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19 INCREDIBLE Books Like It Ends With Us

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Louisa

One of my favorite romance books to come out of 2016 was It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover, and even today I am looking for more books like It Ends With Us.

The story follows a girl who’s fresh out of college, trying to learn how the world works outside of education when she falls into a tantalizing love triangle.

The characters are relatable, and the plot is refreshing and not your average love story. It shows that love is not a straight and narrow road.

If you loved Colleen Hoover’s tantalizing romance story and you’re looking for books similar to It Ends With Us, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, I’ve listed some of my favorite similar books to It Ends With Us so you know what to add to your reading list.

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Quick Answer: Top 3 Picks!

Need new books to read but don’t have much time? No matter, check out my top 3 picks below!

Our Favourites!

Verity by colleen hoover cover

#1 Best Highly Acclaimed Novel

Verity by Colleen Hoover

  • Strong female lead
  • Goodreads Choice Awards Nominee
  • An epic twist in the storyline…

the spanish love deception by elena armas

#2 Best in Romance

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

  • A TikTok Sensation
  • Romantic comedy featuring a fake relationship
  • Cute office romance story

a court of thorns and roses by sarah j maas

#3 Best in Young Adult/Fantasy

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Faerie Romances with a bit of light angst
  • Action-packed adventure love story

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Summary of It Ends With Us (No spoilers!)

If it’s been a while since you read It Ends With Us, here’s a quick recap of the story without spoilers…

After finishing her studies, Lily packed her bags and moved to Boston to pursue new experiences.

She was no stranger to hard work, and the prospect of establishing her own enterprise was daunting, but Lily was up for the challenge.

Her plans become complicated when she meets Ryle. Ryle Kincaid is a gifted neurosurgeon, ambitious, and perhaps even arrogant. Ryle has a soft spot for Lily, yet he’s not looking to settle down. Lily is the only exception.

As they get to know each other, Lily begins to wonder how Ryle became the man that he is, and compares him to her past love, Atlas Corrigan.

And then suddenly, Atlas reemerges, threatening to destroy everything that Lily and Ryle have built together.

This love triangle romance book covers themes of jealousy, abusive relationships, and coming-of-age elements. It talks about what is acceptable in love, what is worth sacrificing, and what can’t be compromised on.

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Acclaimed Books Similar to It Ends With Us

Let’s begin this list with the most highly-acclaimed and well-known novels like It Ends With Us.

From award-winning to social media sensations, these books are worthy of the hype.

1. Verity – Colleen Hoover

If you liked It Ends With Us, it’s not a stretch to say you’ll like Colleen Hoover’s Verity too, despite the difference in atmosphere in these two novels—the author’s skill at tackling charged interpersonal situations still shines. 

Tense and fast-paced, laced with intrigue, it’s a book that you won’t be able to put down.

Colleen Hoover tells the story of Lowen Ashleigh, who was hired to write the biography of Verity Crawford.

When she finds her autobiography while trying to complete the injured author’s book, she uncovers a world of secrets.

This forces her to face a complicated dilemma—keep Verity’s secrets, or tell Verity’s grieving husband the truth. Spectacular from its tangled beginning to the explosive end, Verity is a book you don’t want to miss out on.

If you think this sounds exciting, consider reading other books like Verity.

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2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

A story of a woman’s ambitious journey to stardom, filled with love and tragedy—Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is the book to read if you’re looking for novels like It Ends With Us

Monique is the writer chosen by the legendary star to write the long-anticipated biography of her tumultuous life.

Though she goes into the job confused, Monique finds that there is much more to Evelyn’s life than what meets the eye, and as the two go deeper into the story, the writer finds herself connecting to it in completely unexpected ways. 

This novel is a journey through the dazzling world of old Hollywood and the harsh realities that hide behind its splendor, and above all, the struggles that come with having to face the bitter truth.

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3. The Love Hypothesis – Ali Hazelwood

Hilarious and fast-paced, The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is a lighthearted fake dating romance novel about the spark that ignites a chemical fire between two scientists who find themselves in a fake relationship.

Olive Smith is a staunch believer that true love doesn’t exist—but her best friend Ahn is the total opposite, and in a fit of panic trying to get Ahn off her back, Olive kisses the first man that comes within her reach. 

She thinks she’s got away just by pretending, but what happens when she inevitably finds herself charmed by the insufferable and irresistibly attractive professor? 

This is one of the most amazing doctor romance novels similar to It Ends With Us, with a touch more sugar and softness—just the right concoction to make for a wonderful romance story.

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4. The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller transports us to the Greek Heroic Age with finesse in The Song of Achilles, retelling the story of Homer’s “Iliad” through the eyes of Patroclus. 

You might want to give it a read if you’re itching for more books like It Ends With Us—the story, although fraught with war and bloodshed typical of that time period.

It is more about the love that blossoms between two best friends, and the consequences that come from an ill-fated promise. 

