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The 101 Best QOTD Bookstagram Questions to Engage Your Audience

Last Updated on August 18, 2023 by Louisa

Bookstagram is a term used to describe profiles on Instagram that are dedicated to sharing everything book related.

Instagram has become a popular platform for book lovers to share their favorite reads, book hauls, and book-related content. And the #QOTD (Question of the Day) is a popular way to spark conversations on the platform.

If you’re looking to start a Bookstagram, then one of the best ways to engage with your audience is by asking questions.

In this guide, I have shared with you some of my favorite Bookstagram questions to help you engage with your audience and grow your profile.

But first…

Why Use Questions with Bookstagram?

Asking questions is an effective way to interact with your audience and build a community around your profile.

It invites people to start a conversation, with you and other followers and also creates a more personal experience.

It allows you to connect with your followers on a deeper level, understand their preferences, and tailor your content to meet their needs.

Questions are one of the best ways to encourage engagement, which is what social media is all about.

In turn, the more engagement your account receives, the higher the visibility of your profile.

My biggest tip for Bookstagram influencers is to remember when asking questions on Bookstagram, it’s also important you answer your question too. That way your audience can learn about you and feel connected to your profile as well.

Bookstagram Questions To Spark Engagement

Want to get to know your audience? Here are some questions to ask them…

  1. If you could swap places with any fictional character, who would it be?
  2. What’s a book you bought solely because of its cover?
  3. Let’s talk confessions. What book do you love that others hate? Any guilty pleasures?
  4. What’s your favorite romance trope?
  5. What book surprised you the most? Did you ever start reading a book with low expectations and ended up falling in love?
  6. What book made you gasp the loudest?
  7. How many books have you read so far this year?
  8. Which book/books did you read over the weekend?
  9. What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever read a book?
  10. What book would you recommend for a zombie apocalypse?
  11. What’s a book that made you laugh out loud?
  12. Best books for the summer? Go!
  13. How do you prepare your TBR list? What’s a good strategy you use for picking books?
  14. If your favorite fictional character wrote an autobiography, what would be the title?
  15. What’s the most recent book you read that has entranced you?
  16. What book are you ending the month with?
  17. Does your taste in fictional love interests ring true in real life?
  18. Do you read book reviews, or go in blind? Have you ever loved a book that got a bad rating?
  19. What popular bookish opinions do you disagree with?
  20. How much of a book do you need to read to decide if it’s a 5/5 read?
  21. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which book would you choose and why?
  22. What book impacted you the most?
  23. What’s your favorite book quote?
  24. What hyped-up book fell short for you?
  25. How did you choose your latest read?
  26. What author would you like to meet in person?
  27. Which book character reminds you of yourself the most?
  28. Who is your favorite book couple?
  29. Underrated books – what is an unpopular book you love?
  30. Which book has the best plot twist?
  31. Have you ever read a book and felt betrayed?
  32. Which book had you weeping the hardest?
  33. Who inspired you to get into reading?
  34. What’s your comfort book? Do you have a book you always go back to when you need a literary hug?
  35. What book do you wish would get turned into a movie or tv show?
  36. What’s a book you read years ago that you still think about today?
  37. Do you read more than one book at once?
  38. What books have you discovered through Bookstagram posts?
  39. If your life was a book, what title would you give it?
  40. What is a book that you had mixed feelings about after you finished it?
  41. What’s the best piece of advice or wisdom you’ve received from a book?
  42. If you could take an author to dinner, who would you take?
  43. Do you prefer paperback, hardcover or digital?
  44. Do you like to read a series all at once? Or spread them out?
  45. What would it take to make you stop reading a book?
  46. Do you prefer standalone novels or series?
  47. What book has got you through tough times?
  48. What’s the last book you DNF? (Did not finish)
  49. Do you still visit your local library? Are libraries still important?
  50. What is your favorite classic novel?
  51. What’s a book that changed your life?
  52. What book would you recommend to someone going through a tough time?
  53. What’s a book you wish you had written?
  54. What book do you think should be mandatory reading in schools?
  55. Do you have a book you’re guilty of oversharing?
  56. Which main character would be your best friend?
  57. What is your favorite nostalgia read?
  58. What’s your favorite fight scene in a book?
  59. Do you judge books by their covers?
  60. Have you ever liked a sequel to a book better than the original? 
  61. Are you excited about an upcoming book release? what book are you the most excited for?
  62. What’s a popular book that you haven’t read yet?
  63. How do you get out of a reading slump?
  64. What book was bought/given to you?
  65. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
  66. Have you ever forgotten to return a library book?
  67. What’s been on your TBR pile for ages that you’ve never got around to reading?
  68. Do you have a favorite author or genre?
  69. Do you find yourself drawn to books with similar themes or messages?
  70. What book would you recommend to someone who’s never been a big reader?
  71. Do you have a reading goal for the year? If so, what is it and how are you progressing?
  72. What’s the longest book you’ve ever read or attempted to read?
  73. Do you enjoy discussing a book with others after you’ve finished it?
  74. When do you typically find time to read?
  75. Do you prefer to read alone or in a group?
  76. Are you part of a book club? Do you find them beneficial?
  77. What’s a book you bought exclusively for the cover?
  78. What’s the most challenging book you’ve ever read?
  79. What’s your favorite dystopian book or series?
  80. What is your favorite fictional detective?
  81. Do you clean your books? How often do you clean them?
  82. What book have you read that you preferred the movie to?
  83. Have you ever re-read a book? If so, which one(s) and why did you read them again?
  84. Have you ever loaned out a book and not gotten it back? What book was it?
  85. How has reading changed you as a person? Do you feel you understand people better or worse?
  86. How many books is too many books?
  87. Can a series be too long?
  88. What is one book you wish there was a sequel to?
  89. What book felt unfinished to you? Was there a book you read that left so many unanswered questions?
  90. Has reading made you an introvert?
  91. Do you listen to music when you read? Or do you need to turn off all distractions?
  92. What’s the best trilogy of all time?
  93. How do you store your books?
  94. Do you collect antique books? How do you store your antique books?
  95. Do you prefer new books or second-hand books?
  96. What’s a book that was absolutely butchered by a movie or TV series?
  97. What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to reading? What do authors do that annoy you? Such as grammar mistakes or repeat phrases.
  98. Do you annotate your books? How do you annotate them?
  99. Folding book pages to create dog ear bookmarks is a sin. Agree or disagree?
  100. What was your favorite childhood book and why?
  101. Do you have a reading journal? What do you write in your reading journal?

Final Thoughts on Using Bookstagram Questions

Asking questions is an excellent way to engage with your audience and build a community around your Bookstagram profile.

It allows you to connect with your followers on a deeper level, understand their preferences, and tailor your content to meet their needs.

Whether you’re asking funny, meaningful, or creative questions, the key is to keep your followers engaged and interested.

So next time you post on Bookstagram, don’t forget to ask a question and start a conversation.

Need more inspiration for your Bookstagram? Here are some book captions for Instagram!

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