of these strangers know of each other. 

Devlin is in a band, and he knows Becca’s brother Max. Max is in that band as well. Devlin has a reputation with the ladies—what band member doesn’t? After figuring out their connection, Devlin offers to have the situation resolved quietly. After all, that’s probably what Becca would want too. 

Once he initiates that conversation, however, it could not have been further from the truth. Turns out, Becca needs to be married for a year in order for an inheritance to go through.

In her mind, this “marriage” could work; he’s successful and attractive. They could easily fake that, and she could get what she wants. 

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Rock Star Romance Book Series

Sometimes one book just isn’t enough. So if you’re looking for more, more, more rock star romance novels, then you’ll want to check out these series of books.

8. Halo – Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine 

This rock star romance book follows a fictitious rock band called TBD. It begins with the band in turmoil as their lead singer walks out of the recording studio one day never to return, leaving them all confused as to what to do next.

Everything seemed hopeless with the many failed auditions until Halo came along. Halo’s arrival was especially welcomed by Viper, who immediately had an attraction to him. 

The band saw him as charismatic as well as talented; Halo was everything they ever needed in a lead singer. However, Viper saw more than that.

He felt his looks were something else. Due to the band’s rules, this attraction was a terrible idea. It also was not in Viper’s favor that Halo was straight. 

9. Love Evolution: A rock ‘n roll love story based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – Michelle Mankin

Following the death of her twin brother, Avery Jones feels like she is out of options. She has no hope and she’s alone.

That’s when the band Brutal Strength comes in with an open position, and all seems well. Except, the lead singer Marcus Anthony doesn’t want a female in his group. 

Which leads Avery to be creative. With the help of her manager, Travis, they come up with a plan to cut her hair and only wear men’s clothing.

Everything seems to be going well then, but then she starts to fall for Marcus. Will that give the con away, or will she be able to hold it together?

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10. Love Defined – Kelli McCracken

In this enemies-to-lovers story, Mia Brooks is up for an inheritance. The inheritance for Music Haven, the place where dreamers become legends.

She has done everything that she needs to get done, however, there is one last assignment. All that stands in her way is none other than Darius. 

Darius is the stereotypical cocky lead singer of the band Rebel Stone. They are one of the most notorious rock bands, which is why if Mia represented them, this would finalize her inheritance.

However, Darius being Darius would rather sleep with her than work with her.

Despite everything, Darius thinks she’s brilliant. Their songs were doing even better than they were before when she took over-representation.

He had feelings for her, and he was able to hide them before. But now they are surfacing and he doesn’t know how to handle it. How would she handle it? 

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11. Idol – Kristen Callihan

When she met him, Killian was laying drunkenly out on her lawn. Now he won’t leave Libby alone. But she kind of likes that. He’s slowly wearing her down, bit by bit.

After all, he’s hot and knows how to charm a woman. She knows she could have him if she wanted to, but if she even tried, the fans would go nuts. After all, there’s no way to keep an idol when everyone is just going to try to take him away anyway. 

The want is returned by him as well, actually, that’s one of the biggest understatements. His life fell apart with one decision. However, then he met her. He’s addicted to her, even more so than all of the fans who would scream his name.

Speaking of them, they all want him back on the stage. Except he just can’t. He can’t leave Libby, because everything changed when they met. 

12. Lick – Kylie Scott

Perhaps one of my favorite rock star romance books is Lick by Kylie Scott. Evelyn Thomas had big plans to celebrate turning 21 in Vegas. However, the way she ended up celebrating was bigger than she anticipated. 

Waking up in a stranger’s room is probably normal after a big night out. It’s still scary, especially when you find a huge rock in your left hand.

A mysterious man named David tries to explain to her the details of that night, and how they got married. She ends up leaving, freaked out, and going back home to her internship, however, that ended up being taken away from her.

Evelyn had no idea she was married to one of the most famous rock stars in the entire world. She has no choice but to stay with him until the news can quiet down and they can get an annulment. 

If you’re looking for captivating romance stories with some comedy elements, you’ll love the work of Kylie Scott.

13. Backstage Pass – Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning is an erotic romance novel. Myrna Evans is a psychologist who ends up going on tour with the Sinners. Her only goal is to study the groupie behavior, and of course, every guy in the band decides they want to try to seduce her. 

The only one who caught her eye was none other than the lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair. Brian Sinclair has been dealing with a creative block for months. He hasn’t been able to compose a single song. 

With Myrna, it’s different. She inspires him and the songs start flowing out. It’s going to be hard for him to convince her it’s more than just a tour thing. He wants her forever.   

14. The Mighty Storm – Samantha Towle

This one involves a bit of a rock-and-roll triangle. It follows the story of old best friends named Tru Bennett and Jake Wethers. Jake had moved from England to America which left Tru heartbroken at fourteen years old. 

Fast forward twelve years and now Jake is the world’s biggest and most famous rock star and she is a successful music journalist. Every woman wants him, the bad boy, the lead singer of the Mighty Storm. Except for her, who knows better. 

That is until she gets an assignment to interview him. Tru vows to herself to keep the meeting professional but of course, sparks fly when they reunite. Old feelings come flooding back once their eyes lock.

The kicker of it all: Jake then invites her to go on tour with them. Any journalist would be stupid to not take that opportunity.

The problem is Tru’s boyfriend Will. How would he react? Would their relationship survive? Would she be able to hide the feelings that are clearly still there for Jake?

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15. Dirty Like Me – Jaine Diamond

When Katie Bloom shows up at her best friend’s business, she ends up meeting a rock star named Jesse Mayes.

She doesn’t realize it, she doesn’t care, she’s soaked from the rain. She was a struggling barista, though, so when she’s offered a part in a music video as a love interest, she can’t refuse it.

That music video goes viral due to the on-screen chemistry between Katie and Jesse. Then, a brilliant idea unfolds: let’s fake a relationship. At first, she doesn’t want it, because she feels used. Her best friend ends up convincing her, and of the two of them go on a tour together.

Their attraction becomes real for each other, which makes things a tiny bit complicated between the two of them. Sparks were flying, but she can’t stop thinking about her heartbreak. Especially when Jesse’s ex was in the band, and she knew how she had felt. 

Things progress between Jesse and Katie despite everything, which complicates it even more. After all, their connection was only supposed to be fake for the tabloids, and now it might potentially be real. 

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Rock Star Romance Books

Final Word on Rock Star Romance Books

So there you have it, our top 15 rock star romance books, from the steamy standalone novels to the gripping novel series, you’ll find a rock star hero for you in one of these books.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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