Unexpectedly tender and emotional, it goes beyond the limits of its genre, exploring a new angle of the undying devotion that lies at the core of Achilles and Patroclus’ companionship.

5. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder may not be your first choice in your search for novels similar to It Ends With Us, but it’s a worthwhile one.

It tells the story of Pippa Fitz-Amobi as she explores the clues left behind by a seemingly solved murder case that just keeps on unfurling. 

She chooses to do a school project on Andie Bell’s murder and ends up following a trail of breadcrumbs that ultimately lead to a grand and shocking discovery. 

With relatable characters and unexpected, well-written twists, you’ll be thinking about it and trying to solve it even when you’ve set the book down.

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Romance Books like It Ends With Us

If it’s romance you loved in It Ends With Us, then you’ll love these similar romance stories.

6. The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game features Lucy and Joshua, who take pleasure in hating each other at their shared workplace, leading to endless competition.

Lucy is easygoing while Joshua is reserved, and the stakes are high as Lucy competes for a promotion, but the situation takes an unexpected turn as Lucy starts to develop more than just professional feelings for Joshua.

The story reaches a climax when they share a passionate kiss in an elevator, leading to an emotional tension that grows.

If you’re seeking another read like It Ends With Us, give The Hating Game a chance to take you on a ride of heart-wrenching emotions and lost opportunities in this angsty romance novel between two bitter rivals.

7. The Spanish Love Deception – Elena Armas

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a sizzling romance story you’ll come to adore. 

Playful and funny, we read about Catalina Martín’s desperate attempts to find someone who’ll pretend to be her boyfriend for a transatlantic journey to a wedding in Spain. 

Although she cannot tolerate him, her colleague Aaron Blackford seems like the unlikely best choice—rather, the only choice Catalina has—and they embark on a trip that will change their relationship forever. 

Swoon-worthy and steamy, The Spanish Love Deception is a foray into the rambunctious wedding that brings Catalina and Aaron together.

8. People We Meet on Vacation – Emily Henry

Poppy and Alex are unlikely companions and only get to spend a week together every summer despite living apart throughout the year.

They’ve been keeping up with this tradition for ten years until one trip changes everything, creating a two-year rift between them.

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry is an engaging romance novel that examines the complexities of love through Alex and Poppy’s journey towards reconciliation and the growth of their relationship.

With its slow-burning romance and heartwarming story, People We Meet on Vacation is reminiscent of It Ends With Us and won the Best Romance Award at the 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards.

Above all, the book emphasizes the value of being honest about your feelings and being true to yourself.

An adorable friends-to-lovers romance book, and the perfect book for summer, People We Meet on Vacation is an ode to being true to yourself and your feelings.

9. They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera

In Adam Silvera’s soul-stirring novel They Both Die at the End, you may think you know what to expect just by reading the title, but Rufus and Mateo’s story is so much more than that. 

In their world, knowing when you die is commonplace, and everyone can find a companion to spend time with in their final hours if they wish to. 

It’s how the two meet, deciding to experience their last day on Earth together—and this story teaches us that every journey can be beautiful and worthwhile, even when you know that there’s an inevitable end of the road. 

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10. It Happened One Summer – Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey’s It Happened One Summer is a laugh-out-loud romance novel to read if you’re looking for books like It Ends With Us

When Piper Bellinger, Hollywood’s It Girl, is caught in a party mishap, she is sent to Westport, Washington – a world she despises and cannot bear to be in, having originally been born there.

She and others believe that she will struggle to survive in a place where nobody is a stranger to each other. But fueled by a desire to prove them wrong, she immerses herself in this small town’s existence.

To make matters worse, the burly sea captain Brendan challenges her every step of the way; however, as Piper’s journey progresses, she finds a sense of belonging in places where she never thought to look.

Young Adult Books Like It Ends With Us

Looking for a young adult book with similar vibes? Then these fantasy and dystopian young adult books will quench your appetite.

11. The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Bathed in darkness, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is one of the books similar to It Ends With Us with high interpersonal stakes, embroiled in political intrigue made fun and exciting for its supernatural elements. 

Jude has lived in the Faerie Court since the brutal murder of her parents at age seven, and ten years later, she wants to stay in it forever. 

The only thing that stands in her way is the presence of the twisted and cruel Prince Cardan, whom she has to go against in order to secure her place in the Court. 

But as tensions rise, and the deeply woven secrets threaten the security of the entire Court, Jude has to change… for the worse. 

Adventurous, cryptic and unpredictable, this fae romance book won’t disappoint.

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12. The Inheritance Games – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Your longing for novels like It Ends With Us will come to an end with Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ The Inheritance Games—riddled with plot twists and puzzles, this novel will be hard to put down. 

Avery’s life twists completely when she becomes the unexpected heir to Tobias Hawthorne’s immense fortune, but she’ll have to fight tooth and nail for it with his four money-hungry grandsons who feel Avery has stolen their birthright from them. 

In the Hawthorne manor secrets just lay waiting to be uncovered, if only Avery can solve the mysteries that cloak them. 

