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15 Heartwarming Opposites Attract Romance Books

Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Louisa

When it comes to finding true love, sometimes it comes in the most unexpected ways. When opposites attract, it creates a romance that excites and intrigues the other and gives two people from different worlds a chance to learn and grow together.

Opposites attract romance books and may be one of my favorite romance tropes. There is something very real and comforting about falling for someone opposite of you.

There’s something fun about a grumpy loner who falls for the cheerful social butterfly. Or the focused good girl is finding a sweet spot for the rebellious prankster. 

If you’re looking for a book with mismatched couples, you’ll love these opposites attract romance books for which romance fans will fall head over heels. 

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through any of these links. 

What to Expect from Opposites Attract Romance Books

Opposites attract romance books and are a captivating read, full of drama and emotion.

They typically feature two characters with drastically different personalities, who become unexpectedly drawn to one another despite their opposing traits.

From shy wallflowers to classically aloof bad boys, these novels often explore the complications of love through the trials and tribulations of getting to know someone seemingly opposite from yourself.

Readers can expect plenty of tension as the characters navigate their relationship dynamic and exciting plot twists as they work together to overcome obstacles standing in the way of their happily ever after.

Often times these stories also feature emotional character growth and powerful messages about understanding and accepting people for who they are despite their differences.

Best Opposites Attract Romance Books

If you’re like us, it’s never a bad time for a good opposite-attract romance novel. Let’s take a look at some of my top recommendations. 

1. Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire

Good girls and bad boys are classic opposites attract combinations. If this is one of your favorite types of romance, you will enjoy Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, as it has one of the badest boy in romance literature!

The story follows Abby’s first year at college. She’s always followed the rules and been a good student. One thing she’s never been interested in – players.

Travis is the campus player. He’s also involved in an underground fight club – the ultimate bad boy hobby.

After a meet-cute situation has these two placing odds on a bet, Abby finds herself entangled with this dark Romeo.

The rules are simple; if Abby wins, Travis will stay abstinent for one month.

Yet, if Travis wins, Abby will move into his apartment for one month.

Beautiful Disaster is a page-turning novel with themes of codependency and overcoming past traumas.

Travis is an unlikeable character, to begin with, but we learn there are some deep reasons behind his thuggish behavior, and perhaps all he needs is a good girl to set him straight.

There’s a reason that Beautiful Disaster is being made into a motion picture movie by Voltage Pictures!

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2. Beach Read – Emily Henry

Beach Read is a fun romantic comedy book by Emily Henry. This opposites-attract romance novel, despite its title, is a great read during any season.

January is a well-known romance writer. Augustus is a best-selling literary fiction novelist.

When the two end up staying in neighboring beach houses, it would seem like a match made in meet-cute heaven. 

Wrong! These two authors are struggling with the same issues. They suffer from writer’s block and can’t stand their neighbor.

Yet, they both know they could benefit from pushing each other’s creative boundaries. 

To break free of writer’s block, these two will go on a series of misadventures that will prove they were wrong about one another.

Beach Read is a humorous, enemies-to-lovers, slow-burning romance novel. It’s about two people who bring out the best in each other, despite their difference.

3. The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

Some of the best opposites attract romance books are about office rivalries and co-workers that annoy each other. If that sounds like your type of story, then consider The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. 

Josh and Lucy both work for different CEOs at the same agency. They also get on each other’s nerves.

Josh is strict and serious. Lucy is creative and quirky.

Neither one can see past their disdain for the other.

When an opportunity for a promotion comes up, they both want to grab it.

The tension between these two comes to an all-time high.

But it also has them seeing each other in a different light. Maybe they like what they’ve discovered?

This is a sweet, quirky, and funny romantic comedy book that has meaningful and in-depth characters. It’s an easy read and one you could really get into quickly and devour in a few days.

4. The Opposite Of You – Rachel Higginson

Something spicy is cooking in The Opposite Of You by Rachel Higginson. This book features two chefs from opposite sides of the track and is a classic enemies-to-lovers romance story. 

Vera just left an abusive relationship and is struggling financially. She put her culinary arts skills to use and opened a food truck.

While it’s not the fanciest establishment, she knows her food is good. It’s much better than that chef across the street.

Killian is a Michelin-star chef named one of the top culinary artists in the city to watch out for.

According to Vera, he’s rude, arrogant, and overrated. That’s why no one is more surprised than her when sparks fly between the two. 

5. Second First Impressions – Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne is one of the top authors of the opposites attract trope books, so I had to include another one of her highly acclaimed novels; Second First Impressions.

Ruthie has worked for a retirement villa for the past six years. She’s a very focused young woman that works hard and takes her job seriously. She doesn’t date or have fun like other young women her age.

Teddy’s father owns the retirement villa. He’s always been spoiled and never took life seriously.

His father has been trying to get him to take an interest in the family business without success. But, when Teddy needs a place to stay, his father makes him work at the villa.

Ruthie has fun knowing she has a new helper at work. She even puts him in charge of tending to the fussiest tenants at the villa.

