Hello! I’m Louisa, the founder, editor, and head honcho of this website. Thanks for stopping by.

So, you’re probably wondering who am I and what is Epic Book Society.

Well, I’m like you. I’m a bibliophile, a bookworm, a voracious reader, and all the other adjectives people use to describe how much they love books.

But books have been more than just a love for me, they have inspired me to change, become a better person, seek new adventures, and explore more about this world than I ever could have imagined.

I’m not just a reader – I’m also a teacher, a writer, an SEO guru (not my official title, but it best describes what I do for a living), and a digital nomad.

My Story

Once upon a time, I studied Journalism at the University for the Creative Arts. Yes, I did go to art school and no I cannot draw.

I spent several years working in journalism, public relations, content marketing and SEO editing, before I landed a position at a marketing agency.

After about a year or so, I somehow ended up running the agency. I quickly had to learn what the frick VAT was, had to manage an office, be responsible for employees. If I thought being a publicist sucked, this was a whole new level of stress.

One day I was sorting through my books and I picked up a novel I read as a teenager and loved. It was The Beach by Alex Garland. If you’re not familiar with this novel, I’ll quickly enlighten you (without spoilers).

It’s the story of a backpacker who ends up in Bangkok. He meets a strange Scottish character who tells him of this ethereal-looking beach that no one knows about.

On this beach, there is a community of backpackers who have set up residence there – growing their own crops, fishing, living a carefree life with no jobs or rules. If you find the beach, you can stay there and live amongst the community.

The novel follows this guy, Richard, as he finds the beach and becomes part of the community, where all manner of situations come up.

It inspired wanderlust in me.

That’s what I wanted to do. To travel. To find off-the-beaten-track locations that no one has heard about. To see the most ethereal scenery anyone could ever imagine.

And so I did.

I quit my job. I sold my car. I donated all my clothes and furniture to charity. I put my books in storage.

And I bought a one-way ticket to Borneo. And waved goodbye to England for good.

Four years later and I’m still traveling. I’ve visited around 21 countries since I left England. I’ve seen some off-the-beaten-track locations and some ethereal nature, but I’ve not seen it all.

Now, I live a life of a digital nomad. Always moving. Not having a real home and always flying wherever the wind takes me.

And that’s the way I like it.

I always say, anything is possible if you have enthusiasm…

And the next day…Epic Book Society

I know that my story is unique, but I do feel that there are other people out there that feel a connection to literature in the same way that I do; or perhaps have read one particular book that has changed them forever.

I created Epic Book Society as a place where I can share book recommendations that will hopefully be inspiring or entertaining to others.

But I didn’t want to just create a book blog.

I wanted to create a place where book lovers can connect with one another. Where we can share recommendations for books to read and share our thoughts on particular novels. Like an online book club, but more.

The society is open to everyone – I do not discriminate against anyone by gender, race, age, or otherwise. If you love books, then you meet the only requirement to become a member of the elite Facebook group!

Since the beginning, Epic Book Society has been featured in many reputable news outlets, including Yahoo!, Spy, Go Banking Rates, Living Out Lau, The Career Gappers and more…

Louisa also has another blog, The Turkey Traveler, where she writes about one of her favorite countries – Turkey!

The Mission

The mission is simple. To share my love of books and to keep sharing. To connect book lovers together in an online community where they can discuss books they’ve read in a safe virtual environment.

I truly believe that books are not just pages of words, but a tool to help us to write our own stories. They inspire us to grow as people and teach us about the world and its contents.

If I can inspire one person through this blog. I would consider it a success.


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