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15 EPIC Books Like The Unhoneymooners

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Louisa

I love rom-com, so when I stumbled across The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, I feel like I found exactly what I was looking for; witty, relatable characters and sweet enemies-to-lovers romance plot.

I found The Unhoneymooners really easy to digest, and it wasn’t as fluffy as other romance books. The storyline had me laughing in some places and crying in others.

Needless to say, I was sad when it ended, which is why I looked long and hard for some similar books to fill the void.

If you’re looking for books like The Unhoneymooners, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for other romantic comedies or you’re looking for something in the enemies-to-lovers romance trope, I’ve got 15 books to add to your reading list.

Go take a look!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through any of these links. 

Quick Answer: Top 3 Picks!

Need a book fast but don’t have much time? Don’t worry. Here are my top three favorites.

Our Favourites!

The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel

#1 Best Highly Acclaimed Book

The Spanish Love Deception by Elina Armas

  • Written by a New York Times and USA Today bestseller
  • Another fake relationship romance
  • A witty storyline with a slow-burning angst romance

People We Meet on Vacation

#2 Best High Fantasy Book

People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

  • An adorable friends-to-lovers romance story
  • From the New York Times bestselling author of Beach Read
  • Winner of the 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Romance

The Love Hypothesis

#3 Best Humorous Fantasy Book

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

  • A tik-tok sensation!
  • The story of two doctors entering a fake relationship
  • Winner of Amazon’s Best Romance Novel, 2021, and Goodreads Choice Award nominee.

Summary of the Unhoneymooners

Before I get into the top similar books to The Unhoneymooners, let’s quickly recap the story. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any spoilers if you haven’t finished reading it yet.

The Unhoneymooners is about an unlikely duo who previously hated each other, and come together in the most unlikely way.

After a wedding dinner goes wrong and the whole party, including the bride and groom, gets food poisoning, there are two spots on a honeymoon up for grabs.

Olive Torres, the bride’s sister, and Ethan Thomas, the best man, are the only two not to get sick.

With a free vacation to Maui up for grabs, Ethan jumps at the chance – but Olive won’t let this annoying man take a trip to paradise alone.

They agree to put their differences aside for the chance of a free trip. The pair begin pretending to be newlyweds and to their surprise, they actually enjoy this fake relationship romance book.

They may even like it too much…

Read my complete review of The Unhoneymooners here.

Books Like the Unhoneymooners

Now you have been reminded of the story, it’s time to show you the best books to read if you liked The Unhoneymooners.

1. The Love Hypothesis – Ali Hazelwood

One of our favorite feel-good novels like The Unhoneymooners is the Tiktok sensation, The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood.

The story follows Olive Smith, a third-year PH candidate who has always put her career first.

She has analyzed everything about her life and came to the conclusion that she doesn’t believe in long-term relationships. However, her best friend is a hopeless romantic who won’t get out of her case.

In a rash decision to convince her best friend that her love life is fine, Olive kisses the first man she sees.

This man happens to be Adam Carlson, a well-known hotshot professor who is willing to go along with her “fake boyfriend” plan.

Despite his reputation for being a grade-A jerk, Adam surprises Olive with how supportive he is when she really needs someone in her corner. 

Could she be wrong about relationships all this time? This is a heartwarming medical romance novel with a gripping storyline and characters that you can relate to.

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2. Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love is the story of Miles and Tate, who like in The Unhoneymooners, are two opposites attracting who enter into a fake relationship.

Despite initially disliking each other, they are drawn toward each other and soon enter into a physical relationship.

However, Miles is emotionally scarred from his past and is not ready for a committed relationship; Tate’s nursing job leaves her with no time for love.

They agree on a casual physical relationship, but true to “friends with benefits,” things just aren’t that straightforward.

Ugly Love is a book that illustrates how complicated love is and how challenging relationships can be, though some are definitely worth the hardships.

The book is an enemies-to-lovers tale, with some steamy scenes mixed in with thought-provoking themes. If you think this sounds like something you’d like to read, then you may like these other books like Ugly Love.

3. The Spanish Love Deception – Elina Armas

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a sizzling romance story you’ll come to adore. 

Playful and funny, the story follows Catalina Martín’s desperate attempts to find someone who’ll pretend to be her boyfriend for a transatlantic journey to a wedding in Spain. 

Although she cannot tolerate him, her colleague Aaron Blackford seems like the unlikely best choice—rather, the only choice Catalina has—and they embark on a trip that will change their relationship forever. 

Swoon-worthy and steamy, The Spanish Love Deception is a foray into the rambunctious wedding that brings Catalina and Aaron together.