Fast-paced and exhilarating, The Inheritance Games is sure to pique your interest.

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13. A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses will definitely be right up your alley if you’re hungering for books like It Ends With Us

In this novel, we meet Feyre, an unruly huntress who gets captured by Tamlin—an ancient and lethal faerie—after she kills a wolf in the woods. 

Trapped on his estate, Feyre feels her fiery hatred for her captor evolve into a passion that’s just as strong. 

But as new threats to this fantastical world become unveiled, will her actions be enough to save the faerie lands from impending doom, and is she willing to give it her all to do so?

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14. Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins

What happens when the trip to Paris Anna was loathing turns out to create an ill-advised, irresistible romance? 

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a lighthearted novel about young adult relationships.

It blooms between Anna, an Atlanta girl taking her senior year of high school in Paris, and Etienne, whose swoon-worthy accent is a cross between English, French and American. 

Though Etienne is in a long-term relationship and Anna’s getting serious with her crush back home, newfound feelings between the two blossom. 

Stop your cravings for books like It Ends With Us with this adorable romance novel and get transported to Paris where the big question will finally get answered—will Anna finally get her French kiss?

15. It Starts With Us – Colleen Hoover

There’s no better place to look for novels like It Ends With Us than Colleen Hoover’s long-awaited and highly anticipated second installment in the series, It Starts With Us

The novel lays out the story including the point of view of the much-loved Atlas—if you liked It Ends With Us, this book is mandatory reading. 

Explore the roots of the tale as Atlas saw it unfold, and watch how his relationship with Lily deepens as more secrets come to light and more wounds become uncovered through the exciting dual point of view in this book. 

You are sure to love It Starts With Us just as much as you did its predecessor.

16. Love and Other Words – Christina Lauren

This second chance romance novel is a page-turner that delves deep into the complications of love.

Macy Sorensen, a dedicated pediatric resident, is preparing to marry a wealthy and older man when a chance meeting with her unrequited high school love leaves her questioning everything.

Elliot Petropoulos was Macy’s closest friend and first love. They often spent weekends in San Francisco after Macy’s mother had passed away.

As a geeky boy across the street, Elliot formed a bond with Macy that no other friend could ever do. But when he convinced Macy to be vulnerable, he shattered her heart.

The book toggles between past and present timelines, following their teenage connection and current relational tension.

Can Elliot and Macy overcome the decade-long pain, trauma, and betrayal? Will Macy choose her future husband or the man who broke her heart long ago?

This well-crafted tale holds a special place in the second chance romance genre.

17. Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

Another powerful romance story by Colleen Hoover that’s perfect for those who like the love-hate relationship storyline, is Ugly Love.

Tate Collins and Miles Archer are drawn to each other, but neither of them is looking for love – only a short-term arrangement.

They set some rules: never ask about the past, and don’t expect a future.

At first, their relationship works well. But then things start to get more complicated and the rules become harder to follow.

Their passionate love affair takes an ugly turn as emotions outweigh intentions. If you think this sounds like a good book to you, then you may also like these other books like Ugly Love.

18. From Something Old – Nick Alexander

If you’re looking for a romance book like It Ends With Us that revolves around true love and finding your happily ever after, then consider checking out From Something Old by Nick Alexander.

At thirty-three, Heather is eagerly waiting for her romantic one true loves. But then she meets Anthony and is sure that he’s the one she’s been waiting for and she’s fantasizing about their life together.

It was love at first sight. She brushes any doubts aside and projects all her hopes for true love onto him.

Joe is having the time of his life while on a yoga retreat in Spain. He meets vivacious, witty Amy and soon realizes that she is everything he has ever wanted in a girlfriend.

Her intelligence, beauty, and interest in him make for an amazing relationship, and he falls in love.

When two couples meet, the differences between them are easy to see. Suddenly, these fatuous, “falling in love at first sight” relationships are not as stable as they thought…

View it on:

19. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Louisa Clark is an average girl living an ordinary life who has scarcely ventured outside their little community.

She accepts a much-needed job working for ex-Master of the Universe Will Traynor, who is confined to a wheelchair following an injury.

Will has always had a big life—large deals, intense sports, and international travel—and now he’s very confident he can’t keep it up.

Will is caustic, temperamental, and bossy—but Lou refuses to treat him like a child, and his happiness becomes more important to her than she thought.

When she discovers that Will has his own unexpected intentions, she sets out to persuade him that life is still worth living.

Me Before You is a heartbreakingly romantic tale that questions, “What do you do when making the person you love happy also means destroying your own heart?” It is ideal for fans who are looking for more novels like It Ends With Us.

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books similar to it ends with us

Final Word on Books Similar to It Ends With Us

So there you have it, those are the best books like It Ends With Us, from the sweet clean romance to tantalizing love triangles.

Of course, there are other books that could have made our list, but hopefully one of these epic books tickles your fancy.

Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments.

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