15 Best Audible Romance Books

We love Audible books because we can still enjoy a story even when we can’t look at the pages. It allows us to listen to a story as we drive, clean the house, or simply relax and listen.

The Amazon Audible app allows readers to choose from thousands of Audible titles. We were thrilled by the selection of romance books we could listen to. If you enjoy a good romance book, you might wonder what the best Audible ones are.

There are so many great romance books, that it would be impossible to list them all on one page. However, today, we’ll introduce you to 15 excellent Audible romance books we think you’ll enjoy. 

Best Audible Romance Books

Are you ready to listen to a romance book that will melt your heart? Here are 15 titles we highly recommend.

1. Things We Never Got Over – Lucy Score

Do you love romance stories where unexpected characters find love? If so, we suggest you listen to Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Stone.

Knox lives a peaceful life of solidarity. It’s just him and his dog Waylan, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s never been one to tolerate other people’s drama.

Naomi has had one disaster after the next. The final straw is when her sister steals her cash and car and ditches her daughter with Naomi.

Of course, all of this unfolds in front of Knox, and he doesn’t have the heart to leave Naomi stranded.

Even though Naomi seems like trouble, Knox can’t help but give her the helping hand she needs. 

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2. The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

Do you enjoy workplace dramas and romances? The Hating Game is a fun enemies to lovers romance Audible book that you won’t want to put on pause.

Lucy and Josh are both assistants to the CEOs of a publishing company. These two are opposites, and neither one can see things from the other’s point of view.

Lucy is oddly quirky, with the brightest wardrobe in the city. Josh is stuck up with a duller personality than watching paint dry. These two hate each other.

When they are both up for the same promotion, it becomes a head-to-head battle. As tensions rise, surprisingly, feelings do too. And these feelings aren’t hatred. 

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3. Just Last Night – Mhairi McFarlane

One of the best Audible romance books we’ve listened to lately is Just Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane. 

Eve has had the same group of friends since she was a teenager. Even now that they are in their 30s, they are still a tight-knit group.

However, Eve hasn’t been entirely honest with her friends, Ed, Justin, and Susie. All these years, she has been hiding her crush on Ed.

Then, one tragic moment completely changes everything. This moment also reveals secrets that Eve never knew about her friends.

Yet, for every wrong moment, there’s the chance for Eve to open the door (and her heart) to something new. 

4. Mine – JL Butler

Do you want the next book on your list to be equal parts romance and suspense? We suggest listening to Mine by JL Butler.

Francine is a divorce lawyer that’s worked very hard to earn her spot. She’s on the path to securing a spot with London’s elite legal team. Yet, her next client could shake things up for her.

Francine has always been able to control her emotions at work, but her new client Martin is more tempted than she’s ever had to fight.

Things Martin has told her about his failing marriage don’t seem to add up. That’s when Francine decides to spy on his ex-wife Donna. Only she finds Donna having dinner with Martin.

When Francine wakes up the following day, she has no recollection of what happened after she saw the ex-couple together.

But Donna is now missing, and her ex-husband’s new lover, Francine is the most likely suspect. 

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5. Bared To You – Sylvia Day

If you enjoyed the 50 Shades of Grey series, we recommend Bared To You. You’ll want to listen to this steamy novel after the kids go to bed.

Eva is a survivor of sexual abuse. This has damaged her outlook on love and attraction.

However, when she meets billionaire Gideon, there’s something about him she’s drawn to. She craves him in ways she’s never felt about a man before.

However, there’s more to this connection than physical attraction and money.

Gideon is also a survivor who has had trouble making connections. Together, these two help each other discover what a healthy relationship can be like. 

**This book contains scenes about sexual abuse, which may distress some readers.**

6. Roomies – Christina Lauren

One of the best Audible romance books for listeners that want a lighthearted story is Roomies by Christina Lauren. 

Holland Baker always takes the subway from a specific station. It’s not the location she likes, so much as the cute Irish musician that’s always playing there.

When Holland gets attacked by a mugger at the subway station, it turns out to be her lucky day. The musician, Calvin, comes to her rescue.

To pay Calvin back, Holland wants to set him up with an audition for her uncle’s broadway. However, this brings up one big problem.

Calvin is here illegally. Holland agrees to marry Calvin on a whim so he can stay in the country and follow his broadway dreams.

What Calvin doesn’t know is that all of Holland’s feelings are real.

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7. One Day In December – Josie Silver

Our hearts always melt over romantic books about fate and timing. If you’re on the same page as us, you should listen to the Audible One Day In December by Josie Silver. 

Laurie never believed in fate. That was until she caught the eye of a handsome stranger at the bus stop.

Seeing him was brief, but it was a face she would never forget. She believed that fate would give them another chance to meet again.

