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17 Best Fae Romance Books Of All Time!

Last Updated on December 5, 2023 by Louisa

Do you love a fairy tale story with a happy ending? Or perhaps a romance story full of angst and passion and fire, but with a fantasy twist? Well, then you’ll love these fae romance books!

Fae’s are known to be mischievous and cunning, so you can bet your bottom dollar that these fae romance novels are packed full of jaw-dropping storylines, shocking twists, and romance elements that really shake up your emotions.

Sound good? Well then read on to learn about the best fae books of all time!

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What To Expect From Fae Romance Books?

Faerie romance novels are an escape into a magical world of enchantment, mystery and intense passion.

You can expect stories following protagonists who are discovering true love while staving off evil forces.

These stories are filled with incredible world-building, with mythical creatures, breathtaking settings, and unforgettable characters that you can’t help but root for.

The thrilling action combined with intense emotion will have readers gasping and cheering along the way.

Experience the highs when they triumph over adversity and the lows when it looks like all hope is lost!

Fae romance literature is all about discovering something new, a world unknown, and a love that abounds nothing.

17 Best Fae Romance Books of All Time!

Creating a list of just 17 books was no easy task. After all, faes are becoming more and more seen in fantasy books over the past few years.

But in this list, you’ll find seventeen stories that each have something special and unique, which is why they are my top choices!

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J Maas

a court of thorns and roses by sarah j maas

The A Court of Thorns and Roses series is a Beauty and the Beast retelling with an enemies to lovers romance twist.

When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre is met with a wolf in the words, she meets another terrifying creature in demand of retribution.

She is then dragged to a treacherous fae realm where she is kept prisoner by a lethal beast, one of the immortal faeries who once ruled her world.

However this beast is not always a beast. Tamlin, her capture, transforms from icy and hostile to fiery and passionate.

Soon, Feyre adapts to her home and she even develops feelings for her captor, Tamlin. Meanwhile, an ancient and wicked shadow is growing in faerie land.

Feyre must put her feelings to the side while trying to stop them from dooming Tamlin and save Tamlin’s people. Has Feyre forgotten her life before she was taken by Tamlin?

If you love A Court of Thorns and Roses, you might like these similar books.

2. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air Series) – Holly Black 

the cruel prince holly black

Get ready to be whisked away into the extraordinary land of Faerie with The Cruel Prince!

This captivating novel follows two human sisters, Jude and Taryn, as they struggle to save their half-fae younger sister Vivi from the clutches of an evil High King.

As they navigate this dangerous new world of palace intrigues, deceptions, and powerful creatures they discover strengths within themselves that they never knew existed.

With danger around every corner and betrayal threatening their safety, the siblings learn what it takes to survive in the realm of Faerie while trying to protect their young brother – ultimately putting their lives on the line.

Join Jude and Taryn as they take a thrilling journey full of creative beasts, beauties, and miseries, discovering love along the way that ultimately threatens everything that they are fighting for.

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3. Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare

lady midnight cassandra clare

Cassandra Clare is most well known for her series, The Mortal Instruments – a fantasy romance tale of two shadowhunter lovers as they fight to destroy the evil from demons and rogue shadowhunters.

But in this world, on another timeline, is the story of Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn family. The Blackthorns are shadowhunters, only Mark and his sister Helen are part faeries and therefore outcasts among the shadowhunter community.

Helen is sent away to Wrangle Island to live in exile, while Mark was sent to live with the Wild Hunt, where he falls in love with a faerie prince, Kieran.

Lady Midnight tells the story of their father, Andrew Blackthorn, and the consequences of his love for a fae, Lady Nerissa of the Seelie Court.

Their love was forbidden, and their children are the ones who pay the price.

This is the first book in the Dark Artifices Trilogy.

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4. Glimmerglass – Jenna Black

glimmerglass by jenna black

If you’re looking for a book that focuses on the adventure more than the romance, then the Glimmerglass series is full of action and suspense.

