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15 Out-Of-This-World Alien Romance Books

Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Louisa

Alien romance books can take you on an out-of-this-world journey. They are often stories featuring exciting new planets, imaginative creatures, and unique customs from a galaxy far, far away. 

For readers looking for something a bit different, alien romance novels are the perfect books to transport you to fantastical new worlds.

Whether you’re looking for stories involving the unlikely pairings between humans and extraterrestrial beings, or just want a story with captivating settings that span the galaxy and beyond, alien romance books offer all this and more.

So why not take a chance at something unfamiliar? Open up the pages of an alien romance book and discover a world beyond your wildest dreams…

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through any of these links. 

What To Expect From Alien Romance Books?

Alien romance stories are exciting, otherworldly, and full of adventure! They combine elements of science fiction and romance in a way that makes it hard to put down.

It’s common for stories in this genre to explore the love interest between humans and alien beings from different planets, with characters grappling with unfamiliar cultures, politics, and technologies in the process.

These stories often merge adventurous storylines with spicy, intimate encounters, making it an intriguing genre for readers looking for something a bit more unique.

You will need to tap into your wildest imagination in these books, as they often center around elaborate, otherworldly settings with exotic, multi-dimensional characters.

It’s common for alien romance novels to be super steamy, though not always. You can expect a fair level of smut and erotica, though there will always be an overarching storyline that keeps you invested.

Alien romances are fun and thrilling, and the perfect read for anyone looking to explore something unique.

The Best Alien Romance Books

They are not just science fiction adventures with a romantic twist—these heartwarming tales offer an opportunity to reflect on one’s place in an ever-changing universe.

If you’re ready to be taken on an entertaining journey of budding relationships full of passion, intrigue, and excitement, keep reading…

1. Obsidian – Jennifer L. Armentrout

I begin my list with a book that perfectly wraps up all the things I love about an alien romance – passion, amazing world-building, dynamic characters, and a story that is both far-fetched and believable. I present to you, Obsidian.

After the death of her father, Katy moves to West Virginia with her mother for her senior year of high school. She wanted to sink into her boring but safe life of reading books and working on her blog.

Daemon and Dee Black are Katy’s neighbors. Daemon is beautiful with brilliant green eyes but also very rude and arrogant. Dee swears to Katy he only acts that way to be protective, but she’s not so sure about it.

When Daemon rescues Katy from an attack one night by stopping time to save her, he marks her.

Katy realizes he and Dee are aliens (alongside many others in town) hiding in their town from a galaxy of enemies intent on stealing their abilities.

The alien romance Obsidian is a swoon-worthy read. Katy and Daemon have a sort of enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance complimented by endless banter between the couple. 

2. Choosing Theo – Victoria Aveline

Choosing Theo has an incredibly unique take on the world-building of the alien planets that stands out in the genre.

Aliens abducted Jade. The Cae is a reptilian alien race that kidnaps her to deliver her to an unknown person for unknown reasons.

The Clecanians, a matriarchal society of aliens, rescue her. The terms of her rescue are she must choose a husband and live by the Clecanian’s laws and orders for one year.

The men on the planet outnumber women 20-1, but they are brought up in husbandry schools to ensure they’re treating the women with respect and making them happy.

The Choosing ceremony is where the women on the planet get to select their husbands, and they’re mandatory for men to attend if they wish to start a family.

Theo is a scarred mercenary regarded as a beast by most women on the planet and has never been chosen.

Jade sees something in Theo and chooses him. He can’t help but think that she has other motives. 

The relationship between Jade and Theo will have you rooting for a happy ending and kind of wishing it was you on the planet instead of Jade.

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3. Claimed by the Hunter – Lynnea Lee

Claimed by the Hunter is an action-packed post-apocalyptic story with tons of romance, comedy, and kick-ass fighting.

In the wake of what the humans of Earth have called “bugpacalypse” Alice and her cousin Natalie are doing everything they can to survive.

As the winter ends, the bugs that have invaded and ravaged the planet begin to wake up.

When the bugs first invaded, the Xarc’n, a race of purple aliens whose sole purpose is to destroy the bugs, offered to help but were denied by the government.

After nuclear warheads couldn’t destroy the bugs, they stepped in anyway.

Kaj’k is in love with Alice. He knows she’s his mate and will do anything to get her attention. He’s bought her flowers, foraged for her food, and protected her.

But when a group of cannibal raiders threatens to break into her home, he rescues her by tossing her over his shoulder and bringing her to his ship.

This is perfect for those who want a captivating and endearing read with loveable characters.

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4. Taken by the Alien Warrior – Hope Hart

If you’re looking for spaceship romance books, then you’ll love Taken by the Alien Warrior.

Ellie is a curvy kindergarten teacher on an alien spaceship desperately praying for her survival after being abducted by aliens.

