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About The Book:


You can’t outrun the Registration

Imagine it’s legal to commit one murder in your lifetime?if you Register the victim and accomplish the kill within fourteen days. So when Lynell Mize stands in line to Register the man who abused her as a child, she’s shocked to hear a stranger Register her to be killed.

Why would anyone who doesn’t know her squander his one legal murder on her? Desperate to survive the next two weeks, she must find out who wants to kill her?and why.

Easier said than done as Lynell soon discovers that multiple strangers have used their Registration on her. Along the way, she reunites with her estranged husband who is determined to dig up a past Lynell prefers to keep buried. With only days left to live, Lynell fights to uncover the truth and survive a destiny not of her choosing.


Sydney Sweeney, Brad Fuller, And Sony Developing Adaptation Of ‘The Registration’

The Registration is coming to the big screen! Sydney Sweeney and Brad Fuller will work with Sony pictures to produce the adaptation of The Registration. Sydney will star in the film and The Night House writers Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski will write the script.

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“You’re staring again,” Price says, looking over at Lynell.

She huffs and moves to her back. “Excuse me if I want to get a good look at the person who is going to kill me tomorrow.”

“Don’t be so self-righteous. You were also going to Register someone yesterday,” Price says, lowering his open book to his chest.

“Yeah, well . . . I never got the chance.” She doesn’t bother asking how he knew that. It wouldn’t surprise her if he saw her at the office and let her run for the fun of it. Like playing with your food.

“You can’t judge me for doing something you were planning to do yourself.”

“Not judging,” Lynell says, turning her head. She meets Price’s eyes and suddenly feels like she may have met him before after all. “But I know why I was going to Register Alan. I had a good reason. Why did you Register me?”

“You think you’re above reproach?”

“Maybe not, but I want to know why you’d want to Register me.”

“Are you ever going to stop talking?” Price sighs.

“I imagine sometime tomorrow I will.”

“Ever the sense of humor, you have. Just like your—” Price stops talking and clears his throat.

Lynell sits up, ready to ask him what he was going to say, but one look from him arrests all words in her throat.

About Madison Lawson:

Author Madison Lawson writes speculative fiction novels full of suspense, social commentary, and complex relationships. She has published a dozen short stories, many of which won awards such as the Koresh Award and the Gordone Award.

She received her B.A. in English from Texas A&M University and is currently earning her M.A. in English at North Carolina State University.

Born and raised in a small Texas town, Madison began escaping through reading and writing as soon as she could. To stay updated, follow Madison on social media and head to madisonlawson.com.

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