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James Grippando Books In Order: Jack Swyteck & Andie Henning Series + More

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James Grippando is a New York Times bestselling author known for writing suspense and legal fiction novels.

Outside of writing, Grippando is a practiced attorney and professor at The University of Miami School of Law.

He is best known for his suspenseful, crime novels featuring main character, Jack Swyteck, a criminal defense lawyer in Miami.

Each of the novels in the series follow a storyline full of twists and turns, with epic plot twists and gripping action.

The first book in the series, The Pardon, tells of how Jack Swyteck saves a man from execution by electric chair by reopening his case and proving his innocence.

In short, Jack Swyteck is the hero lawyer who sometimes gets into farfetched situations, all adding to the delights that make James Grippando novels so enticing.

But which book do you read first? This is a list of James Grippando books in order, from the Jack Swyteck series, Andie Henning series and standalone novels.

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James Grippando Jack Swyteck Series in Order

The Jack Swyteck was what started it all for James Grippando. If you are wondering which book to read in order, here are all of the books in chronological and publication order!

Jack Swyteck Series in Chronological Order

Jack Swyteck Series in Publication Order


James Grippando Andie Henning Series in Order

After the success of Jack Swyteck, James Grippando’s second series, the Andie Henning series, was next. This series follows Jack Swyteck’s wife, FBI undercover agent Andie Hennin, and her cases. Here is a list of Andie Henning books in order.

Andie Henning Books in Chronological Order

Andie Henning Books in Publication Order

James Grippando Standalone Books in Order

James Grippando Short Stories in Order

  • Operation Northwoods, Published in 2006 (edited by James Patterson)
  • Death, Cheated, Published in 2009 (edited by Linda Fairstein)
  • Green Eyed Lady, Published in 2010 in The Strand Magazine

James Grippando Non-Fiction and Scholarly Papers in Order

  • Condominium Rulemaking: A Call for Substantive Judicial Review in Florida, Published in 1982 in the University of Florida Law Review
  • Declining to Exercise Extraterritorial Antitrust Jurisdiction on the Grounds of International Comity, Published in 1983 in the University of Virginia Journal of International Law
  • Warsaw Convention—Federal Jurisdiction and Air Carrier Liability for Mental Injury, Published in 1985 in The George Washington Journal of International Law
  • Attorney-Client Privilege: Implied Waiver through Inadvertent Disclosure of Documents, Published in 1985 in University of Miami Law Review
  • Fear of Flying—The Fugitive’s Fleeting Right to a Federal Appeal, Published in 1986 in Fordham Law Review
  • Don’t Take it Personally—Limited Liability for Attorney Shareholders, Published in 1987 in Florida State University Law Review
  • Circuit Court Review of Orders on Stays Pending Appeals, Published in 1988 in the American Bankruptcy Law Journal
  • Caught in the Non-act: Expanding Criminal Antitrust Liability for Corporate Officials, Published in 1989 in The Antitrust Bulletin

Who is James Grippando?

 James Grippando is an attorney and University of Miami professor who is best known for his legal fiction novels. He was born in Waukegan, Illinois and received his undergraduate degree in law from the University of Florida.

He then went on to work as a law clerk for the Honorable Thomas A. Clark at the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta.

It was here that Grippando gained experience working on appeals against in death penalty sentences, which influenced his first novel, The Pardon, and first book in the Jack Swyter series. He then went on to become a trial lawyer in Miami for several years.

Grippando has contributed numerous scholarly articles, but he shifted towards writing fiction in the late 80s. His first novel never made it to print, but after he was nearly arrested after he was mistaken for someone else, he had a new idea about a man who was sentenced to death for a crime he never committed – this then became The Pardon, which was its release in 1994, and started his literary journey.

He then left the law industry to become a full-time author and has written two series and several standalone novels and short stories.

Since 2002 he has served as Counsel at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP and he is also a professor of law at the University of Miami School of Law where he teaches “The Law & Lawyers in Modern Literature.”

Grippando’s novel, Gone Again, won the Harper Lee Prize for legal fiction in 2017.

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About the Jack Swyteck Series

The Jack Swyter series is where it all began for James Grippando. The first novel of the series, The Pardon, was published in the early 90s and is where we are first introduced to Jack Swyteck, a criminal defense lawyer in Miami.

The first novel is about how Jack Swyteck represents a man who has been sentenced to death by an electric chair for a crime he didn’t commit. The storyline is wild and far-fetched and packed with suspense, which is what made the Jack Swyteck series so famous. Eventually, we learn that the man was wrongly convicted and Jack Swyteck proved his innocence.

Throughout the series, we are taken on several stories of this nature, all inspired by Grippando’s days as an attorney. Each story is written as a standalone novel but with the same characters, and all take place in and around Florida. Jack’s wife, FBI undercover agent Andie Hennin, also makes an appearance in some stories.

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About the Andie Hennin Series

The Andie Hennin series is a separate series about Jacky Swyteck’s wife, Andie Hennin, an undercover agent for the FBI. She is featured on occasion in the Jack Swyteck series, but each novel in the Andie Hennin series is its own storyline.

Each novel in the series follows Andie as she unravels cases. Like the Jack Swyteck series, they are suspenseful and packed full of interesting plot twists and gripping action.

The last book to be published, Cash Landing, was actually a sequel to the series and features Jack Swyteck. It’s where the two series are connected together.

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FAQS About James Grippando Books in Order

Here is what people usually ask us about James Grippando books…

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Final Word on James Grippando Books in Order

So there you have it, all of James Grippando’s books in order! We hope this helps you plan where to start reading.

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James Grippando Books in Order
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