The ship crash lands on an unknown planet, and she thinks she might be getting rescued.

But when she wakes up, half of the other women on the spaceship are missing, and the aliens she thought would rescue her want to eat her.

Terex is an irresistibly handsome and fierce warrior who finds the women while tracking another alien race.

Terex and his allies rescue the group of women and are convinced to help locate the rest so they can make their way back to Earth.

Ellie doesn’t understand why Terex is so infatuated with her when all of the others she was abducted with are tall, beautiful women who look like they could be models.

But Terex finds her captivating and only wants her.

Taken by the Alien Warrior is a quick clean romance book to read with a guaranteed happy ending that you are cheering on the characters and rooting for the blossoming romance between Terex and Ellie.

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5. Accidental Abduction – Eve Langlais

Accidental Abduction is a hilariously written series of misfortunes for the main characters.

Megan is drowning in the middle of the ocean one second and being pulled out by the laser beam of an alien spacecraft the next.

Her rescuer is Tren, a mercenary turned space pirate who took a job to bring some aquatic life to his client.

Tren is annoyed with Megan, who he views as a barbaric creature far below what he is used to on the evolutionary spectrum.

But she is oddly enticing to him. The pair begin a relationship on their journey through space on Tren’s spacecraft but deny any real feelings for each other.

When Megan is put in danger Tren is forced to face his true feelings and rescue her.

The forced proximity trope is put to clever use and you won’t want to put this one down.

6. Naked Alien – Honey Phillips

Naked Alien is a short, sweet, angsty romance book that will make you laugh and swoon over the relationship between the characters.

When Jane and Taraxan, two completely different people from opposite ends of the universe, wake up in an alien jungle completely naked, they must work together to survive.

Jane is a clumsy, curvy, and completely helpless human. Taraxan finds her inaptitude for survival adorable and helps her adjust to the unfamiliar terrain.

The richness of the descriptions allows you to feel like you’re truly inside this enchanting world, never wanting it to end.

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7. Dark Horse – Michelle Diener

Dark Horse focuses a lot on the science fiction aspects of an alien romance and has a high-stakes plot.

After stumbling upon a legendary battleship with his crew, Captain Dav Jallan searches through it to discover an AI robot named Sazo and a strange alien being called Rose.

Rose is a human from Earth who had been a prisoner on the ship, and as it seems the only survivor. 

The Tecran, who owned the ship Rose was being held on with Sazo, are looking to start a war to get it back.

Dav suspects that Rose and Sazo might not have been the only creatures remaining on the ship and worries there is a giant game being played.

While it may be more of a science fiction book than a romance, the relationship between Rose and Dav is what makes this novel worth reading.

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8. Corsairs: Adiron – Ruby Dixon

Corsairs: Adiron is another installment in Ruby Dixon’s expansive intergalactic universe.

Corsair Brothers is the name of this series, but this book features several cameos from Dixon’s other beloved characters. 

When the Sithai brothers are pulled over on their journey through space, hunting for abandoned ships and treasures, they strike a deal with a ship full of Massaka to help them locate The Buoyant Star.

The Buoyant Star was Lord Straik’s ship and full of human captives, abducted and in frozen stasis for their journey from Earth.

When Adiron and his brothers arrive, they think it’s a ship full of stranded women, thankful for their rescue. But it doesn’t take long for them to realize it was a trap all along.

An enchanting read full of ups and downs with an ending that will have you feeling satisfied.

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9. Draekon Warrior – Lili Zander

Draekon Warrior is the first book in the Rebel Force series, a spin-off series from Lili Zander’s Dragon’s in Exile series.

The foundation of both series revolves around women being abducted from Earth and experimented on.

This book revolves around Alice and Kadir. Alice was kidnapped and held by the Zorahn (an alien race) for seven months, where they experimented on her and tortured her.

She was to be sold off when they were finished with her. Kadir is the second Draekon ever created. He was created in a lab alongside the rest of his race.

Kadir is awoken from his thousand-year-long sleep and tasked with rescuing two women from the Zorahn. He meets Alice and they form a deep connection while they fight for safety.

Draekon Warrior is an action-packed, trope-driven alien/shifter romance book that will keep you turning the page and craving more of the world and characters Zander has created.

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10. Dark Planet Warriors – Anna Carven

Dark Planet Warriors is a series of intergalactic romance books centering on the Kordolian race.

Each book features a different couple, but many of the characters reoccur throughout.

The Kordolians are an elite group of aliens who travel throughout the galaxy to hunt for monsters and uphold order.

During a hunt for Xargec monsters in Earth’s solar system, they’re sucked through a wormhole that lands them on Fortuna Tau – an asteroid mining station run by earthlings,

Abbey is a human woman working at Fortuna Tau and she’s tasked with communicating with the Kordolians.

