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Welcome to the Epic Book Society, your guide to all things books! We provide a unique platform for readers to get book recommendations and tips on anything book related!

We are always looking for passionate authors, writers, and book publishers who want to connect with book bloggers like us.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help readers everywhere discover the best books available.

As book enthusiasts, we strive to create a community of readers by offering thoughtful recommendations, based on honest opinions, and positive conversations about books.

Our mission for this blog is to not only share our enthusiasm for literature but also provide an informative resource of up-to-date book recommendations and publishing industry insights.

Whether it’s highlighting classic texts or discovering new authors, we want to advocate for quality literature and empower readers with carefully curated recommendations along the way.

By connecting people together through stories, we hope to create a network that inspires and celebrates the written craft.

We are not just a book blog, we’re a society.

And if you know any quirky bookshops around the world, please let me know!

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Our extensive knowledge of literature combined with our expert SEO know-how, not only allows us to share the best recommendations based on genre preferences, but we also consistently rank highly on Google, increasing our outreach consistently.

Our readers are located all over the world, but we find most of our audience is located in the United States (40%), followed by India (13%), The United Kingdom (6%), Canada (5%), and Australia (4%).

Epic Book Society reaches on average 70,000 monthly page views, and over 90% of our readers are new readers, which means every day we reach new book lovers, eagerly looking for the next read to add to their bookshelf.

You should work with Epic Book Society as our consistent track record means your book will not only receive a high level of exposure but reach the right audience.

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