Dana Hathaway is fed up with her alcoholic mom. She came home drunk again, as usual.

Dana had enough of this, and she decided to leave home and go to her mysterious father living in Avalon.

That’s the only place she can think of. Avalon was the Faerie world, surrounded by magical and enchanting sights. 

As soon as Dana sets foot in Avalon, things become hostile for her, for she was not an ordinary child. She is a Faeriewalker, a rare individual who possesses magical powers.

Everyone wants to use her immense power for terrible deeds. She cannot trust anyone. Dana is unsure where she will fit in this world.

Experience the struggle between humans and fey, sprinkled by moments of love and surrounded by adventure.

5. Darkfever – Karen Marie Moning

dark fever by karen marie moning

Darkfever is another fast-paced, action-packed book that is impossible to put down!

MacKayla’s sister was murdered. A clue was left on her cell phone; a cryptic message reveals a subtle hint as to who might be the murderer.

Mac must travel to Ireland to find the answers. But when she reached Ireland, she encountered greater challenges.

Staying alive while mastering powers she had no idea she possessed. A gift that connects her with the magical world she never knew before. 

As she begins exploring the hidden world, her mission becomes clear. She is here to find the elusive Sinsar Dubh before anyone else gets it – it is said to be an all-powerful Dark book.

The one who gets to hold it will have complete control of both worlds.

On top of this, she must also find out what happened to her sister. This is a deadly game she’s playing.

An enchanting journey packed with betrayal, courage, and determination.

6. The Iron King – Julie Kagawa

the iron king by julie kagawa

Feel the thrill as palace intrigues slowly uncovered in this intense faerie romance book with mythical creatures, The Iron King.

Meghan’s entire life was always moving on a strange path since her father disappeared abruptly one night when she was just a six-year-old, average child who never fit in school or at home.

She witnessed a dark, strange mythical creature stalking her from afar. Her best friend endeavored to protect her. She somehow knew that her life was going to change soon.

But she could not guess the jaw-dropping revelation that she is the daughter of the mythical Faery king. 

But her heart remains human, and she learns how far she can go to save their loved ones from the mysterious evil force.

The Iron King’ reigns supreme in the realm of fae-infused fantasy romances. If you’re looking for a book that combines enchantment, danger, and passion, Julie Kagwa’s Iron Fey series is a deck that comes up all Aces. A must-read for lovers of mythical marvels.

7. Curse of The Wolf King – Tessonja Odette

curse of the wolf king

Another fae romance with royal intrigue is Curse of the Wolf King by Tessonja Odette.

Gemma Bellefleur wants to leave her past behind and forget the day she was humiliated and her heart broken.

But when she was trying to overcome her pain, Gemma was captured by a trickster fae king who threatened to hold her with him for ransom.

The news spread in the town, and Gemma became a sensation again.

A plague cursed the human-hating King Elliot. He was willing to do anything to save himself from this curse.

Gemma can use the situation for her freedom and make a deal with the King. All she has to do is to protect the King from death. Can Gemma sacrifice her life to save the King? 

An enchanting journey packed with betrayal, courage and determination.

View it on:

8. The Shadows Between Us – Tricia Levenseller

the shadow between us by trivia levenseller

The Shadows Between Us is a romance novel with a dark twist. It follows Alessandra, who is fed up with being neglected.

Kallias is the freshly proclaimed Shadow King, and he is Alessandra’s way out of the perpetual shadow cast by her sister, as well as her path to holding a dazzling power.

Alessandra arrives at Spring Court with only one goal in mind: to draw the king’s attention, marry him, and then murder him. But, she cannot let him be slain until they marry.

As assassination attempts are made, she finds herself attempting to keep the king alive to make her his queen, all while trying not to fall in love.

Eventually, they both grow more devoted, and considerate and their fae romance story becomes stronger.

A captivating story filled with danger and warmth, perfect for all faerie romance fans.

9. Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles) – Amelia Hutchins

fighting destiny by amelia hutchings

The old Celtic legends describe the Fae as beautiful, magical, deadly, and mischievous. And for Syn, that’s exactly what she’s about to find out.

After a string of murders, Syn and her friends are set to find out who is behind all the killings of Fae and Witches.

Only Syn hates the Prince of the Dark Fae who he is bound to work for. The fae prince is rude and egotistical, possessive, and dominating. He’s also drop-dead gorgeous.

Despite all her efforts, she cannot help but become drawn to him.

The angst romance elements between Ryder and Syn make this epic fae romance novel about Irish mythology one that you cannot put down.

Trigger warning: this book contains explicit language and steamy scenes.

10. A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry Series Book 1) – Laurell K. Hamilton

a kiss of shadows by laurell k hamilton

Merry Gentry is the princess of the high fae court of Faerie who is posing as a human in LA. She works as a private investigator specializing in supernatural crime.

One day, the queen’s assassin has been tasked with finding her and bringing her back, whether she liked it or not.

When she finds herself in the middle of her aunt’s plans, she must decide whether to take the mission her aunt has assigned her to stay in the world of beautiful immortal men.

The pros for leaving = the crown. The penalty for failure = death.

This fae romance book is full of mystery, and suspense, perfect for those who love assassin books.

11. Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare

a midsummer's night's dream william shakespeare

Of course, this list wouldn’t be the greatest list of all time without paying homage to one of the greatest English playwriters and poets of all time, William Shakespeare.

His play A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream is a comedy tale about four lovers who run away in the woods outside Athens.

Also in the woods are the fae king and queen, King Oberon and Queen Titania, who are arguing over the custody of an orphan.

King Oberon uses his magic to make Titania fall in love with one of the men in the woods, called Bottom, who falls victim to the fae tricks and has his head turned into a donkey’s.

With love triangles and fae magic, this is a timeless fae rom-com that every bookworm should have in their collection.

12. House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City Series) – Sarah J. Maas

house of earth and blood by sarah j maas

Another great series by Sarah J. Maas is the Crescent City Series. The series follows half-fae, half-human Bryce Quinlan and his quest for revenge in Crescent City. 

Bryce Quinlan was living her best life, until a demon murdered her closest friends, leaving her alone and struck by grief.

To make matters worse, she is accused of their murder and put behind bars.

Meanwhile, she’s plotting her revenge and a way to avenge their deaths.

Hunt Athalar is a Fallen angel who is enslaved by the Archangels. He is a warrior, and fighter and has superhuman strength.

He works as an assassin for the Archangels, but when a demon wreaks havoc, he is given a chance to help Bryce track down the murderers and grant his freedom from enslavement.

As Bryce and Hunt explore Crescent City’s underworld, they come across a dark web of power that threatens everything and everyone they know.

They find each other to be kindred spirits with a shared passion – one that could set them both free if only they would let it.

A must-read fae romance book full of suspense, mystery and danger!

13. Rhapsodic (The Bargainer Series) – Laura Thalassa

Rhapsodic - Laura Thalassa

For fans of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, you’re going to love this series by a similar author, Laura Thalassa.

The story follows Callypso Lillis, or Callie, who is a Siren with a long-standing problem: she needs to collect bracelets of black beads in order to repay favors she’s received.

The beads can only be taken from her by death or repayment of her debts.

The Bargainer is a man who can help you get what you need, at a price. Everyone always goes to him for favors.

But he’s never asked for repayment from one client – until now. One night, Callie finds the fae high king in her room, and she knows that something is about to change. 

For the Bargainer, it’s not just a matter of repaying debts.

Fae warriors are disappearing from Otherworld and only the women come back… in a glass casket with a child in their arms. 

If the Bargainer has any hope of saving the people he will need the help of a siren.

Be captivated by a thrilling story of life or death choices and discovering hidden power. 