She thinks their General Tarak is arrogant and insufferable, but she can’t deny the feelings that grow between them.

This is an excellent alien romance series to read if you’re looking for worldbuilding and character development.

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11. Chosen – Stacy Jones

Chosen does an excellent job of showing how a protagonist discovers an alien world in a believable way.

The story begins when Lily is working late in the fields of her grandmother’s old farm tending to the cows, she’s unknowingly abducted by them.

The alien animal poachers had no need for her, so when they discovered a human aboard the ship, they dropped her off on a strange planet with no means of survival.

She was destined to die, that is, until three Frrar, Tor, and Arruk find her and rescue her from an impending floor.

The three aliens had been searching for a mate to accept them with no luck until that point. But something about Lily is different and they know she’ll accept them.

This is not just an alien romance, it’s a reverse harem alien romance.

Stacy has not only created a world I could believe in but a romance I was captivated by – it’s a unique take on the reverse harem genre, with just the right amount of spice.

Not only did I love the romance, but I was swept away by the action as well. It had me hooked on every page and I can’t wait for the next one.

The descriptions of the three aliens are detailed enough for readers to be transported galaxies away when they read this paranormal romance book.

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12. Saving Askara – J. M. Link

If you’re looking for a first-contact story, check out Saving Alaska by J. M. Link. It sticks to many of the typical alien science fiction conventions, but the romance is more realistic than some other stories.

Victoria is a doctor aboard the starship Phoenix and less than impressed by the alien species they’ve encountered so far – which have been non-sentient microbes and organisms.

Until they come in contact with a ship full of demon-like aliens escaping their home planet due to a threat to completely destroy it by one of their enemies.

Victoria is invited onto their ship to tend to the wounds of the aliens and acts as a liaison between them and other earthlings.

Aderus is the general of the aliens and is distrustful of the humans at first. But over time, he learns to trust Victoria and realizes his feelings for her are growing.

Saving Askara is an excellent read for people who like a slow-burn romance books.

The trepidation the lovers have before admitting their feelings only makes their passion stronger.

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13. His to Claim – Taylor Vaughn

His to Claim by Taylor Vaughn would be a good read for anyone who likes alien romance books rich with symbolism.

The Xalthurian aliens are using the planet of New Terrhan as a breeding ground for their race.

When a woman turns 21 they mate with an alien and if the child is a boy it’s taken back to be raised by the men on their planet as warriors.

When Kira’s sister gives birth to a son, instead of letting her nephew get taken away, she fights back.

Little did she know the man she fought was the prince of the Xalthurian, Kel D’Rek. He promises to return for her when she turns 21 in exchange for her nephew’s freedom.

This is an alien romance that has a lot of dystopian romance elements to it. It is a darker story that deals with many real-world issues that we still have today.

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14. The Krinar Experiment – Charmaine Pauls

The Krinar Experiment follows Drako, an alien on a secret mission on Earth that crashes in his ship and sustains serious injuries.

He’s captured by the South African government and experimented on for a month before escaping. 

Ilse is a nurse tasked with helping him recover from his injuries while he’s there.

Drako can sense the connection between them but can’t separate his feelings of love from the betrayal he feels with her hand in his captivity. 

The events during his captivity lead to a war with the Krinar, and Drako takes Ilse when he’s back on his ship to get revenge on her for betraying him.

The Krinar Experiment is a continuation of the Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires.

Zaires gave Pauls’s consent to add to the world she built in the original series.

This book can be read as a standalone but will make you want to read the entire collection of Krinar novels.

15. Doom – Regine Abel

To finish off, here is one of my favorite alien romances; Doom, the first book of the Xian Warriors series. It features different warriors and love interests in every installment of the series.

A monstrous race of aliens known as the Kryptids invades Earth with the intention of using it as a breeding ground.

Victoria fights back against them and uses her skills as a doctor to help save the wounded from their torment. 

Hope seems lost until a genetically engineered fighting machine that goes by the name Doom appears and makes a deal with Victoria.

He offers her his protection while she tends to the wounded. His only goal is to destroy the Kryptids completely.

Doom is another post-apocalyptic romance book with dystopian sci-fi elements, so for readers who enjoy the end of the world and doomsday tropes, this is a great choice.

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Final Word On Alien Romance Books

Alien romance books explore dreamy new worlds and exhilarating dynamics between otherworldly characters, often with a fairytale-like plotline. 

They capture readers with their tantalizing potential of exploring new places and strange courtships while still immersing them in relatably human storylines. 

Alien romances take you to a place filled with intergalactic adventure that will challenge any cynic’s view of love. 

Whether you’re looking for a fateful meeting, a forbidden relationship, or sizzling chemistry between characters and interdimensional travel between planets.

I hope these stories will keep you swooning with anticipation until you reach the last page. If you can think of any more books that deserve a mention on my list, let me know in the comments.

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