However, Teddy ends up winning over the hearts of the fussy tenets. This could also lead him to Ruthie’s heart too.

This is a story all about finding friendship and companionship, which often leads to love. It’s a lovely, clean romance book that is like a warm hug in book form.

6. Egomaniac – Vi Keeland

One of the best opposites attract romance books with a wild meet-cute situation is Egomaniac by Vi Keeland.

Emerie was thrilled about her new office space. That was until she found out it wasn’t hers.

A scam artist rented it to her when the real occupant was on vacation. Now she’s out $10,000 and has to deal with the cocky Drew Jagger.

Drew lets Emerie continue to use the office space under certain conditions.

She must act as his secretary and take calls until she finds a new place.

While she can’t stand how this guy acts and treats people, she somehow can’t get him off her mind either.

This is a refreshingly different enemies-to-lovers romance story with some funny and sweet scenes and some other steamy and romantic scenes. It’s a well-rounded romance story with a little bit for everyone.

7. In A New York Minute – Kate Spencer

Do you love a funny meet-cute story? If so, I suggest In A New York Minute by Kate Spencer.

Franny is a fun-loving, creative spirit. Hayes is a focused businessman who is all about the numbers. A bad day leads Franny to rip her skirt in the subway doors.

Hayes comes to her rescue, but someone caught the whole thing on video, and now it’s gone viral.

When the two meet once more, they realize they’re opposites and decide not to see each other again. But fate has other plans and continues to put these two in each other’s way. 

This is a laugh-out-loud funny rom-com with adorable and relatable characters, with a simple and sweet plot. It’s not full of steamy scenes and is considerably more PG than the others on this list if that’s your vibe.

8. The Simple Wild – K.A. Tucker

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker is a heart-warming small town romance novel about a trendy city girl and a proud country boy. 

Calla’s mother took her to the city to live when she was two years old. Her father remained on an isolated property in Alaska.

In her adult years, Calla’s father reaches out to let her know his days are numbered. Calla doesn’t want to live with regrets, so she visits him.

She meets Jonah, who operates her father’s plane company. He’s had to work hard for everything he owns. Spoiled brats like Calla have never been his type.

However, the more time Calla spends in Alaska, the more Jonah sees that he is wrong about her.

This is an easy-to-read, page-turning novel that wonderfully balances adventure, romance, and action. It’s only 400 pages or so, so you could easily read it on a vacation.

9. The Roomate – Rosie Danan

One of the best opposites attract romance books out there right now is The Roomate by Rosie Danan.

Clara is a part of the Wheaton family. They are famous on the East Coast and always make tabloids. All of them, except for Clara. She’s always been quiet, predictable, and kept to herself.

A bait-and-switch situation makes Clara think she has the opportunity to live across the country with her old crush. But when she arrives, she finds out she’ll be staying with a stranger named Josh. 

There is a lot that these two disagree about. However, neither one will disagree that sparks are flying.

The storyline is refreshingly different from the other novels in the opposites attract trope, with characters that are so far removed from the real world, it makes for an exciting read.

10. Good Girl Complex – Elle Kennedy

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy is another great opposites attract good girl/bad boy romance book.

Mac has always followed the rules exactly as her demanding parents instructed.

She’s never strayed off track or done something solely for herself. Cooper is a rebel that isn’t afraid to question authority.

While Cooper usually hates spoiled girls, there’s something different about Mac that he’s drawn to. Mac also finds herself drawn to Cooper’s spontaneous side. This unlikely pairing could be a perfect match.

This is a romance novel filled with plenty of steam and a relatable, youthful college romance. It’s a novel for those hopeless romantics who believe any unlikely couple can find love.

11. Glitterland – Alexis Hall

Do you want to read a great LGBTQ opposite-attract romance book? Then you may enjoy Glitterland by Alexis Hall.

Ash is a writer suffering from depression. He was once a writer everyone praised, but now he has trouble living up to that reputation. 

Darian is the complete opposite. He’s full of life and loves to laugh.

When the two cross paths, Darian begins to help Ash step outside his boundaries and see life from a different perspective.

This is a page-turning, highly emotional novel with characters that will steal your heart. There are some dark territories explored in this book, but it highlights how imperfect humans are.

Although it’s not defined as a rom-com, there will be some moments that have you laughing out loud. Oh and be warned, some of the intimate scenes are steamy and graphic!

12. Two Wrongs Make A Right – Chloe Liese

Two Wrongs Make A Right by Alexis Liese is one of the best opposites that attract romance that will not only have you laughing but root for love.

Bea and Jamie met once and instantly despised each other. When some mutual friends decided to ignore that and play matchmaker, the two decided to get revenge. 

However, part of their revenge plan requires them to pretend they’ve fallen madly in love. This is one act that neither of them was prepared for.

To make things even more complicated, this act brings out real feelings.

James Benedick Westenberg is the ultimate book boyfriend. He makes you believe that no matter what your floors of faults, you are deserving of love.

