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We know that it can be hard to find a book to read when you’re feeling tired, you’ve finished a series you really enjoyed, or you hit a reading slump.

But here at Epic Book Society, our team of book nerds and bibliophiles never lose our enthusiasm for books!

For this reason, we share our thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the best books to read, as aim to be your premier resource for discovering book recommendations.

At Epic Book Society, you will discover everything we know and love about books of all genres, from fiction and non-fiction to sizzling romances to gripping thrillers, and everything in between.

Thank you for checking us out. 

The Mission

The mission is simple, to continue to share and offer book recommendations and reading resources so you can continue your love of reading.

To accomplish this, we share book recommendations based on our own reading history and thorough research. We may also share trusted reviews of reading-related products, practical “how-to” guides, and other valuable information related to reading and books.

We also strive to connect book lovers together in an online community, where they can discuss books they’ve read in a safe virtual environment.

At Epic Book Society, we believe that books are not just pages of words, but a tool to help us change our lives and nurture our imaginations.

Meet The Team

Since the beginning, Epic Book Society was never about one person, but all readers. Behind Epic Book Society you will find not just one person, but a team of readaholics and book worms.

We are pleased to have a team of wonderful people working behind this blog to bring you the best content.

Here are the legends who work for Epic Book Society…

head shot of Louisa

Louisa Smith

Editor & Writer

Louisa is the Founder, Editor, and Head Honcho of Epic Book Society. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom and now lives in Hong Kong. She was a published poet at the age of 7, and spent several years working as a journalist before turning her talents to teaching. As well as writing about books, she is also a travel writer and English as a Second Language Teacher at a Primary School. Louisa loves all genres of books, but her favorites are Romance, Fantasy, and Young Adult Fiction. She is the holder of a PGCE in Primary Education.

You can read Louisa’s story here, and read her travel guides on The Turkey Traveler and Travel Thailand Together.

Guardgasam Archaree

Archaree Guardgasam (Ploy)

Virtual Assistant

Ploy is the Virtual Assistant for Epic Book Society and helps to ensure all content is up to date and keeps the site operational.

When she’s not working, she loves reading drama, fantasy, and horror stories.

Ploy finds books to be her best friend, and loves to read so she can explore another world.

Who Are The Epic Book Society Bookworms?

All of the Epic Book Society team members are avid readers and book enthusiasts. Together, our long list of knowledge about books and authors helps to bring you carefully crafted recommendations based on personal reading.

If we’re not writing, we’re reading. It’s what we do every day.

The writers of this blog came to Epic Book Society as reading enthusiasts, and together we have read thousands of books in a variety of genres.

We are not only readers, but writers too. This means we are well-placed to discuss what constitutes as good writing and storytelling. Our team members are also parents and teachers, and are well placed to talk about what books children love, as well as books that can be educational to children too.

In addition to our core team of readers, we also have an online community in our Facebook group who actively share their reading recommendations. If we agree with them, we may feature their recommendations on this blog too.

We also share recommendations from industry experts, such as teachers and professionals we are connected with.

However, we never accept payment for a review or promotion on this blog. The reason for this is that we want to maintain the quality and standards of the books we recommend.

We are happy to be a platform that welcomes new authors and Indie authors, as well as authors who want to self-publish or promote their books.

However, we hand-select and personally review books that we recommend and insist on reading any book we promote on this blog.

We put in volunteer hours to read these books and ensure their worthy of a recommendation.

What We Do

As a team, we have years of reading under our belts, and that’s why we want to share everything we know with you. Why? Because finding a new book to read is no easy task. Especially when you’ve just finished a series you have fallen in love with.

Epic Book Society was created to ensure you never hit a reading slump. To ensure this, we have a selection of primary goals we strive towards: 

  • Help readers of any genre find book recommendations based on their interests
  • Offer helpful tips and tricks on how to get out of reading slumps and continue your love of reading
  • Share personally-tested reviews of reading products based on our own experience

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So that’s Epic Book Society in a nutshell. We always encourage our readers to reach out to us and leave comments on any of the posts they find interesting.

This helps to grow our society into a place where readers can learn from each other, and help each other find their perfect book.

You can also reach out to us through our contact page with any queries you may have.

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