View it on:

14. Magic Bites – Ilona Andrews

magic bites ilona andrews

Magic Bites is a story is set in dystopian Atlanta where one magic dominates. But soon, technology takes over and the defensive spells and homes are no longer protected from monsters. 

A pack of werewolves prowls the ruined streets, and necromancers control vampires with their minds. It’s chaos in the future.

But Kate Daniels has magic in her blood that makes her a specific target.

She’s spent most of her life living in the shadows but when her guardian is murdered, she must risk everything to find her killer.

This series features action and romances from all forms of the supernatural world. It’s not just a fae romance but a paranormal romance book.

15. Prince Of The Dark Fae – Lindsey Devin

Prince Of The Dark Fae - Lindsey Devin

One book that embodies everything I love about a fae romance book is Prince of the Dark Fae by Lindsey Devin.

Isla and her sister are seamstresses for the fae, and nothing about working for the fae is easy or safe.

When she wears her lucky pendant at the ball, it lands her in hot water. 

The King and Queen of the Light fae accuse her of stealing the pendant from them and bid her to return it. Only it won’t come off and they brand her a witch. 

She’s not a witch, just a human, but now she’s banished from the land of the light fae and has no choice but to live in The Dark Fae’s Kingdom.

Before she knows it, she has been claimed by the dark fae prince. He’s as handsome, deadly, and someone she should stay away from, but she can’t.

His kingdom has awoken a side of her she didn’t know was there. She wants him, but does he want her or her pendant? 

Everything in dark fae comes with a catch. The prince wants her as his queen, but what will it cost her?

The Dark Fae Prince is a Cinderella retelling standalone novel. It has a slow-burn, angsty romance story.

If you love the work of Elise Kova, Holly Black, and Sarah J Maas then you’re going to love this novel.

View it on:

16. Dark Fae – Caroline Peckham

Dark Fae - Caroline Peckham

Another book with royal intrigue, assassins and rivalries between fae worlds is Dark Fae by Caroline Peckham.

The story follows Elise Callisto, a vampire on a mission to avenge the murder of her brother. When interrogating a werewolf, she accidentally kills him, but not before he revealed a dark secret to her.

The Fae King of Aurora Academy was once responsible for her brother’s death. Except there isn’t just one king at the Academy, there are four, and they all have a motive.

Aurora Academy is where the most cutthroat Fae in the kingdom live.

The school is divided into two rival gangs, The Lunar Brotherhood and the Oscura Clan, who run the city. Every day the halls at the academy are filled with blood.

No one at The Academy knows why Elise is really there, or that she will do whatever she can to bring down the Fae high lord who took her brother from her.

Even if it means sacrificing her heart, body, and soul to get revenge.

Feel the pulse pounding tension between the characters and a plotline that doesn’t slow down. This is one book you won’t want to put down.

View it on:

17. Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul Series) – C.L. Wilson

Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul Series) - C.L. Wilson

Lord of the Fading Lands is the first book in a five-book series by C.L. Wilson. From the first to the very final book, any fae romance enthusiast will love this series.

After the loss of his wife, the Fey King Rain Tairen Soul was driven mad by grief, and as such, reaped havoc to the world before vanishing to the Fading Lands.

A thousand years later and he’s drawn back to the world by a new threat. And something he didn’t expect happens…his heart has reawakened. 

Ellysetta is a woodcarver’s daughter, and has captured Rain’s attention. She’s mysterious and ethereal, and nothing is going to stop him from having her. 

But as the ancient evil regains its strength, centuries-old alliances begin to crumble and threaten Rain and his people.

Now he must claim his mate and seek out his destiny.

Dive into a world of secrets, beauty and enchantment with this heart-stopping fae romance book.

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Final Word on Best Fae Romance Books

So there you have it, those are my favorite fae romance books of all time!

Yes, there are plenty more incredible romance books with fae love stories to tell, and this is just a snapshot of them.

If you can think of any more incredible fae romance novels, don’t be a stranger, leave a comment below and let other book lovers in the society know!

Happy reading.

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