She never stopped looking for that face wherever she went. It wasn’t until a year later when she was at a Christmas party, and her good friend Sarah wanted to introduce her to her new boyfriend Jack.

This was the man she had been searching for over the past year. If you love slow burn romance novels, this should be high on your list.

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8. Blindsided – Amy Daws

Unexpected romances always keep our attention. That is why we loved listening to Blindsided by Amy Daws.

Freya is a seamstress who has always felt invisible to the opposite sex. She’s been attracted to men but has never been confident to make a move. Now she’s nearly 30 and still a virgin. 

Her best friend Mac loves Freya’s big personality. She always knows how to make him laugh. He wants her to be happy, so he offers to be her love coach.

This will help her be more confident around men. However, what the two didn’t expect was to fall in love with each other. This is a sweet, clean romance novel you’ll fall in love with.

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9. Wild Irish Moon – Tricia O’Malley

One of the best Audible romance books about fresh starts is Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O’Malley. This book will have readers believing in love all over again.

Iris is a psychic that needs a fresh start. Her boyfriend betrayed her and sold a fake story about her to the press.

Now, Iris wants to move away to Grace’s Cove to start a new life.

On her way to Grace’s Cove, she hitches a ride with a suave stranger named Kane. He also happens to be a best-selling author.

While Iris isn’t ready for romance, there’s something about Kane that she can’t get enough of. Can she give love a second chance?

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10. The Crush – Penelope Ward

When was the last time you thought about your childhood crush? The Crush by Penelope Ward is about first crushes and secret romances.

When she was young, Farrah always had a crush on her older brother’s best friend Jace.

Nothing ever became of that crush because Jace always looked at her like she was a kid. Eventually, she grew out of it and thought she was over him. 

Now, 10 years later, Farrah’s moving into an apartment with her brother and Jace. The cute friend that once looked at her like a kid doesn’t see her that way anymore.

Could this new situation open the door for a possible best friend romance?

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11. Seven Days in June – Tia Williams

Do you want to listen to a book about two writers that can’t resist their feelings toward one another? We suggest reading Seven Days in June by Tia Williams.

Eva and Shane are both best-selling authors known around New York. They raise eyebrows at a literacy event when the two seem flirty.

However, what people at this event don’t know is that these two writers have a romantic history that goes back nearly 20 years.

This event reconnects the two writers, who have both secretly written to one another through their work. As the two get closer they must also face the problems of their past that broke them apart.  

12. When Harry Met Harry – Sydney Smith

Do you want to listen to an LGBTQ romance? One of the best romance Audible books with same-sex couples is When Harry Met Harry by Sydney Smith.

Harry Fields (aka Harrison) and Harry Lee (aka Henry) have a complicated relationship. At first, they couldn’t stand one another.

But, eventually, they moved past that and became friends. Each Harry is there for the other throughout life’s most significant events. 

Throughout their friendship, their feelings toward each other have only gotten stronger. But could exploring these feelings hurt their friendship?

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13. Once Ghosted Twice Shy – Alyssa Cole

Another excellent LGBTQ romance novel to listen to is Once Ghosted Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole. 

Likotsi has had a rough go in the romance department. Her prince was busy with other women. Then, her online romance with a woman named Fab ended in heartbreak. However, Likotsi isn’t ready to give up just yet.

When Likotsi runs into Fab on the subway a few months later, she wants answers. Fab agrees to have tea and talk.

As the two discuss what went wrong, they explore if it’s possible to open that door again. 

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14. Opposite Of Always – Justin A Reynolds

The Opposite Of Always by Justin A Reynolds is a complicated romance story that we couldn’t hit pause on.

Jack thought he had hit the jackpot in love when he met Kate. She was perfect for him, and his friends and family adored her too.

Jack’s world turns upside down when Kate dies. But what he thought was the end was the beginning.

Now, Jack is brought back to the day he met Kate. This allows him to save her life. However, by saving Kate, he could put someone else he cares about in harm’s way.

When going back in time, every choice Jack makes has a consequence. Will his choices be worth it?

15. Wilde In Love – Eloisa James

We suggest listening to Wilde In Love by Eloisa James if you want more steamy romance Audible books.

Lord Wilde is a celebrity in England. All of the women in his village want to be with him.

However, there’s only one woman that catches his interest.

That’s the free spirit, Willa. She’s a private woman with a witty charm, and Lord Wilde wants to know more about her.

Willa has no interest in being in the public eye. That’s why she shows no interest in Lord Wilde’s advances. While he’s used to everything being handed to him, this is the first time he will have to work hard for what he wants. 

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Final Words On Best Audible Romance Books

We hope you enjoy these romantic Audible books. There are so many excellent Audible books available that it was hard to choose just 15.

Have you recently listened to a good Audible romance? Let us know about it in the comments below! 

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