This is a heartwarming, fake relationship romance book with a happily ever after.

13. Easy Love – Piper Lawson

I love an embarrassing meet-cute situation. That’s why I couldn’t get enough of Easy Love by Piper Lawson.

Rena thought she got set up on a date with a handsome doctor, Wes. Everything was going well.

So well that she kissed him, and this was when she discovered a big mix-up. This was supposed to be a business dinner.

Wes has a new medical prototype to be launched. Rena was hired to be in charge of marketing.

The two agree to get passed her mishap and work together. After all, Wes has always been a big nerd and thinks Rena’s out of his league.

However, the more they work together, the stronger the attraction becomes.

Easy Love features two very strong, and very diverse, main characters. Their differences are what make this story so far-fetched, and yet so plausible.

This is a very slow burning book that focuses on the development of love, as opposed to hot firey scenes.

14. Royally Matched – Emma Chase

Even royals can be attracted to someone from a different walk of life. That’s the case in Royally Matched by Emma Chase.

The Prince of Wessco is looking for a match. Women can compete in Matched’s new reality show to become his bride. This arrogant prince couldn’t be happier about the idea.

Sarah’s sister gets an offer to compete. She thinks everything is ridiculous but wants her sister to be safe. Sarah has always been shy and kept to herself. She decides to go along to babysit her sister.

Out of all the women trying to get his attention, the prince is drawn to Sarah. He finds something about her intelligence and creativity-inspiring and sees himself being a better person when she’s around.

If you love political romance books about a prince looking for his princess, then you’ll love this modern-day Cinderella story!

15. Between The Devil And The Duke – Kelly Bowen

If you’re into aristocratic romances, one of the best opposites attract romance novels to check out is Between The Devil And The Duke by Kelly Bowen, a 2018 RITA award-winning author

Angelique is a debutante labeled as the Marble Maiden. Her inability to dance, flirt, and make small talk has her on the unlucky side of love.

After the family’s financial loss, Angelique finds herself in desperate need of money. Yet, with her awkward reputation, she knows she can’t land a rich husband.

Alexander has noticed Angelique at the betting tables. He’s smooth, charming, and secretly an assassin. While this man could charm any woman in sight, he finds himself fascinated by Angelique’s mastermind betting strategy.

This is just the start of an action-packed assassin book featuring an improbable duo. It’s like a Pride and Prejudice-type love story with a modern twist and more steamy scenes.

Comparison of These Opposites Attract Romance Novels

Not sure which of these novels is right for you? Here’s a quick comparison to give you some further insight.

(Scroll left to right on mobile)

AuthorBook titleTrope(s)Spice Level (5/5)Reader Rating (5/5)
Jamie McGuireBeautiful DisasterCollege Romance, Friends to Lovers, Alpha Male, Bad Boy, Enemies to Lovers, Love Triangle🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️4
Emily HenryBeach ReadRom Com, Enemies to Lovers, Slow Burn, Small Town🌶️🌶️4
Sally ThorneThe Hating GameEnemies to Lovers, Rom Com, Office Romance, Grumpy Sunshine🌶️🌶️3.9
Rachel HigginsonThe Opposite Of YouEnemies to Lovers, Slow Burn, Rom Com🌶️🌶️4
Sally ThorneSecond First ImpressionsRom Com, Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Forced Proximity🌶️3.5
Vi KeelandEgomaniacErotica, Friends to Lovers, Alpha Male, Single Parent🌶️🌶️🌶️4.2
Kate SpencerIn A New York MinuteRom Com, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers🌶️🌶️3.7
K.A. TuckerThe Simple WildEnemies to Lovers, Small Town, Slow Burn, Grumpy Sunshine🌶️🌶️4.3
Rosie DananThe RoomateFriends to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Rom Com🌶️🌶️3.6
Elle KennedyGood Girl ComplexCollege Romance, Small Town, Rom Com, Friends to Lovers🌶️🌶️3.6
Alexis HallGlitterlandLGBTQ, MM, Mental Health, Disability, Angst🌶️🌶️4.1
Chloe LieseTwo Wrongs Make A RightLGBTQ, Retelling, Fake Relationship, Enemies to Lovers, Rom Com🌶️🌶️3.9
Piper LawsonEasy LoveFriends to Lovers, Doctor Romance, Rom Com🌶️🌶️🌶️4.1
Emma ChaseRoyally MatchedRoyal Romance, Friends to Lovers, Dual POV, Rom Com🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️4.1
Kelly BowenBetween The Devil And The DukeHistorical Romance, Regency Romance🌶️🌶️4

The reader rating is based on the score readers have given each book on Goodreads. Read this guide for romance trope definitions.

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Final Words Of Best Opposites Attract Romance Books

So there you have it, fifteen opposites attract romance stories with couples that had us rooting for true love.

Many great fictional couples deserve mention on this page, but these are my favorites.

If you think I missed one of your favorite opposites attract romance books, let us know in the comments below. 

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