4. The Deal – Elle Kennedy

If you enjoy sports romance books, then consider checking out Elle Kennedy’s ‘Off Campus’ series, which kicks off with The Deal.

It can also be read as a standalone college romance book.

Hannah Wells, a self-proclaimed good girl, finally finds herself interested in a boy.

However, there is one problem – she lacks confidence in the bedroom.

Determined to catch his eye, Hannah agrees to tutor the cocksure captain of the hockey team in exchange for the chance to set up a fake date.

While Garrett Graham’s ambition has always been to play professional hockey, a subpar GPA threatens to undo his chances of achieving his dream.

But when he meets the sarcastic Hannah Wells, he focuses chiefly on improving his academic standing.

A single kiss leads to a night of passion they both can’t forget. Will seducing someone else on a deal be enough for Garrett?

The Deal is a swoon-worthy romance book with a gripping plot that’s packed with angst and tension.

Read my complete review of The Deal by Elle Kennedy here, or you can find similar books to The Deal here.

5. People We Meet on Vacation – Emily Henry 

Poppy and Alex are an unlikely duo of best friends who reside in different locations except for a single week during their summer break, which they have spent together every year for ten long years.

But one trip changes everything, creating a fallout that lasts for two whole years.

Emily Henry’s book, People We Meet on Vacation, delves into the complex realities of love in the context of Poppy and Alex’s journey towards perfect reconciliation and long-burning love, making it an excellent choice for readers who loved The Unhoneymooners.

As an endearing romance novel and the recipient of the 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Romance, People We Meet on Vacation celebrates being true to yourself and your emotions.

 6. Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins

What happens when the trip to Paris Anna turns out to create an ill-advised, irresistible romance? 

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a lighthearted novel about relationships.

It blooms between Anna, an Atlanta girl taking her senior year of high school in Paris, and Etienne, whose swoon-worthy accent is a cross between English, French, and American. 

Though Etienne is in a long-term relationship and Anna’s getting serious with her crush back home, newfound feelings between the two blossom. 

Stop your cravings for books like The Unhoneymooners with this adorable romance novel and get transported to Paris, where the big question will finally get answered—will Anna finally get her French kiss?

Their witty banter and clever quips belie a growing attraction, progressively growing throughout the book.

7. A Not So Meet Cute – Meghan Quinn

A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn, a USA Today bestselling author, is a captivating romantic comedy featuring an eccentric billionaire searching for a fiancée.

The story, often likened to a modern-day version of Pretty Woman, is full of humor, and readers will be chuckling along throughout the book.

Lottie, a newly unemployed good girl, is taking a walk around a wealthy neighborhood in Beverly Hills in search of a wealthy husband.

During her stroll, she meets Huxley, a man she dislikes right away, but oddly agrees to marry anyway. The question on everyone’s mind is: why?

The chemistry between the main characters is palpable, and the development of their relationship brings a whole new layer of depth to the story.

8. The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

In Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game, Lucy and Joshua have an ongoing rivalry in their shared office workspace.

Lucy, a laid-back and relaxed individual, is at the other end of the spectrum from Joshua, who tends to stay reserved and distant.

As Lucy competes for a new promotion, the high stakes of their competition become apparent, but as time passes, she finds herself anticipating more than just a new job title.

When they share a kiss in the elevator, everything comes crashing down.

If you enjoyed The Unhoneymooners, give this novel a read to delve into the tense and passionate romance between two office rivals.

With its anxiety-inducing plot, The Hating Game is an angst romance book that’s sure to tug on your heartstrings.

9. Beach Read – Emily Henry

The romantic-comedy novel, Beach Read, follows a romance author who has lost faith in love.

Augustus Everett, a renowned literary fiction author, and January Andrews, a bestselling author of romance, both suffer from writer’s block.

Their publishers have sent them to a beach house for three months, hoping to inspire them to start working on their next novel.

After a night of excessive wine, the pair agrees to a deal where Augustus will write a romance novel while January writes the next Great American novel.

To get inspiration, they take each other out on a series of dates.

The agreement is that, at the end of the three months, each will have completed their novel without falling in love.

The romantic tension is well-built and has readers rooting for the two leads to finally discover their true feelings for each other.

10. It Happened One Summer – Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey’s It Happened One Summer is a romance novel to read if you’re itching for books like The Unhoneymooners

Piper Bellinger, Hollywood’s darling “It Girl,” finds herself in a world that’s difficult to stomach after an unfortunate party mishap.

She’s thrust into the small town of Westport, Washington, where she was born, but no one believes she can handle the transition.

Despite everyone’s doubts, Piper is determined to prove them wrong and adjust to this new environment where everyone knows each other.

Adding to her challenges is the burly sea captain Brendan, who seems to enjoy challenging her at every turn.

However, as the story progresses, Piper’s feelings towards her new surroundings will evolve, as she begins to find a sense of belonging in a place she never expected to like.

Fans of the book will also be pleased to know that It Happened One Summer will be turned into a movie.

11. The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang

If you’re looking for a heartwarming romance read after The Unhoneymooners, then you will love The Kiss Quotient

Stella Lane loves data, and she thinks math is the only thing that connects everything in the universe. 

Her job is to come up with algorithms to predict customer purchases — a job that pays well but doesn’t allow for much time for dating.

Stella also has Asperger’s, and she’s not too confident with kissing. She decides she needs to practice with a professional. 

She then hires an escort, Michael Phan, a Vietnamese and Swedish heartthrob who agrees to help her tick off the boxes on her list. 

Soon she not only learns how to kiss, she learns to appreciate them, and even crave them – as well as all the other things he’s making her feel. 

Their strange partnership turns into something that starts making sense. Stella must learn that love is the best kind of logic.

The witty writing, charming characters, and heartfelt storytelling make this romance a must-read.

12. Every Summer After – Carley Fortune

Another heartwarming novel that will have you feeling all the feelings, is Every Summer After.

Persephone Fraser has spent every vacation for the past ten years in the city with friends until one day, she receives a call to go racing back to Barry’s Bay, a place where she made the biggest mistake of her life.

Here she bumps into Sam Florek, a man from her past who she never thought she would live without.

Every summer for six years, they spent hazy afternoons by the water and the evenings working in his family’s restaurant. 

Percy and Sam were inseparable. But when that friendship turned into something more, it quickly fell apart.

When Percy comes back for Sam’s mother’s funeral, the connection is still as undeniable as it had been. But Percy has yet to confront the biggest mistake of her past.

The story is told over six years and one weekend and offers a glimpse of a relationship that stands the test of time.

This is a heartwarming second chance romance novel that will restore your faith in love.

13. The Cheat Sheet – Sarah Adams

Bree Camden has a major crush on Nathan, her close friend and a hot quarterback. Nathan is talented, intelligent, and humorous—a perfect catch.

However, Bree is convinced that Nathan doesn’t feel the same way as her, as they seem to be polar opposites.

But when Bree accidentally reveals her feelings to a reporter, she’s compelled to pretend-date Nathan until after the Super Bowl, which takes place in three weeks.

Nathan is playing to the cameras, making it even harder for Bree to suppress her feelings.

Will Bree be able to control her emotions for three weeks, or will she end up in a teary mess? Will Nathan discover his romantic feelings for Bree, or will they remain just friends?

This friends-to-lovers novel is packed with both joy and heartache, leaving its readers on the edge of their seats.

14. The Wedding Date – Jasmine Guillory

Alexa Monroe usually isn’t interested in going on dates with strangers, but Drew Nichols is different.

She finds herself drawn to him and agrees to accompany him to his former girlfriend’s wedding, even though it’s bound to be awkward.

On the day of the wedding, Drew shows up alone and needs to find a date promptly. Fortunately, he coincidentally gets stuck with the perfect fake girlfriend candidate.

After an exhilarating night of unexpected fun, Drew must leave for Los Angeles the following day to get back to his job as a pediatric surgeon, while Alexa returns home to Berkeley as the mayor’s chief of staff.

Despite their differing careers and geographic locations, they can’t stop thinking about each other.

The two are set on a collision course of long-distance dating disasters – or will they figure out what they truly need and want?

This romantic comedy is a page-turner from beginning to end, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the characters as they navigate their way through their relationship.

15. Say You Do (A Wedding Bells Alpha Novel, Book 1) – Weston Parker

Cyrus’s brother is getting married, and the beautiful florist, Luna, has been tasked with helping him pull off the big day.

Faced with the fact that he will be seeing his ex-wife at the wedding, he asks Luna to pose as his fake wife.

The only thing is, Cyrus doesn’t want Luna to be his fake wife after the wedding. They decided to be friends with benefits, which turned into fake relationships, which soon became real. She’s ready to commit, the other not so much.

This good billionaire romance novel series is one rollercoaster ride that keeps you hooked throughout.

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books like the unhoneymooners

Final Word on Books Like The Unhoneymooners

So there you have it, those are fifteen books similar to The Unhoneymooners, and as you can see, there are a lot of great choices to choose from.

Whether you enjoyed the hilarious scenes and comedic elements, the enemies-to-lovers trope, or the slow-burning romance – you’ll find something you like from this list.

Do you have any more books like The Unhoneymooners to suggest? Let me know in the comments.

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